State of Denial

Spent some time reading Jon Fleischman’s Flash Report commentary on the 2006 midterm elections; allow me to summarize for you.  The Republicans beat themselves, the Democrats didn’t beat them.  Malkin says the same thing.  So does Hannity, Coulter, Greenhut et al.  Sorry guys, America has gone back to the middle and its a shade of blue.

Time and time again, in survey after survey, the American people felt the Democrats would do a better job handling Iraq, the Economy, the War on Terror, and Social Security.  The corruption scandals didn’t hurt the Democrats either.  Now Hugh Hewitt is positioning lame duck Senator Rick Santorum for a spot on the US Supreme Court, should a spot open.  Hugh – that ain’t gonna happen.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse for the GOP, this survey from USA Today.

President Bush’s job approval ratings have slumped in the latest USA TODAY/Gallup poll, with the president’s rating hovering near the lowest of his tenure.

In the poll, taken Thursday through Sunday, 33% of Americans approve of Bush’s job performance and 62% disapprove. That compares to 38% approval and 56% disapproval in a USA TODAY/Gallup poll taken Nov. 2-5, just before the Nov. 7 midterm elections.


  1. Dan:

    real quick: what exactly does it mean that “Time and time again, in survey after survey, the American people felt the Democrats would do a better job handling Iraq, the Economy, the War on Terror, and Social Security.”

    “Handle”? Handle how? I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you (although my take on it is more in line with Jon’s), but that “survey after survey…” statement is meaningless.

    One of the things I find most dismaying about the Demcoratic takeover of Congress is the cries of joy it has elicited from Teheran, Pyongyang and other capitals of America’s enemies. It doesn’t make me happy that they are happy the Democrat’s will be running Congress.

    The American people will get waht they voted for. Now we’ll see how they like it.

  2. Typos are a given; I make enough of them myself. That’s what happens when the mind thinks faster than fingers can tappety tap.

    Here’s some proof for you:

    The Reuters poll, in particular, goes back a period of several weeks leading up to election day.

    And where do you get these cries of Joy from in the captials of our enemies; they hate Bush and they hate America. A Democratic victory should not be welcome news for them. And besides, the Bush Adminstration’s handling of the war on terrori and the war in Iraq is a Jihadist’s recruiting dream.

    Check out the documentary “Control Room” sometimes. “Iraq in Pieces” is also worth noting.

    My problem with the GOP is twice, you’ve narrowly won the presidency and you governed like it was the 1984 election. If Bush won a mandate in 2004, then this election was a landslide for the Democrats. The country is more centrist and more moderate.

  3. You hit the nail on the head, Dan! The GOP really thought that Bush’s “51% win” WAS a “mandate”… And what’s freakier is that the fundies thought of it as Bush’s “Mandate from Heaven”.

    This is why the GOPers are freaking out: Despite all their gerrymandering and attempts at election trickery, we still won. So yes, compared to Bush’s 2004 2.4% win (the closest incumbent win since Wilson’s 4 point squeaker in 1916), the Dems won in a “landslide” this year!

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