Herefords, Surfers & Kewl New Voters at the OC Fair

OK, I’m back! I’m behind the Democratic Party booth once more, here at the OC Fair. So far today, we’ve had OVER 20 PEOPLE register to vote at the booth today, and even more people have come to express their joy that there really are plenty of Democrats in Orange County!

Whenever someone comes by and asks why there are so few Democrats in Orange County, I love to tell them about the 454,000+ registered Democrats in Orange County and how we’re everywhere in the county. Whether they’re from La Palma or Laguna, I can tell them of a Democratic Club they can get involved with! And whether they’re supporting Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, I can let them know where to go to find out about local groups.

Ah, and there’s nothing like the sight of new Democrats to cheer me up! It’s just amazing to see all these people come to our booth, and to see them so relieved to find the Orange County Democrats. This just makes my time here all the more worthwhile.

Yep, nothing like hanging out with the Democrats at the OC Fair to make me smile! 🙂


  1. I love the Fair. When I have booth duty I try to go and spend several hours so I can see every animal and check out each embroidered doily. I don’t ride the rides and I quickly get my fill of fried-everything, but the rest of the Fair is a delight for me.

    Best part for me this year: I noticed Heart was playing at the Pacific Amphitheatre, got myself assigned to booth duty the day of their performance, and bought tickets.

    WOW! What a performance. The opening act, The Bangles got us walking like Egyptians. But Heart was incomparable. Those women can ROCK!

  2. I hear ya, Gila. Eventually my tummy gets sick after eating too many Australian battered potatoes and deep fried Zucchini, and my head gets dizzy after seeing all the kewl photos at the visual arts building. But still, I LOVE THE FAIR!

    The food is yummy (just as long as I’m reasonable about it). The artwork is lovely. The music is groovy. It’s all good.

    But you know what my FAVORITE part of the fair is? Being at the Democratic Party booth! No really, I find it fun to meet all these people and talk with them about politics. It’s so fun to meet all these Democrats from all over, and listen to them tell me why they’re ready to get rid of Bush and the CReeps once and for all. Oh yes, and I LOVE to listen to them tell me what they’d like to do with the George Dubya cutout at the OC GOP booth… 😉

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