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Who’s That Campaigning in Santa Ana for Mendoza and Benevides? Roman Reyna

Santa Ana Democrats continue to perplex.  A special election is weeks away where the city will elect a new member to the city council and the school board.

Beatriz Mendoza is the DPOC’s endorsed candidate (after about three rounds of voting) for City Council in Ward 4 and former Councilmember David Benevides is running for SAUSD Trustee, also with the party’s endorsement.

And both are campaigning together with — former Council member Roman Reyna.  Reyna resigned for the city council after being charged with election fraud for not properly residing in Ward 4.  He owes the city close to a million dollars for the cost of this special election which I don’t think he has a prayer of paying back and he’s barred from running for public office again.

This Facebook post sums it up nicely:

I’ll invite both Mendoza and Benevides to explain why they think its a good idea to campaign with Reyna; they can do so in the comments below.

I still believe the city council erred in not appointing the only legal candidate for Ward 4 in the 2018 election — Phil Bacerra who did not seek the DPOC’s endorsement for the special election. For voters in Santa Ana, what does this say about the judgment of these candidates?

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