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SeXXXed Protest Underwhelms; Districts Correct Misinformation

The Tustin Unified School District office is close to mine and on Tuesday, on a walk with my dog who comes to work with me every day, I noticed a small group of parents with signs protesting something.  So I walked over to see what was up.

The group held up signs like “No Indoctrination” and “No SeXXXed education” and “Parental Rights” and “No AB329” (law since 2015).  The group eventually swelled to about 20-25 people.  As my kids are out of K-12 and I believe that comprehensive sex education is a good thing to reduce sexually transmitted diseases and cut down on teen pregnancy, I wanted to get to the root of their protest.

While I was there, but out of earshot, it looked like two TUSD officials came out in invite the group inside and they declined.  The protest was a combination against AB329 and against the California Health Education Framework.  A closer read of the latter shows educational context by grade levels and it’s loaded with information on how parents can opt their children out and, when it comes to sex education, encouragement by teachers to students to discuss sexual health information or “sex” in general with a “trusted adult” such as a parent.

The objections I heard from parents (of whom I did not get names) were:

  • Parental rights; being told they cannot opt their children out
  • There are scientifically only two genders and “not 23 genders.”
  • Kids in elementary school were learning about oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex
  • A principal told a 7 year old what “gay” meant
  • People should be married before they have sex
  • Sex education is meant to be taught to children by their parents in the home.
  • a Five Year old was being given instructions on how to use a dental dam for oral sex

I asked one dad if he knew anyone who was transgendered or gay and didn’t get any meaningful response.  I brought a printed out of AB329 which no one would look it.

They did give me a letter, which is the photo above.  And there was this announcement issued last week, which is published below along with a link of what “Informed Parents of California” say is proof of pornographic materials used to sex kids age-appropriate sexual health information.  This proof also seems to condemn Governor Gavin Newsom’s fight for Gay rights as well as condemnation of Harvey Milk and other gay rights leaders.

While I applaud parents for speaking out on issues that concern them about their children’s education, I’, not buying the argument that AB329 is bad or wrong nor is the Health Education Framework.  The latter document is 249 pages with links to other documentation with even more pages.  I don’t think any of the parents I spoke with read it.  A considerable amount of data in the Health Education Framework deals with things like proper nutrition, exercise. lessons about stopping bullying, respecting one another, and discussions about what STDs are and how they affect the human body and details on how to avoid contracting STDs.  I would have posted this sooner but I really wanted to review the Health Framework document in depth.

One of the leaders of this particular movement is Brenda Lebsack, an Orange Unified School District trustee and a teacher in the Santa Ana Unified District.  She wrote this op-ed for the OC Register last year

I am writing (representing only myself) in response to the Register article about “O.C. school districts resist state sex ed law” (July 19). Orange Unified rejected Teen Talk, a new state sex ed curriculum on a 6-1 vote on May 30, 2018, due to community opposition and controversy over medical inaccuracy. I voted against Teen Talk for 7th and 8th graders.

To clear up misinformation about why this was rejected, I hope to shed light on some facts. On May 24 and May 30, many people from the community attended our board meetings expressing concerns. Disapproval was expressed about pansexuality, asexuality, the queer umbrella, anal sex, anal/oral sex and one view taught as fact on sexual orientation and gender identities.

Direct quotes used from Teen Talk were:

P. 86: “Pan means any or all. Someone who is pansexual might find themselves attracted to men, women, non-binary people, trans people, gender queer people, and many more!” (Yes, the exclamation point is in the text).

P. 84: “Gender Queer — Umbrella” is noted for definitions:

“A child may have a Non-binary gender identity, meaning they do not identify strictly as a boy or a girl — they could identity as both, or neither, or as another gender entirely. Agender people do not identity with any gender. Descriptors for gender identities are rapidly expanding; youth … today no longer feel bound to identity strictly with one of  two genders, but are instead establishing a growing vocabulary for gender.”

P. 162: “Low risk in getting HIV — Protected oral sex on anus.”

Concerning medical accuracy, a CHOC Hospital pediatrician attended our meeting and stated: “In reviewing Teen Talk, students are not being told medically accurate statistics regarding the effectiveness of condom use in anal sex. They are not being told the truth that anal sex is the highest risk behavior for transmission of HIV and other STDs especially since condoms are not FDA approved for anal sex.”

Assembly Bill 329 (California Healthy Youth Act) requires information include all FDA-approved methods of reducing the risk of HIV.

When Teen Talk was halted on May 30 in the Orange Unified School District due to reservations about medical accuracy and realizing we needed more community input to comply with Education Code 60002, where it states “Each district board.. shall promote the involvement of parents … in the selection of instructional materials.”

But the ACLU sent our district a letter stating that, “Parents do not have the right to dictate what curriculum is used or what information is provided to students in public schools. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has ruled that parents do not have any constitutional right “to prevent a public school from providing its students with whatever information it wishes to provide, sexual or otherwise, when and as the school determines that it is appropriate to do so.”

The ACLU’s letter confuses me. In Section 51937 under AB329 it states: “The Legislature recognizes that … parents and guardians have the ultimate responsibility for imparting values regarding human sexuality to their children.”

As a trustee of OUSD, I was elected to represent my community and to also uphold the law.

Our desire in OUSD is to have curriculum that is medically accurate and inclusive for all students. The goal of comprehensive sex education is to increase knowledge so students can make well informed decisions concerning their sexual health. That goal will be met, but not through Teen Talk.

Brenda Lebsack is a Orange Unified School District trustee and a teacher in the Santa Ana Unified District.

And here’s the press release.  I’ve bolded some sentences that jumped out at me.

TUSTIN, Calif., Feb. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — A grassroots organization known as Informed Parents of California (IPOCA) is calling for a statewide “SeXXX Ed Sit Out” Feb 19, 2019, to protest highly graphic, state-mandated sex education and gender identity lessons in public schools. Sit Out participants will gather at their local school district offices across the state from 7:30 a.m-9:30 a.m. on Feb 19 [th]  to stand together in solidarity for parental rights and reform.

The SeXXX Ed Sit Out is a response to the so called, “California Healthy Youth Act” (2015) and the proposed Health Education Framework that the State Board of Education is set to adopt in May.  In an open letter to Principals, Legislators and the Department of Ed, including evidence for their claims, the group says parents are outraged over:

Pornographic, age-inappropriate (as young as 4 years old), highly-biased and medically inaccurate instruction is being implemented across our state under the guise of health education. The state is indoctrinating our children in scientifically unsubstantiated gender theory, from which the law disallows parental opt out in the name of anti-bullying.  Children are taught negotiation skills for consent to sex.  They are instructed in their rights to confidential reproductive health services and directed to local Planned Parenthood clinics for abortion, birth control and STI testing without parental notice.  Some children have even been prescribed puberty blockers for gender transition, and sadly, parents have been so bullied by social workers they are afraid to speak publicly about it.

We’ve been forced to coach our children to fight for bodily privacy after the shock of seeing kids of the opposite biological sex in their school bathrooms/locker rooms.  We’ve seen the schools’ plans to assist students in social and medical gender transition—mere strangers deciding IF parents will be informed. We’ve fought the revisionist history texts upholding a known pedophile as a social justice hero (editor’s note; that would be Harvey Milk). We’ve moved our kids to charter schools for educational freedom, only to have the state extend their smothering mandates there.

“This isn’t about being prudish about sex. This is about confronting a radical agenda threatening our kids’ health, well-being and ability to establish healthy relationships and families in the future. This instruction dismantles kids’ sensitivities. The State has gone too far.  They’ve awakened a sleeping giant! Parents are seeing the evidence of what’s really in the curricula and Framework and they won’t stand for this!” said IPOCA spokesperson Aileen Blachowski.

“They’re ready to leave public schools…if parental rights are not restored and the Health Framework gets adopted,” she added.

To participate in the Sit Out, IPOC is asking parents to: 1) Submit the Letter to the Principal to explain their child’s absence on Feb. 19 [th] ; 2) Pull kids from school for an unexcused absence, so schools do not receive federal average daily attendance dollars; 3) Email with the name and address of their school district offices and county to register as a participating site; and 4) Attend Sit Out at local school district offices.

Blachowski said parents should be advised that three or more unexcused absences could trigger a student to be considered truant, so parents should use their own good judgment regarding participation.

So far, parents from nearly two dozen school districts are officially listed on the IPOCA Facebook page as participating in the SeXXX Ed Sit Out, but Blachowski said one community has activated more than 1,300 members to participate across three Southern California counties.  She said they’ve been inundated with inquiries and will update the list of participating districts on their Facebook page daily.

Informed Parents of California, founded by Stephanie Yates in April 2018, aims to inform, equip and activate parents in all 58 California counties on comprehensive sex ed and other issues concerning our children and their education. Yates says, “We, California parents, will not allow our parental rights to be stripped from us.  We will not allow our children’s hearts, minds and bodies to be exploited for socio-political experiments and radical activist agendas.  We will stop at nothing to protect our kids.”

Access full press kit with Open Letter to Educators, Legislators & Media, including evidence here.

Contact: Aileen Blachowski, Spokesperson
Informed Parents of California
P: (657) XXX-XXXX

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SOURCE Informed Parents of California

By all means, click the link and let me know if you find this material objectionable.

I reached out to school board officials in Irvine and Santa Ana.  They are well-aware of this group and believe that a significant amount of information that this group uses is inaccurate.  I have reviewed the materials and have to laugh that a pencil drawing of a penis or a vagina is somehow pornographic.  One official told me this group made a claim that teachers were using sex toys to teach elementary students about sex.

My interaction with the parents at Tustin Unified reminded me of my son’s “guy stuff” presentation when he was in fifth grade, when boys learn about their changing bodies and puberty.  My pals, who sat with their sons, were stunned their kid knew what the word “boner” was.  I thought the instructor did a nice job of creating an environment for fathers and sons to discuss puberty and the pending teen years.  Some of my friends felt it was too soon.

Throughout the documentation of AB329 and the California Health Education Framework, there are references to parental opt-outs and encouragement for students to discuss sexual health with their parents.