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OJ Blogger Vern Nelson
OJ Blogger Vern Nelson

For those who follow OC’s political blogs and read the comments, you got a treat last week.

The blogger who writes the “Tito Watch” column about Huntington Beach’s Mayor Pro Tem Tito Ortiz penned a remarkable column entitled, “The Worst-Kept Secret in Liberal Orange County.” 

The column chronicles bad behavior from OC’s political bloggers targeting primarily the Orange Juice Blog’s publisher and editor-in-chief Vern Nelson.

Here’s the link:

I posted it last week in our comments section too.  Oh, and I don’t escape unscathed either, but more on that in a second.

OJ’s managing editor Greg Diamond wrote what I’d call a remarkable post in the sense that he’s made up most of his “facts” and has entered conspiracy realms occupied by QAnon types.  Here’s that link:   Just remember, they delete negative comments over there.

Here’s what we’ve learned about the journalism ethics of our friends at OJ Blog.

  1. They don’t know who the author of the “Tito Watch” columns happens to be but they have no trouble publishing the posts. How can you ethically publish anything without knowing who’s writing and without knowing if what they have written is true?
  2. Diamond is convinced the author of the initial column isn’t the author of the Tito Watch columns, but someone pretending to be her or him. In a comment he says: “Misrepresenting a document as being from someone else would be highly offensive, in a moral way.” So are most of his made up claims.
  3. The original post has links to everything backing up the author’s statements in the piece.
  4. Nelson says: “The best part of that piece about bad behavior in liberal-male OC is the part that Dan C doesn’t want you to see: “Liberal OC blogger Dan Chmielewski has been harshly critical of discriminatory and sexual misconduct by fellow liberals, leftists, and Democrats, but this appears to be a classic case of pot-and-kettle finger-pointing. He was recently called out by Melissa Fox for an extremely misogynistic and racist comment directed at Irvine Vice Mayor Tammy Kim, after criticizing her anti-Asian hate resolution for failing to include old white men like himself…” Followed by a copy of the screen grab from one of two Melissa Fox Twitter accounts most likely written by her husband Michael who has scores to settle with TheLiberalOC over “John Scott Horner III,” his theft of the Democrats of Greater Irvine Facebook page which he returned eventually (the administrator said the list of blocked Irvine Democrats looked like a “digital graveyard of prominent Irvine Democrats”…not exactly a way to win friends or elections, and frequent reminders that her vote on the city council is the reason why there’s no Veteran’s Cemetery in Irvine.  I do not care what Melissa or Michael Fox have to say about me, and the unnamed quote in the original column that reads:  “…Another OC Democrat confirmed, ‘I’ve personally witnessed him yell at, harass, belittle, and dismiss women so many times I’ve lost count. This man’s outdated misogynistic and racist views have no place in our party,” is Jorge Gavino, the Vice Chair of the Board of Hermanos Unidos.  Based on Jorge’s LinkedIn profile, I’m not sure how, when or where he could have witnessed me doing anything because he didn’t seem to be in OC pre-pandemic a lot.  I don’t know him. Don’t recall meeting him.  And that said, I’ll invite him to say where and when and who he saw me behave in such a manner.  But he’s an anti-Rusty Hicks guy and I’ll guess one of those Bernie Bros still upset about 2016.  For the author of the piece, it wasn’t hard to verify who wrote that quote; you should have attributed it.
  5. What Vern leaves out of the preamble here was the introduction to my “negative” part of this column: Liberal OC blogger Dan Chmielewski has been harshly critical of discriminatory and sexual misconduct by fellow liberals, leftists, and Democrats. I sure have from Julio Perez, to Eric Taylor and to Vern Nelson himself.  I’ll let Vern (or Melissa/Michael Fox for that matter) explain to me how my comment to Irvine Vice Mayor Tammy Kim asking her to help human trafficked Asian Immigrant women working in OC Massage parlors be protected is racist or sexist.  I’ll wait.
  6. Vern thinks that’s the best part? Oh no. Not even close.  It’s his wife’s voice mail call, with a male voice (likely Vern) prompting her to apologize to someone for her husband’s Twitter behavior and actions, referencing that he’s drinking again.  Go listen to it.  Listen for that male voice prompting her.  Verm, get help man.
  7. The next best part are all the screen grabs of the Orange Juice Blog’s Twitter feed which Vern denies writing (so then it was his wife? They were the only two with access to that feed). Probably not a good idea for people who don’t know how to use Twitter to insult people on Twitter or beg readers to block Vern because he’;s drinking.  The part that made me spit out my coffee was the line, presumably from Vern’s wife, about Vern (a-hem) “pleasuring himself” in his wife’s bathroom to photos of other women and then denying he wrote every Tweet.  Vern should look for work at an HB bait shop; bet he’d be a master at it.
  8. Diamond suggested I somehow “hunted Tito Watch down, fed them his brew of distortions (about Vern, me and others), and that they then stormed off horrified – without even asking us for our side. At a minimum, that’s how it was depicted.” None of this is true.  I don’t know who TW is and I have better things to do than go out of my way to trash the OJ guys, but Greg’s post warranted this response.

After I read the original piece, I posted a couple of comments to the OJ Blog blog under my name and email address with the link of the story.  Greg think’s its someone who knows my email address (yep, me idiot).  The more salacious comments Greg reposted which were deleted are not mine and I take great humor knowing the pair who whine about not being able to post on my site have blocked me from posting on theirs.



  1. We didn’t block you from posting at OJB. We deleted one of your comments that linked to material clearly provided by you and/or Lenore — either on demand or through already published material —that I was not sure actually came from the source to whom it was attributed.

    I’m sorry that TW turned out to be more credulous than I thought they were. You, in contrast, seem pleased by it.

    • I’m unable to comment at all. Same email address. Same IP address. TW provided significant attribution. Not fantasy scenarios that you suggested. But ya, you blocked me

  2. So far as I know you aren’t blocked or moderated, but I’ll check and fix as need be.

    TW provided attribution to your and Lenore’s works, which, as applied to me (except in regards to Vern, and I’ve since come to believe that he was telling the truth) are by and largely fictitious. I refer to the ones anonymous links naming someone — who when you click on them, turns out to be me — who is accused of various wrongdoing. The one thing I’ll say is that I absolutely did stand outside the voting area and read out loud the report of Lenore’s being credibly accused of ripping off a client in egregious ways — because I believed that the party should be protected from association with someone like that when the previous cycle’s candidate had belatedly decided to run. Lenore won by a fraction of a vote — and the vote that would have defeated her endorsement showed up about two minutes too late. Since then, after learning more about her antics, multiple people have told me that they regretted their vote to endorse her.

    I don’t know how you got to TW — given that the documents were largely from your blog and reflected purported knowledge that few people besides you, me, Lenore, and Vern even remember — but despite your artfully worded denial it’s pretty clear that you or some friend or agent of yours did. And it led him to put aside all good journalistic practice. Sooner or later, you’ll piss him off, and I’ll likely find out how it happened.

  3. No, you are not blocked or moderated. Neither your name or ID address (the one you’ve had for at least half a year) appears on our relevant lists. There are other IP addresses from your same service provider that are blocked, but all down to the second leve; (i.e., 111.222.###.###) and none would affect you. You could be blocked if you included a banned word in your comment (such as “Fiala”), but based on what you say you wrote you did not.

    I do vaguely recall a comment like that, but it did not appear to come from you or I wouldn’t have trashed it and marked it as spam. I suggest that you try again.

  4. I’m putting this in a separate comment lest you fail to publish it: you say in one of the previous comments here that I “made up all sorts of facts” in a post of mine. Unless you’re confusing conjectures with facts, no I didn’t. I invite you to be more specific about what you think I “made up.”

    • Greg, I tried commenting from the address I always use. Last comment sent was the word “testing” and that’s it. Stop lying.

      You made up a comment I found the writer of Tito Watch and feed them a bunch of stuff. Completely not true.

      But do ask Vern about prompting talking points to Donna on the voice mail. All of OC politicos laugh at the notion of Vern rubbing one out in his wife’s bathroom to photos of other women.

  5. Dan’s right, Greg. I hit spam on a couple of his comments, which seems to have resulted in all his subsequent comments automatically going into the spam folder with the other porn links that all blogs get.

    And this is for the best. All he has to offer the last few weeks is rehashing things that my wife wrote on Twitter one night in a suspicious rage, to try to gross out another woman so that she’d block me. We don’t need to re-broadcast that. Dan can wallow in his own filth over here, or on Matt’s blog when Matt lets him.

    Now and then when I have time I glance through the spam folder. If I ever see Dan trying to comment something interesting about Poseidon or the Veterans Cemetery, or even on Agran’s pathetic attempts to regain his autocracy in Irvine, or #TammyKim being a racist, or #luisHuang wearing clown shoes, maybe I’ll approve it.

    (By the way, I don’t get this “I’ve got a screenshot” game. Is this some kind of child-blogger version of counting coup? “I managed to put some trash up on your blog before you had a chance to take it down?” A lot of folks around here should grow up.)

    • So let’s get this straight?
      “We don’t need to rebroadcast that”……….
      Really Vern, you drunkenly tell a stranger, a woman, a Mother to suck your C@Ck. Then you publish her picture on the world wide web. Your wife subsequently posts that YOU: Vern Patrick Nelson is “masterbating” in the bathroom.
      Now you and you ilk (who I believe Greg is worse than you and Julio etc all for defending/condoning this type of behavior. ) are trying to escape the consequences of YOUR ACTIONS.

      Vern you are a creep. STAY AWAY!

        • How do you know? You don’t even know who writes Tito Watch. They publish posts on your site. Look up “hypocrite”. Bet your photo is next to the definition.

          Meanwhile, I’m guessing you own Billy Squire records

        • FYI, that comment from INminivanhell is the only comment under that IP address. I clicked on yours for fun. You have posts under “truth” and “kenlaysnotdead” Interesting; going to blame that on Donna too. Need a tissue?

    • Vern — if your wife posted those items to Twitter, and you say she did, is she wrong about you whacking to other photos of other woman in your bathroom? She says your drinking agaain. She says you are pleasuring yourself in the bathroom. Is she lying?

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