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Katie Calls for Impeachment

CD-45 Congresswoman Katie Porter with her daughter

Rep. Katie Porter (CA-45) tweeted a video announcing that, after careful deliberation and consideration, she’s joining the 60+ colleagues in Congress calling for the impeachment of President Trump.

Impeachment will likely fail in the GOP-controlled Senate as most Republicans have hitched their wagons to the Trump train wreck.  But the president is not above the law and Congress must hold him accountable.

If it goes down this way, Trump would be the third president to be impeached but the only one impeached before a campaign for re-election.  Andrew Johnson declined to run after surviving his impeachment and Bill Clinton was already in his second term.

Here’s the story with a link to the video from

From the post:

We might be seeing a watershed moment, where those Democrats in swing districts get off the fence and worry less about their own 2020 electoral chances and more about doing the right thing.

Katie Porter is an unapologetic and proud liberal representing what used to be a conservative bastion, CA-45 in Orange County California. She’s the first Democrat to represent the district since it was created nearly forty years ago.