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Trumpsters Diamond & Silk are Coming to Irvine September 21

The things you discover on Twitter….

President Trump’s self-proclaimed strongest supporters Diamond & Silk will be coming to Irvine on September 21 at the Irvine Spectrum Marriott.  It’s a pricy ticket — $90 to $200 — so there’s a part of me that wants to know if Trump’s two biggest elected supporters — Assemblyman Steven Choi and Irvine Mayor Christina Shea — will attend.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Shea gives them the Key to the City.

Here are the details:

(September 21, 2019 Saturday) 
Irvine, CA

Marriott Irvine Spectrum
7908 Irvine Spectrum
Irvine, CA  92618

General Admission: $90.00
(5:00pm – 6:30pm)

Doors Open at 4pm
– Regular Seating to the Chit Chat Live.
**VIP Admission:  $200.00
(3:00pm – 4:00pm)
Doors Open at 2:30pm
– Meet Diamond and Silk
– Take a photo with Diamond and Silk
– RSVP Seating to the Chit Chat Live
Light Hors d’oeuvre


The pair are YouTube stars and they monetize their videos to make money while parroting Trump’s harmful rhetoric.  So the more views they get, the more dough they make.

I found this blog that gets into what Diamond & Silk are really about and the author is a part of a four person staff of people who are African-American.  Here’s an excerpt:

I’ve written extensively about how conservatives tend to be mindless followers, and you can see a perfect example of that in the NFL controversy. The American flag is a symbol of American values, and the freedom of expression is the very FIRST Amendment of the United States Constitution. And as a former United States Marine I can tell you for a fact that the Marines who died for this country didn’t die for either a piece of cloth, a song, or the opinion of a cowardly draft dodger like Donald Trump. They died for what that beautiful  piece of cloth represents – the right for Colin Kaepernick to do exactly what he’s doing. Without that right both the American flag, and the National Anthem, would be totally meaningless.
But Donald Trump has convinced his mindless conservative minions that it’s wrong and unpatriotic to exercise the rights guaranteed under the Constitution – it’s fine to brag about them, but it’s grossly disrespectful to actually act upon them – and his mindless minions obediently follow his lead.  But the fact is, those who follow Draft-Dodging Donnie and who are jumping up and down about patriotism and how the flag is being disrespected, these are the people who are actually disrespecting our flag and the troops, not Colin Kaepernick.
These people are trivializing the very values for which our Troops gave their lives. They’re allowing a dummy like Trump to manipulate them into promoting bigotry and stupidity in an attempt to tear this nation apart, and thereby, escape the consequences of his own criminality.  So to allow themselves to be complicit in that effort is what’s actually un-American, and it takes a complete idiot not to see that.  And that’s exactly the kind of mindless stupidity that Diamond and Silk are engaged in.
Being ignorant is a horrible state of affairs for anyone, but in the case of these two Black women it’s tragic. Failing to develop into a logical and independent thinker is bad enough for a White person, but if your White, at least you have a White supremacist society to somewhat protect your interest, but if you’re Black and suffer from that intellectual disability, it’s absolutely pathological.  Black people can’t afford to be ignorant, it’s a life threatening condition.
.And ignorance and stupidity is exactly the case with Lynnette ‘Diamond’ Hardaway and Rochelle ‘Silk’ Richardson.  They’re not only placing themselves, but everybody with Black skin in the direct path of an ever lurking danger for Black people, but they’re much too stupid and self-serving to realize that.
These two Black women are desperate to be embraced by the very White people who view them as useful idiots at best, and Aunt Jemima-like clowns at worse.  But they’re willing to accept that, because people like themselves have no self-respect, or respect for their people – in fact, in many cases they’re even racist ‘Bligots’ themselves. Ignorant Black people like these put Black children at risk by helping to validate a philosophy that considers it perfectly routine to shoot Black people down in the street like dogs, and then praise the murderous cop for performing a public service.
I’m wondering if it’s worth it for the Democrats of Greater Irvine to protest the appearance of these useful Trump idiots.  Hard to say.
But Diamond & Silk are neither; more like cut glass and polyester.

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  1. Mike Tardif Mike Tardif August 15, 2019

    I am not “mindless.”

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