ADEM Elections — some things to consider

Various assembly districts are holding elections to be delegates to the state party convention later this Spring.  If you want to be a candidate, make sure you know which assembly district you reside and call the DPOC for information on applications as well as the date, time and location of the events.

Then round up your registered voting Democratic friends to show up and vote.  A total of 14 people are selected — 7 men and 7 women — per district.  The winners are ones who bring large groups of voters with them.  Others run on slates of candidates and will try to make it easy or fast if you don’t want to sit through every candidates short speech.

Some delegates just can’t make the convention, so if you run and don’t win, let the Party know you’re willing to serve as an alternate.  But its expected you are to vote the way your delegate wishes you to vote but there’s no real rule prohibiting this.

I general don’t vote slates.  I listen to speeches.  I vote for individuals.  I think that’s the best way to go.  Simply because there is always one person who seems out of touch with others members of the slate.  I’ve seen friends unfairly branded as holding a political position they don’t because the slate member does.  That’s just unfair.

California Democrats will be electing a new Party chair.  Kimberly Ellis is running again.  There are persistent rumors former State Senator Kevin Deleon may run as a rumor former US Senator Barbara Boxer might jump in the race.  OC’s Lenore Albert is also running again.  CDP Vice chair Daraka Larimore-Hall is also a candidate.

But lastly, the ADEM elections are great ways to meet old friends and make new ones.  It’s amazing to see positive energy at these meetings and see for yourself the next Blue wave starting to build.

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