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Greg Diamond’s Removal as a CDP Delegate

As you might read multiple posts on the Orange Juice Blog from Greg Diamond, know he was removed from the California Democratic Party as a delegate for rules violations during a hearing yesterday.  I’m not going to get into tons of detail as Mr. Diamond has suggested he will file a defamation suit against his enemies except to say defamation is a two way street and he is a public figure and no one has done more to damage his own reputation as he has.

I’ll ask Diamond to post the video he shot of state party chair Rusty Hicks calling for his removal and why.  But Diamond won’t because he’s a coward.

When it was my turn to speak, I simply read his blog post from the day before election day encouraging people not to vote for Jordan Brandman who has the DPOC’s endorsement for Anaheim District 2.  I read Diamond’s words.  You can’t defame someone by reading what they wrote.  My complaint against him was his own acknowledged invitation to “a trial in the dock” that he predicted a year ago.  He lost.  He lost his temper with me at one point, yelling to the room “You don’t get to speak Dan.”

And that’s when he truly lost. And not just the board, but himself.

Rusty Hicks, CDP chair, cited “a pattern of behavior” from Diamond in recommending his removal.  Diamond shot video — I challenge him to publish it for all to see and judge.  Please do.

Mr. Diamond has serious anger management issues.  As I’m a PR consultant to companies across the country and around the world, I’d suggest Mr. Diamond not show up to defend his political future in dirty jeans, sandals without socks and an untucked short sleeves shirt to defend himself.  I’d tell him to trim his beard that makes him look like an overweight cast member of “Duck Dynasty.”  I’d certainly suggest he get those spots on his bald head checked out by a doctor.  And I fear for the safety of his wife and step-daughters over his belligerent angry shouting.  I asked him on the way out if his wife flinches when she yells at her like he did to me.

Diamond has been removed as a delegate to the CDP.  It was a unanimous decision of the Party’s e-Board.  he can whine all he’d like to but he’s gone.

Diamond remains a registered Democrat and a blogger.  If he wishes to file a defamation suit against me and others who joined with me to remove him — which includes two regional party directors — I will marshall all manner of legal challenges against him as well.

I’d hate to take food of the table of his family who provides him every financial support since he doesn’t work for money.  But I would.  And if I win, I will.  Because he needs a better lawyer than he is. And the truth is always a defense in a defamation suit.


  1. Scott Hansen Scott Hansen November 15, 2019

    I feel the Democrat Party at the OC level is well served if Mr. Diamond were to take time off “to be with his family” or whatever. He moved to censure Farrah Khan for joining in the appointment of Michael Carroll to the Irvine City Council. First, some background. I applied for the Irvine City Council as a comprimise candidate who would not run for reelection. Melissa Fox, a fellow Democrat, likely voted against me because I had opposed spending $1 million on a special election that, I feel, Democrats would have lost anyhow. I don’t mind that I wasn’t appointed; I was grateful to be among the final 8. But I do feel that Khan is a Democrat dream: she’s a woman of color – among historic figures in Orange County where, at one time, she would not have been allowed to own a house because of her South Asian background. She has strong support within many segments of the Irvine community and I feel she’s somewhat immune from the fickle whims of the DMOC. Thank you Mr. Diamond for your service and best wishes. Next.

  2. Ted Ted November 17, 2019

    Greg is a disgrace, a truly reprehensible human being. Not because he is a democrat (or was). But because he is a lowlife, unethical, excuse-making scumbag that has fully earned this sad last chapter. As for his appearance, it really looks as if he has just given up. Slovenly, obese and just disgusting.

  3. Greg’s a fat loser Greg’s a fat loser November 18, 2019

    Christ. He can’t see his own Dick in the shower. Bye bye you bullying asshole. Your wife ought to consider kicking your ass to the curb. But then you’d complained you didn’t have funds to pay your internet tab. Loser

  4. Coward Coward November 18, 2019

    Post the video Greg

  5. OC DEM OC DEM November 21, 2019

    I can not believe he did not wear shoes! Oh wait, yes I can.

  6. TennesseTuxedo TennesseTuxedo November 22, 2019

    Greg —Costco is hiring for the holidays. They won’t care that you had a stroke as long as you stack pinto beans and lemon juice in the right spots. Let me know which one hires you so I can complain about your sloppy work effort. #loser

  7. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski December 5, 2019

    I’d be remiss not to credit Lenore Albert for putting together a compelling document that swayed the entire eBoard. I also appreciate the support of those who signed on and especially Deborah Skrunik and Florice Hoffman for attending the actual hearing. Ray Cordova was there too.

    Meanwhile, there’s a small part of me that wonders if the Diamond family and the Letourneau family got together for Thanksgiving and how that went over.

    • 4th District Resident 4th District Resident December 5, 2019

      Is it true that the Lost Lenore still not a lawyer? Just asking for a friend.

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