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Mueller Report cheat sheet shows how Trump obstructed Justice

Never mind what Bill Barr and Fox News has to say, use this handy chart with your conservative Pro-Trump friends.

Mueller Report cheat sheet; clip and save


  1. Bill “Moobs” Barr Bill “Moobs” Barr April 24, 2019

    Traitor Trump’s flabbergasting incompetence is ridiculously remarkable. He thinks the Supreme Court is going to protect him from Impeachment? What a dumbass disgrace! Fire that fascist freak!


  2. Miss Jared Kushner Miss Jared Kushner April 26, 2019

    Maria Butina just got 18 months in prison for “a couple of Facebook ads”, according to Miss Jared Kushner.

  3. Bob m Bob m May 9, 2019

    This cheat sheet isn’t worth one sheet of toilet paper. None of these even come close to being obstruction. If you presented this in a court of law, you would be laughed out of the courtroom. Take my advice and get over charging Trump with a crime and concentrate on 2020. None of the current lineup of dem candidates will beat Trump. You may need someone like Joe Manchin or Jim Webb to beat Trump. They are not like the current cadre of radical leftists and have much more appeal to most Americans.

    • Jerry Falwell, Junior’s Pool Boy Jerry Falwell, Junior’s Pool Boy May 11, 2019

      Hey, “Bob m”, does the “m” stand for moron? Misogynist? MRGA (Make Russia Great Again)?


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