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My favorite Photoshoped images of 2006

In the past year, we have used Photoshop to poke fun at local politicians and political issues. Here’s a quick recap of some of my favorites from 2006 (in no particular order):

Rosie Avila’s ‘The Fuck Stops Here” campaign sign

Perhaps this one is a bit crude, but occasionally you’ve got to offend a couple of folks for a really good joke. What else rhymes with “buck” so well, and fits into this joke?!?

This image accompanied a post regarding the teen pregnancy rate in Santa Ana, and Rosie Avila’s adamancy toward abstinence only teaching in Santa Ana schools. [Link]

Carlos “Bubba Gump” Bustamante

Back in July, months before Lynn Daucher lost to Lou Correa in the State Senate race, Carlos Bustamante was out there trying to raise cash for his run for Correa’s Board of Supervisor’s seat.

During a fundraising event, Bustamante made a speech where he chose to compare himself to Forest Gump. Yes, out of all of the possible fictional characters to choose from, Bustamante chose a simple man with an IQ of 75. Hmmmmmm….. [Link]

Darth Norby

County worker and blogger Chris Prevatt edited County Supervisor Chris Norby’s head onto this Star Wars character to accompany a post that would cause more of a stir than I believe Prevatt had imagined.

Because of this post, which criticized County Supervisor Chris Norby for his opposition to government-funded ethnic outreach programs, the county accused Prevatt of blogging during work hours. After a lengthy investigation, it was found that Prevatt had never blogged from work. [Link]

Steve Greenhut in a swimsuit

In November the Register was interviewing for an editorial writer, and we made the joke that Orange County Register editorial writer Steve Greenhut takes casual Fridays to a whole new level.

I received three emails regarding this photo. One said that I was too generous when picking out a body for Greenhut, and the other two were upset because Greenhut partially nude was an image they never wanted to see. [Link

Chicken Little Moorlach

Just after Moorlach’s victory in June, there was an editorial in the Orange County Register written by Nick Berardino. Berardino’s main point was that Moorlach has based his political career on taking credit for solving imagined crises. [Link]

Daucher defeats Correa

The 34th State Senate race was a very close one. Before the count was completed there were a few people that were quick to call it a Daucher win. According to rumor, even Daucher herself claimed victory at the Measure M party on election night.

So after Correa became the undisputed winner in this race, we threw together this image. [Link]


  1. Publius Publius January 1, 2007

    So I’ve been curious, Mike…
    Where did you find the body you attached greenhut’s head to? Your own personal archives?


  2. Elroy El Elroy El January 1, 2007

    I’m told through several sources that Greenhut got into a heated argument at the last election day luncheon.

    Does anyone else here relish the visual of two nerdie boys duking it out?

  3. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski January 2, 2007

    Elroy El — with whom did he argue and about what?

  4. Elroy El Elroy El January 2, 2007

    My sources wouldn’t tell me? The only comment was that Greenhut had trashed this guy’s wife in a column (what a surprise?) and this man was defending her honor so to speak.

    The only other detail was that while both were talking real tough (almost an oxymoron for most journalist types) it was obvious to my source that both men were sort of hoping for a third party to step in and break it up. Which apparently didn’t happen. But both combatants did finally calm down.

    My prediction. Greenhut’s attacks on individuals are typically so over the top that one day some will walk up and ask him his name. Upon acknowledging that fact, Greenhut will get popped.

    There is disagreement, and then there is Greenhut. His style is very often acidic to those with whom he disagrees. And it is only a matter of time before he attacks someone with little restraint.

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