Foreign Policy

United Nations BuildingI’m in New York City this week for a working vacation.  I have a client at a trade show, but my college alma mater is honoring my wife and I as “alumni” of the year in a ceremony over the weekend, so we flew the whole family to the Big Apple.  While I worked on Tuesday, my wife and kids spent the day at the UN.  Despite the huge crowd of tourists there, my family was only one of two sets of Americans touring the UN.

The tour left quite an impression on my son; there’s a statue  from Japan of a woman that was knocked face down in one of the Atom bomb explosions in Japan at the end of WWII (sorry, I don’t know which).  The front of the statue is perfect.  The back is melted and scarred. 

Despite the UN’s many flaws, its goals and ideals are good: to end war, to stop hunger, to end poverty, and to respect human rights.  It left a favorable impression on my kids about America’s place in the world and America’s capacity for good.

Over on the Flash Report (I read it so you don’t have to), Mr. Fleischman has a rambling commentary ending with a comment about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plans for a possible trip to Iran on the heels of her trip to Syria.  Jon opines that foreign policy is supposed to be led by the president, and not the speaker.  All I can ask is does anyone trust this president with our nation’s foreign policy anymore?  I sure don’t.