Calling Any Sane Senate Republican

Oh, my! The Register is reporting this morning that one of the Senate Republicans has FINALLY broken ranks with his fellow Reeps to vote to approve the state budget. But then again, Sen. Abel Maldonado (R-Santa Maria) is one of those rare moderate Republicans in a moderate swing district. Oh yes, and he’s up for reelection next year. He’s seen the writing on the wall, and he’s now ready to end the impasse.

So who’s next? We need one more Republican to join Maldonado in order for the budget to be passed. So which Senate Republican is ready to join Maldonado in ending the stalemate and getting the budget passed? Who’s ready to step up and end all this nonsense?

With every day that the budget is not passed, our public servants can’t get paid. Our schools wonder if they will have what they need to begin the new school year. Our seniors and disabled on Medi-Cal wonder if they can receive the health care they need. With every day that the budget isn’t passed, our state is in limbo.

So Senators Harman, Margett, and Wyland: When will YOU stop the insanity and join your colleague Lou Correa in voting for the budget? And Senator Ackerman: When will you allow the Republicans to start acting sane and stop obstructing the business of the people of California? Your constituents here in Orange County, as well as all the people of California, deserve better than this.


  1. Do you read Tom McClintock’s blog? Tom reports that

    “On a straight party-line vote, they [Democrats] defeated a Republican motion to approve emergency funding to allow bills to be paid until the budget is adopted”

    I’m sure you’d rather they just rubber stamp the budget proposal as-is, but it’s the Democrats who are making “our seniors and disabled on Medi-Cal wonder if they can receive the health care they need.”


  2. With all due respect, Adam, I don’t trust anything Tom McClintock says. I wonder just what he defines as “bills to be paid”. I bet it’s not Medi-Cal for poor seniors and disabled people. I bet it’s not money for state parks. And I bet it’s not as much money for schools as needed.

    All Tom McClintock ever does is vote against EVERY BUDGET EVERY YEAR. He’s just a contrarian who never helps in getting anything done. Now if REPUBLICAN Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is calling on the budget to be passed, why can’t more Reeps in the Senate wake up and smell the fiscal disaster they’re creating?

  3. And with all due respect Andrew, you should read up on what you criticize before you comment. Your skepticism about “bills to be paid” means nothing when you place “I wonder” right next to it.

    Read it and don’t wonder.

  4. And another issue Andrew… Don’t blame this on the Reps. I am a Dem, but they deserve the respect of having the ability to say no to the budget. Yes many of them will not vote for anything that has “D” behind it ala Chuck Devore, but the Reps have many legitimate issues. That is why it’s called compromise.

  5. With all due respect…I think I’m going to have to strike that phrase from my vocabulary: “with all due respect”. I really don’t think it means very much, except a subtle way of saying “screw you and your opinions”. In most cases anyway, your usage may vary…

  6. Everyone:

    If enough Assembly Reeps could vote for the budget for it to pass, why can’t the same be done in the Senate? Arnold, the Assembly Reeps, and all the Democrats have agreed upon a compromise budget that gived and took from everyone. But now, the Senate Reeps want all or nothing. THEY are the stubborn ones here. They won’t agree to the bipartisan compromise.

  7. The problem stems from districting. We get bunch of left wing and right wing nut jobs. They have to play to their base and forget about the people. There is no compromise when you have to worry about the next primary. If you want to clean this up we need redistricting.

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