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Russo Blinks; Cuts Assistant City Manager’s Raise

The revised salary and benefit page cuts the ACM’s proposed raise but its still beyond generous (6/6/2019)

As a result of our post yesterday, the Irvine City Manager’s office has revised the section salary and benefit detail page and cut the proposed raise for Assistant City Manager Mariana Marysheva from $51,560 to $21,704.  The new base salary for the ACM would be $277,301 up from $255,598 – still a significant increase for a person in Irvine less than a year considering City Staff got a 1% raise a year for the next few years (and the rate of inflation is 2%).

The cuts to Marysheva’s compensation package were felt across the board.  Her leave benefit and retirement contributions were cut significantly as well. But not nearly enough.

It’s going to be interesting to watch City Manager John Russo’s gymnastics to pitch the idea Marysheva is worth a 9% bump in base pay when she is already compensated at a rate higher than previous assistant city manager.

The revised spreadsheet is posted above.  Compare and contrast with the document below.


  1. #ReplaceRusso #ReplaceRusso June 6, 2019

    A 9% raise? Why is she getting ANY raise? #ReplaceRusso

    • Russo's Butt Russo's Butt June 6, 2019

      She’s getting a raise while they’re going to increase fees across the board. Valuable city staff gets no raise until years 3 and 4 of their contract. Get rid of Russo and this council.

  2. Alan Alan June 10, 2019

    Still way too much. She deserves no raise for the amount of time she has been here.

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