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Beware of the Petitions

I have never been against anyone trying to earn a living. I do wish something could be done about the paid signature gatherers who also register voters on a paid per card basis.

This seems like I can’t let go of what happened earlier this year, but apparantly the methods linger on. First were the reports I got over the summer (after the primary and after it was apparant the paid bounty hunters were cheating) that the bounty hunters were still at it with petitions and worse, were still out to reregister the unsuspecting signer of a petition.

They are out again this December – this time with “Lower College Tuition” signs. This is another no brainer for many of us. It seems like a good idea. I got this information from my husband when he went to the local supermarket to pick up some necessities. My husband does not like petitions, but asked the woman who was sponsoring the petitions. When she could not answer the question, my husband apparantly told her that she had no business having people sign something she did not know anything about. I have not gone to that market to check it out yet so I do not know if she is registering voters for a particular party.

It is my hope that incoming Secretary of State Debra Bowen and the legislature put an end to this type of practice. In the meantime, I can only encourage people to not sign ANY petition unless you personaly know the individual circulating.