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In Which Henry Lipton makes an Appearance at the August DPOC Meeting

Long time readers will — from time to time — be treated to a comment from “Henry Lipton” whether the comment is left here or he sends an email to an outdated mail list of the Democratic Party of Orange County.  His missives at times have nuggets of truth but the vast majority of his comments can be dismissed outright.  So can others penned by anonymous posters.  And anonymous commenters usually outnumber those who don’t protect their identities.

I don’t know who henry Lipton is (I’m asked often).

I don’t know Henry’s gender, age, marital status, profession or anything else.

And I’m asked often because “Henry” posts comments here.  I’m of the mind to publish almost every comment — many of which are directed negatively towards me — because I believe in free speech.  I’m not responsible for the comments (nor is Facebook for that matter), but I have been encouraged over the years to censor comments from the likes of Greg Diamond, Michael Fox and others who have demonstrated a history of intolerance and onion-thin skin when it comes to criticism of their political positions and will delete any comment the slightest big critical of them.  Only a couple of people are banned and others who think they are banned need to know their comments go into moderation or approval or deletion.

There are some anonymous handles where I know the identity of the poster (hello Junior) and others I simply don’t know or don’t care to know.  And there have been a litany of anonymous commenters on all the blogs: David Vasquez, LF Oldtimer, Red Peregrine, and Zorro to name a few.  If you want to leave a comment on a blog, use you own name.  Your words will carry more weight.

What LeTourneau doesn’t know is that I have deleted hundreds of comments critical of him and his brother-in-law Greg Diamond over the years.  I learned some new acronyms along the way in doing so which are disgusting.  If they don’t like the comments that have been posted here, they should see the ones that were nuked almost immediately that are far worse. And then they ought to write their own comments here.

There are times when Henry goes over the top and those comments don’t see the light or day or are lightly edited (against my best practices). Other anon commenters can be far worse.

“Henry Lipton” was acquired from an identity originally posted on the Orange Juice Blog by those who believe it was Democratic activist Paul Lucas.  Same writing style.  Same fractured syntax. Same points of view.  Same hates/likes.  Same misspelled names of targets Paul hates.  I wish I still had the screen grab of Paul Lucas and Henry Lipton conversing with …. each other on the OJ blog.  Funny stuff.

Someone else acquired the handle of Henry Lipton and inserted “Paul” as a middle name.  The commenter is extremely careful about protecting their identity and there’s a new IP address with virtually every comment.  And yet, in many of “Lipton’s” posts, there is a grain of truth which is why I allow the comments to be published.

LeTourneau said, last night, that I “verified” some charge about him and West vice chair Victor Valladeres saying derogatory things about Aliso Viejo Council member Tiffany Ackley in Anaheim.  I did no such thing.  He made that up.  There was an email flying around I didn’t pay heed to and a few days later, it became a blog comment that I approved.

The comment was published and if Jeff or Victor wish to refute it, they can comment below Henry’s comment to do so.  But the grain of truth is Jeff has done quite of bit of sneaky stuff over the years from calling candidates to offer endorsements in exchange for a call of support to another elected or to approach a candidate to encourage that person not to run for high office because “it’s not your turn.” So claims against him always have an element of truth. Sources of these claims come from people high in the targeted candidate’s organization and its received under confidence.

I take heart knowing its a matter of time until LeTourneau melts down again; it’s always on video while wearing his party badge and almost nothing ever becomes of it. Perhaps the next time will be different.

Additionally, LeTourneau and DPOC Chair Ada Briceno both brought up the fact the party did some sort of search to prove that there is no “Henry Lipton” in either Orange or Los Angeles County.  They assured everyone at the DPOC meeting Henry was fake.  I chuckled and said to myself “Henry wins the Internet” tonight.  I’m sure the search took several hours that could have been spent trying to convince voters to vote Blue.

There is no Henry Lipton.

No kidding.

But there is a real person who uses the alias of Henry Lipton.  A real person.  And the only real clue is that “Henry Lipton” somehow had access to an old Central Committee mailing list.  So let’s take a moment to let Party leadership know they gave Henry Lipton everything Lipton was seeking: recognition.  Attention.  Jam.

I really wish I knew who Henry Lipton was.  There are times his comments are over the top and I’d run them if he could edit them.  But I have no idea how to reach Henry.

My purpose in writing this is to correct LeTourneau’s charge that I verified the claim somehow.  I did not and that’s not really my job.  I corrected LeTourneau at a earlier DPOC meeting when he made the claim that Lauren Johnson Norris finished 3rd in the last Irvine City Council race (and that’s why she warranted an appointment) when truthfully, LJN finished 4th.  I told LeTourneau of the mistake and he said nothing, letting the untruth stay out there. for the rest of the meeting.  It’s kind of impossible to bring these sort of things to the attention of the Central Committee, so I’m fortunate this vehicle lets me do this.

So congratulations Henry Lipton, whoever you are.  You have gotten under DPOC leadership’s skin and you are having an impact.  Please be mindful of the comments you leave her as ones that are truly over the top and focus on ones that can see the light of day




  1. OC DEM OC DEM September 2, 2019

    Well, sounds like the Shepherd’s are leading the flock exactly where they want to.

    Do Jeff and Ada really think people, DEM’S, mostly educated folks don’t see through them?

    “Just delete any EMAILS from this fake account, don’t even read them” is what I heard.

    But, here’s the deal: much of what Lipton said was true and verifiable. So what does Ada and Jeff say about HPL’s latest missive about Victor’s upcoming child abuse trial. It’s all there for the world to see. Lipton provided case numbers and links, yet Ada called it “Fake New’s”!

    Oh who do we believe? I tend to be my own man/woman, not a groupthink sheep.

  2. OC DEM OC DEM September 22, 2019

    It seems Victor did some scrubbing on his social media in front of his court date this week.

    I wonder if Jeff and Ada have told everyone to ignore the outcome, as the judge does not really exist……….

    I suppose Jeff is side tracked now that his buddy Eric Bauman is caught up in the Ed Buck rape, drug and murder. What is it with this guy ignoring drug rapes when his Dem buddies are implicated.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | September 24, 2019

      I was at the courtroom Monday for Victor’s hearing. Had to leave due to a work emergency. I know others who were there. He turned down a plea deal and goes to trial October 7. A protective order was filed to prevent him from contacting his ex-wife or his children. He has 2 weeks to find a lawyer. There’s a probation issue too should he be convicted. Victor is the West Vice chair of the DPOC — he should consider stepping down until his court case is resolved.

  3. Ren Tellers Ren Tellers September 30, 2019

    I received the latest missive from “Paul” which describes the charges against Victor, It goes without saying that Jeff, Ada company would go ape shit, if this were a Republican.

    What is most alarming is who is offering support to Valladares both publicly and financially. His whole ABOLISH ICE charade, was set up to distract. Guess what, Harley and Gil will pay for that move dearly.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | October 2, 2019

      I didn’t get anything from “Henry”

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