Surfin’ Thru the Rockin’ OC Fair

OK, I’m at the OC Fair right now. I’ve been having so much fun at the OC Democratic Party booth that I just couldn’t contain my joy! I’m meeting so many new Democrats from all over Orange County. And they’re telling me all about why they’re so relieved to find us here.

We’re registering voters. We’re signing people up for the party. We’re educating people about next year’s election, and letting people vote in our Presidential Straw Poll. Oh yes, and we’re still awestruck at how our All-Time All-Star Democratic Activist Marti Schrank and all the other people in the OC Democratic Party who organized our presence at the fair put together another fantastic booth! (Tomorrow morning, I’ll make sure to show you the pictures!)

So are you planning to come to the OC Fair this weekend? Will you be volunteering at the Democratic Party booth some time soon? And are you suddenly getting the urge to vote in our straw poll?

Go ahead. Make my day. Fire away! 🙂