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Design Flaws

As you may have noticed, Mike Lawson has been working on a redesign if The Liberal OC site. He ran into a few problems due to the failure of the newest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 to display the site as intended (it was a mess).

While Mike works on solving these technical glitches, we’ve reverted to a previous site format. Sorry for the delay, the new features will be available soon.


  1. Michael Randall Michael Randall January 23, 2007

    Internet Exploder (whoops, I meant Explorer) sucks. Use Firefox or Safari. I’ve had problems with the way that IE 7 and IE 6 display standard W3C tags.

    Nice redesign Mike, it looks really good in Firefox.

  2. Jubal Jubal January 23, 2007

    I also use Firefox, and really liked your new design, Mike — it was very sharp. One complaint: the text was too small and hard to read.

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