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The many faces of Trung Nguyen

When I was browsing Trung Nguyen’s website looking for a good photo for my previous post, I came across a page in his photo gallery of 33 photos all taken on the same day of Trung in different poses.

In some he is smiling; in some he is looking fierce; in some he’s half-blinking. I don’t know why his web guy thought it was a good idea to post all of these pictures, but I did find a kick out of pasting them all together in a little animated file.


  1. Publius Publius January 27, 2007

    The photos on a candidate website serve an unusual purpose. They are there for Independent Expenditures committees to download and use for their mailers. IE committees cannot request a photo for mail – that would be considered coordination. Most campaigns have high-res photos on their website for this purpose. It allows for a certain amount of visualconsistency between candidate mail and IE mail.

  2. Mike Lawson Mike Lawson Post author | January 27, 2007

    I understand that. What I don’t understand is why Trung’s webmaster posted Trung in 1million poses…some that are straight-up unflattering. It’s silly. Poppycock!

  3. Publius Publius January 27, 2007

    What did you mean by “looking fierce,” exactly? LOL

  4. Mike Lawson Mike Lawson January 28, 2007

    I was referring to photos like this one:

    I don’t think that fierce was the right word…I think that I meant “intense look” or something like that.

  5. SGL SGL January 28, 2007

    Publius nailed it in the head.

  6. Publius Publius January 28, 2007

    If I didn’t know any better, I might jump to the conclusion that someone on here has an unhealthy obsession with photos of Trung Nguyen.

  7. Art Pedroza Art Pedroza January 28, 2007

    I think he is trying to scare Mexicans. Sorry Trung – they will just laugh at your pompous ass.

  8. SGL SGL January 28, 2007


    From reading your comments I can only come to the conclusion that one of two things are true:

    1) You have never personally met Trung.
    2) You have been brainwashed by Janet.

    You might want to crawl out of whatever cave you’re living under if you think Janet is more respected and a better politician than Trung. I don’t blame you for aligning with her though. After all, I’m sure she’s been very nice to you, Ryan Gene, and whatever other puppets she has been using to translate the senseless uneducated messages she’s been trying to communicate to the public.

    I will feel bad for you when you finally realize Janet has been using you. She will treat you like dirt after this election, just like she treats everyone else who she sees no “need” for.

    I recall one post in Orange Juice in which a commenter asked you if you knew about Janet’s record on eminent domain. You claimed she would never support it, only to be embarrassingly corrected one day later. I’m sure you lost some respect for her then. Let me ask you something: Are you sure that is the only thing Janet has ever lied to you about?

    Think hard about that one. Remember your credibility is on the line.

  9. Publius Publius January 28, 2007

    I realize you’ve been here only briefly, but someone should let you know that Art has no credibility to defend. He is known to use outright lies to bolster his weak arguments and sits silently when challenged to back them up with factual evidence.

  10. SGL SGL January 28, 2007


    While I understand your point, I am a big sucker for giving people second chances. Everyone deserves them, including Art.

    Thank you for the clarification though. 😀

  11. Art Pedroza Art Pedroza January 28, 2007

    Some guy named Publius says I have no credibility when he hides behind a fake name? Shameless.

    That deal you are referring to had to do with a parking lot. I hardly think it is worth noting.

    And yes I do know Trung. I had dinner with him at a fundraiser last year. He sat at my table in fact. And I spoke to him at Central Committee after he started his campaign.

    The guy lost two elections last year – in one he was the only Vietnamese candidate for the OC GOP Central Committee, in Tran’s district. And he lost. Trung is not viable and you know it!

    As for Janet, she is not perfect. But she is not one of Tran’s goons and that is good enough for me. I am also supporting Benny Diaz. Funny that you would overlook that. Come by my house and you will see a Diaz sign on my lawn.

  12. SGL SGL January 28, 2007

    So you’ve met Trung? What did you think of him?

    “I hardly think it is worth noting.”
    Well that proves to me that you have indeed been brainwashed by Janet. Either that or you do not care about private property rights.
    Regardless of whether you think it is worth noting or not, she voted for eminent domain. She voted for taking private property rights from one private entity and giving it to another…and then she claimed to be against eminent domain.

    Art, you and I both know that you only started supporting Benny Diaz when you realized how awful of a candidate Janet is.

  13. Art Pedroza Art Pedroza January 28, 2007


    What does it matter what I thought of Trung? He is finished! This Photoshop scandal will be his undoing.

    As for property rights, I know Janet cares about them. There is more to the parking lot story than you are telling us – which is typical of Trung’s acolytes.

    You better figure out who you are going to back – Trung will be dropping out this week, after the mainstream media gets a hold of his doctored picture. Then what will you do?

  14. Ryan Gene Ryan Gene January 29, 2007


    Trung’s undoing began LONG before the photoshop scandal. His undoing began when he filed papers to run.

  15. mm mm February 2, 2007

    i just have to point out…if it is true that Trung didn’t actually know about the doctoring before it was too late, then these comments don’t seem to hold any weight about his ability as a county supervisor. actually it would appear that these comments are extremely superficial and cheap…

  16. Mike Lawson Mike Lawson Post author | February 2, 2007


    If he can’t run a campaign, how can he run a county?

  17. yerfuckedinthehead yerfuckedinthehead February 15, 2007

    Stupid racist Democrats always gotta be hatin’ people of color–except when they vote them into power…

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