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Adam Problesky’s Confession

GOP consultant Adam Problesky confessed publicly to something I’m sure Republicans do all the time.

Adam confessed in this post on the Flash Report.

He admits to going to the OC Democratic Party website to cast a vote for Rep. Dennis Kucinich, thinking he’d be one of a few votes at most.  Then Adam is appalled to see Kucinich leading the voting with 60 percent of the vote.

A reasonable person wouldn’t put too much stock in an unmonitored online vote or poll on the 2008 presidential race 21 months away.  But Adam does.  He writes:

I was embarrassed for my local rival party when I saw that my shill vote for Kucinich was joined with hundreds of others. No political professional considers Kucinich to be a real candidate for anything other than perhaps re-election and certainly a good shampoo and hair cut. (look in the mirror ;))  Yet it seems that the Dems in OC are excited about his presidential prospects. Are they that out of touch?  The answer is yes.  The Democratic Party in Orange County is out of touch with not just the everyday American, but certainly the average Democrat voters in their own back yard.
So, let’s review here.  Adam goes to the OC Democratic Party web site with a can of spray paint to skew an online poll as a joke.  When he discovers that the subject of his ridicule is really the prom queen, he’s appalled that a prettier girl didn’t win. And he uses this non-scientific poll to spraypaint the host’s party anyway.

Here’s some news for you Adam.  The Democratic Party in OC is far more in touch with”everyday Americans” than your party is.  Everyday Americans favor Democratic positions on the War in Iraq, the Economy, Healthcare, Corruption in Congress, Minimum Wage, Roe V.Wade and other issues of the day.  President Bush has a 60 percent disapproval rate and more than 80 percent of Americans (and a majority of those in the armed services) don’t approve of the coming Surge in Iraq.

The OC DP is very organized this year.  Sure, you’ll win your share of races but it won’t be easy.

But I’m really grateful to know that Adam, a professional political researcher, would take the time to attempt to skew results of a fun poll hosted on the OC DP site. 

I’ll bet he does all those online Fox News polls too.


  1. demmother demmother January 29, 2007

    I like Obama too.
    I think he represents the future for all of us.

  2. Mike Levin Mike Levin January 29, 2007

    Adam Probolsky needs a reality check. Kucinich’s national website linked to our poll and we had votes coming in from all over the country for him. The same can’t be said — at least not nearly to the same degree — for the other candidates.

    That being said, may the best man — or woman — win!

  3. joe joe January 29, 2007

    Kucinich is kind of embarassing, but you can”t stop those damn bloggers from freeping polls.

  4. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski January 29, 2007

    Thanks for the explanation Mike; we won’t get a correction. A host of GOPers are still spending time framing an argument against Democrats. What I want to know is, who was the last Republican president of the US or Republican governor of Californa that actually adherely to the GOP ideal of “smaller government.” I can’t think of a single one. Bill Clinton shrunk the federal government to the lowest size since the Kennedy administration, but of course, he was a Democrat.
    Ronald Reagan is a Two-Fer; grew the size of government as Governor and as President.

  5. Mike Levin Mike Levin January 30, 2007

    Good point, Dan. Clinton balanced the budget year after year. Meanwhile, Bush has spent over $300 billion of our tax dollars on a failed war in Iraq and our national debt increases by around $1.5 billion every single day. You tell me — which is the party of fiscal responsibility?

  6. Where is my 6 million dollar home? Where is my 6 million dollar home? January 31, 2007

    “Everyday Americans favor Democratic positions on the War in Iraq, the Economy, Healthcare, Corruption in Congress, Minimum Wage, Roe V.Wade and other issues of the day. ”

    I hope your kidding.

    Too bad the everyday elected Democratic Congressperson does not feel the same way. If they did they would defund the war today.They would end corruption in Congress today,They would fix healthcare today and on and on.They will do the same as those they followed.Nothing. And they control Congress.2 years and out.

    John Edwards talks about two Americas in his anti poverty campaign and it turns out he lives in a 6 million dollar mansion.

    Barack Obama lives in a 1.65 million dollar home and Hillary lives in multi million dollar home as well.

    The economy in America is alive and well.

  7. DanC DanC January 31, 2007

    Well, aren’t people of means supposed to help the poor. Each Demcorat you mention pays more attention to the poor through proposed legislation thatn the lip service from the GOP. The Republican Senate is actively engaged in filibuster by amendment over increasing the minimum wage by $2.15 over two years. 80+ amendments from the right and none from the Democrats.

    The Dems will not financially abandon our fighting men and women. But you seem to equate wealthly Democrats as hypocrites because they support issues that affect the poor.

    Look at polling data on the war, the economy, and Roe v Wade and you’ll see that the MAJORITY of Americans FAVOR Democrats’ positions.

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