Joe Kerr
Joe Kerr
Mission Viejo, CA – Retired Orange County Fire Captain Joe Kerr announced his campaign for Orange County’s 5th Supervisorial District. Incumbent Supervisor Lisa Bartlett is prevented from seeking another term due to term limits. Kerr currently represents portions of Orange County on the California Regional Water Quality Control Board.

In announcing his campaign, Joe Kerr releases the following statement:

“One of the most important skills you learn fighting fires is that in high-risk situations you have to slow down and concentrate on what matters. The more dangerous the situation, the more important it is to stay focused on the task at hand. Right now, economic recovery is the crisis that needs sustained, focused leadership. On the Board of Supervisors, I’ll fight to support our local businesses as they work to restore jobs and rebuild our economy. There is nothing Orange County residents cannot accomplish if we work together, and I believe that I have the experience to help our communities at this unique time.

I will be talking to residents in the weeks and months ahead about my campaign, and I look forward to a spirited and open discussion about the best ways to move Orange County forward.”


Joe Kerr is a second-generation professional firefighter who served as a fire captain with the Orange County Fire Authority and Orange County Fire Department for over 25 years. He was the first President of the Orange County Professional Firefighters Association, the former Vice President of the California Professional Firefighters, as well as a former Vice President of the Orange County Central Labor Council (AFL-CIO).

Joe was named Fireman of the Year by the Cypress Fire Department in 1979, Overachiever of the Year by the Orange County Firemen’s Association in 1984, and Fire Captain of the Year by the Orange County Fire Department in 1986. In 1981, he was given a Certificate of Merit from the Orange County Board of Supervisors for his role in responding to the Air California jetliner crash at John Wayne Airport. He was also presented with the Courage Under Fire Award in 1999 for rescuing and reviving a non-breathing occupant who was trapped in a residential structure fire. After retiring in 2012, Joe received numerous awards and recognitions for helping to save the life of a baby who was drowning and had stopped breathing in a swimming pool.

Joe’s history of community service includes having served as an advisor to the Board of the Orange County Foundation for Oncology, Children and Families (OCF-OCF).

Joe grew up in Orange County. He and his wife, China, are the proud parents of a 17-year-old son.


  1. In 2018 I did like this guy a little better than Chaffee or Shaw but it was real slim pickings. It’ll always be hard to get over how he lied about his residence. He invited me to meet him for a beer at a Placentia fire station, I don’t think he even had a fake apartment. If I remember right, he gave you the same invitation.

    You consider that kind of behavior unforgivable when it’s a Republican like Choi, or a Democrat you don’t like, like Roman Reyna. Residence faking, or fake carpetbagging, is a bipartisan plague in this County, and we still don’t have a DA who cares about it. I could come up quickly with a list of at least twenty OC politicians who’ve done that in the past decade and never came to regret it. (And I’m not even talking about real, legal carpetbagging, like your buddies Sukhee and Jordan.)

    If this is the best the Democrats can do next year in District 5, it’ll be really hard to get enthusiastic. Well, at least it’s nice he got his marriage back together, like Doug and Paulette did, LOL.

    • In 2018, Joe had an apartment in Fullerton, his hometown. And he did live there. And you bitched about carpetbagging. Now he’s running from a home he owns in the district and you’re bitching about carpetbagging? He certainly knew the district. Choi had his whole family registered to vote from a one bedroom apartment with folding chairs as furniture and never left the huge home he lived in just outside the district when he ran in 2010. I like Roman just fine but his issue was clearly spelled out as a violation of the city’s laws. Sukhee did buy a house in Fullerton and later moved back to Irvine when he became a grandfather. Jordan moved to a different address; so what.

      It’s poor taste (or in your case pour taste) to comment on the status of anyone’s marriage — not Joe’s or Doug’s. The only two people who matter in a marriage are those who are in it. Worry about your own. People tell me how your wife got that black eye years ago.

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