Orange County Young Dems come out in force for Obama


It looks like the Young Dems of O.C. had fun in Los Angeles on Tuesday: 

For Immediate Release
Contact: Chris Roa
February 22, 2007
(909) 331-6216

Orange County Young Democrats come out in force for Presidential Candidate Barack Obama

Illinois Senator Barack Obama Receives Extraordinary Support From Over 30 Local Orange County Activists On His First Stop In Los Angeles

SANTA ANA, CA – Over 30 members of the Orange County Young Democrats attended a rally for Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) in Los Angeles on February 20, 2007. The event was held at the Rancho Cienega Sports Complex in South LA.

The Orange County Young Democrats helped register the crowd of over 5,000 people in attendance to vote, and helped check in and direct over 200 members of the media. One particular member, Devonna, even provided the event staff with an interview in Spanish for the popular TV outlet, Telemundo. Later, they joined thousands of other Obama supporters in enthusiastically welcoming the Senator on his first Southern California trip since announcing his Presidential campaign.

“What excites me more than anything is the energy and the extra effort demonstrated by every member to get our group up to LA as a united team representing Orange County, on time and prepared to work without any hesitation” stated Ferial Govashiri, the Chair of the Orange County Young Democrats.

During his speech, Senator Obama proclaimed that “There’s something happening in the country…that we are at a crossroads in this nation’s history”. The cross road of change was definitely evident among the members of the Orange County Young Democrats’ ethnically diverse backgrounds ranging from Latino, Vietnamese, Iranian, Arab-American, White, and Indian. The group included members of the newly formed Middle Eastern American Democratic Project, the new Middle Eastern outreach group. The diversity of the Orange County Young Democrats reflects their ongoing efforts to reach out to minority groups in the county.

The Orange County Young Democrats are an active part of local Democratic politics and strive to encourage political activism and participation among young people ages 14 to 35.




  1. An open invitation to Chris Roa; call me next time you’re writing a news release for Obama; 30 members is not a lot, but what they did is significant. And the release has other structual problems too.

    Hillary, Obama, Edwards…man I am torn. But to be honest, I will vote for whomever has a “D” next to their name in November 2008 even if its a ham sandwich.

  2. Yes, Dan. They all have about as many useful ideas as a ham sandwich. Quitting is not a strategy. It is a recipe for defeat!

  3. Lee —
    Any Democratic candidate for president is superior to George W. Bush right now. And since there is no true conservative in the race, you must be in quite a quandry yourself. What ideas do McCain, Romney, Guiliani have? Pas sthe mustard. And wash that Ham sandwich down with more of that Fox News Kool Aid you keep drinking.

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