Late Breaking Irvine City Council Candidates Pull Papers

Larry Agran
Larry Agran, Irvine City Council
Larry Agran
Larry Agran, Irvine City Council

As Council member Farrah Khan has pulled papers to run for Mayor against Christina Shea, and another blue tsunami is on the horizon for November, it’s entirely possible the city could elect four Democrats to the city council seats under the leadership of Mayor Khan.

You have the “Team Irvine” candidates of Tammy Kim and Lauren Johnson-Norris who have the endorsement of the Democratic Party of Orange County (I’m still convince this alliance has the strength of a wet paper towel, but we’ll see).

On the Democratic side, former council member and Mayor Larry Agran was the overwhelming winner of the Democrats of Greater Irvine straw poll for the possible third council seat over newcomer Christina Dillard, a relatively new Irvine resident who’s lived in OC her while life and runs a legal services business.

So get ready for a re-launch of the Agran Audit website which will conveniently leave out the detail that HSNO’s work on the forensic audit of the great Park was so full of false information designed to hurt Agran’s candidacy that their license was pulled by the State of California and HSNO is no longer in business.

Luis Huang, another new Irvine resident, is running for Mayor as a Democrat.  He plans to raise no money, do no advertising, hand out no literature, post no lawn signs and is managing his entire campaign on social media.  He seeks to register every eligible non-registered voter in Irvine and that’s admirable, but I don’t think his tactics will reasonate

For the Republican side, “Vice Mayor” (a title that doesn’t exist in the city charter) Mike Carroll is running for council in his first city wide election.  John Park, the head of Greater Irvine Republicans who adhere to the Reagan “thou shall not speak ill of any Republican” (which includes President Trump), has pulled papers to re-run a 2018 campaign.  Shea is running for election as Mayor (after moving into the seat as Mayor Pro Tem after previously being elected as a city council member) and has been endorsed by GIR. And “Mother Mark” Newgent has pulled papers to run for city council and has loaned himself $100,000 of his own money to the campaign (Mark, put it in a fund for your kid’s college education where its better served).  The Nuge was exposed by this blog as the administrator for OC Moms 4 Truth Facebook group which he has since renamed “Liberals in OC.”  Given his angry public comments to a perceived bullying in the 2016 school board election whenre he complained about falsehoods that cost him a seat, the content of that Facebook group is nothing short of libel against Khan, Carroll, consultant Patrick Strader and FivePoint — so much for honor and honesty?

None of these Republicans will say anything bad about President Trump. Fatal mistake.

We’re hearing that Republicans Katherine Daigle and Gang Chen are trying to decide to run for Mayor or Council.  The betting money is on both to pull for Mayor.




  1. “He seeks to register every eligible non-registered voter in Irvine and that’s admirable, but I”

    Seems like you’re missing part of the sentence, Dan.

  2. Good catch; that’s what happens when the phone rings in the middle of a sentence and you have to go back to the piece. Thank you

  3. Agran? The Master Clown who mismanaged the “Great Park” into a great void? Sure thing. Hasn’t even got the balls to run against Shea? Sadness.

    • We have one Democrat running. Shea will have at least one maybe two Republicans challenging her

    • Since you seem to be afraid to post in your own name, you probably shouldn’t be questioning the bravery of Former Mayor Agran.

      • Haha. Poor Little Agranista. Too bad your hero is too chicken to take on Shea. Gonna leave that death march to somebody even dumber than him. But whatever Boomer runs for he’s got the Great Disaster looking on his horizon.

        • It’s not about being “chicken.” Irvine Democrats have a strong candidate in Farrah Khan. Courage isn’t exactly something you’re known for

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