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Update from Tim Whitacre re lawsuit against OC GOP

[Information via Orange Juice Blog]

The endorsment for Mike Carona isn’t solid yet.Tim Whitacre sent emails out that told his supporters and people in the media that his case would be heard starting on Monday, the 15th at 11 a.m. Whitacre wrote, “This stopped being about who you support for Sheriff and all about the rule of law.”

Don’t forget that Whitacre is the spokesperson for Bill Hunt, one of Carona’s opponents. With that said, I still think that Whitacre is doing the right thing by coming forward and calling out the folks in his own party that have manipulated and ignored established rule of law. Corruption won’t stop if you just sit by idly and let it happen.

In his column today, Frank Mickadeit wrote about hanging out with Whitacre yesterday and filing all the legal paperwork. Mickadeith confirmed that Whitacre’s effort to get a temporary restraining order issued today was unsuccessful, but that the case will be heard by Superior Court Judge John Watson on Monday.

Why is there no news story about this? The only thing I could find is Frank’s column.