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From the desk of Janet Nguyen

We received the first piece of mail for the 1st District Supervisor’s race today from Janet Nguyen:

I believe in the American dream, and that’s why I have decided to dedicate my life to serving our community.

I was elected to the Garden Grove City Council and, a few days ago, I am a candidate for County Supervisor to represent the 1st district, which covers Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Westminster and Midway City.

View the entire letter as a PDF.


  1. DZO DZO December 14, 2006

    I’m wondering if this is a campaign finance law violation here. I just looked at the piece that landed here (double Dem, double senior, High Propensity household) and there is no information on the outer envelope clearly identifying who “Paid for and Authorized” this letter. Every other political mailer I receive has the name of the committee that paid for it and most include a state ID number.
    Strange that this one does not. Might Janet be using non-TINCUP funds before filing closes to get around the limits and pump up name ID? Interesting loophole to research.
    The requirement that political mail be clearly identified as such is a state requirement.
    And as for the letter, pretty solid as letters go. But I doubt many voters will take the time to open up an envelope in the mountain of cards and catalogs in their daily mail.

  2. Thomas A Gordon Thomas A Gordon December 14, 2006

    Did someone read that letter to you, or are you old enough to read by yourself?

    Right at the bottom of the letter, in the Queens English, it states; PAID FOR BY FRIENDS OF JANET NGUYEN ID # 1290201.

  3. DZO DZO December 14, 2006

    It’s my understanding that the disclaimer is required on the outside of the envelope as well.

  4. Thomas A Gordon Thomas A Gordon December 16, 2006

    The sender must be identified on the outside of the mailing in the following manner:

    At least six point type
    Contrasting color or print style
    Name of controlling candidate, if applicable
    P.O. box may be used if street address is listed on the committee’s Form 410 filed with the Secretary of State

    The following information is not required to be included in the sender ID:

    Committee’s identification number.
    Name of treasurer or printer.
    The words “paid for by”

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