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Greg Diamond was removed from DPOC Central Committee and Appeals His Removal

Bizarro Greg Diamond

A preamble of sorts.  I’m Friends with Ira Glasky and his family in Irvine; Ira was unopposed for election to the Irvine Unified School Board,  He ran unopposed and was immediately re-appointed to his slot.  I contacted DPOC chair Fran Sdao to ask if I could endorse Glasky, as there were no Democratic challenges to the seat.  Fran told me I could not and cited bylaws.  I let Ira know.  He was disappointed but understood (since he is a reasonable Republican running for a non partisan seat against no one). And he’s a friend.


Our frienemies at the OJ blog had a nice time with the censure vote the DPOC took against me in October but have — for nearly two weeks — failed to acknowledge their managing editor, Greg Diamond, has been removed from the DPOC Central Committee by a 31-17-2 vote of the party Central Committee members at the November meeting.

It’s been nearly two weeks and not a word about this on the OJ Blog.

Mr. Diamond has filed an appeal that you can read here:  CRC Diamond DPOC Challenge 120318.  It demands his return to the Central Committee and that they can’t remove him for the same infraction and a removal of a censure against Brett Murdock, but not that of Tom Daly or Lou Correa.

I need to note that Diamond suffered a stroke last year.  He writes he’s been deemed permanently disabled, yet he retains his law license and was practicing law on a deportation case so he didn’t have adequate time to prepare for this defense of his removal rom CDP.  So my issue is “he’s too impaired to practice law” or he can “practice law” — take those odds for a brain injury.  You can’t really do both.  Who wants to hire a lawyer with a brain injury?

But here’s Greg’s rejected response from judges dealing with a lawsuit filed by Lenore Albert-Sheridan; let me know when the *he’s full of shit* factor kicks in for you.

Greg’s appeal is for immediate re-instatement, assurances he can’t be removed again for the same infraction, and the removal of censure motions against Brett Murdock for backing Todd Spitzer.

His appeal is very lawyerly yet full of pent up anger and oppression.  He needs to pick one.  He’s even said himself he’s not lawyerly.  This is from a lawsuit filed against Lenore Albert Sheridan from Greg’s own brief to the courts:  And he blames his stroke and her power for his decision.

From the story:

Cross-Appellee’s attorney Mr. Diamond, who features so prominently in Cross-Appellant Ms. Albert’s (henceforth Ms. Albert) brief, begs the court’s indulgence to explain some of what leads the present brief to take the form it does. Doing so is necessarily highly personal, and is surely unusual, but given Mr. Diamond’ inability to obtain substitute counsel for Mr. Daniels, it is also highly pertinent.

Mr. Diamond, author of this brief, suffered a severe stroke, primarily near the sulcus of his right occipital and parietal lobes and memory related portions of his midbrain, in August 2017. It profoundly compromised his memory formation and retrieval abilities, his ability to type accurately with his left hand (due to loss in his, his ability to comprehend novel and complex instructions, his ability to navigate in physical space (not merely sense of direction, but mental mapping, which is related to laying out plans for, to take one example, a brief), and – due to his ability inability to recall the locations of items in both physical and (in the case of computer files) and virtual space – on his organizational ability.

This was not enough to keep Mr. Diamond from speaking, writing, driving, walking, and most other things – but it created insurmountable obstacles for him as a solo practitioner litigator, who cannot be positioned to lose “only” 5% of their papers and remember “a vast” 95% of the promises made to clients and to courts.

He was declared permanently disabled in September 2018, after the year in which hoped-for improvements had expired. Accordingly, he has been phasing out his active litigation practice – with (without elaborating in much detail) the expected financial repercussions. He no longer pursues trials at all, nor does he engage (except when necessary) in complex motions. His courtroom practice has been

limited to procedures with which he is already familiar – including ballot challenges – and which can usually be accomplished in one day. (He retains his law license for the purposes of counseling clients confidentially, offering second opinions on cases to other attorneys, and work as a contract document review attorney, which does not overtax his abilities.) His basic reasoning and analytical abilities, except as affected by memory deficiencies, are intact. He retains his ability to respond to items in the moment and in a continuous setting. But most understanding of procedural law is gone and resists reinstatement.) Putting aside his being sued by Cross-Appellant2 in federal court, he has two remaining active matters: a default prove-up and this appeal.

Recounting all of the above is a painful and humiliating – and also a dangerous exercise in personal candor, given that it may further whet Ms. Albert’s voracious appetite for litigation and tendency to engage in what she apparently preemptively calls “paper terrorism” See Exhibit A, Motion of  bankruptcy

Trustee, at pages 18-19 – but it is a necessary part of representing Mr. Daniels.3. This and attorney filed the underlying claim against Ms. Albert in the expectation that it could be argued in one day, and filed the appeal in the expectaion that it would be subject to a rapid priority Election Law calendar reference, based on a misapprehension of how this court handles appeals as oppoed to extraordinary writs.

Once it became clear that the appeal would not be heard on an expedited basis, and that he would not be competent to handle a protracted appeal, Mr. Diamond allowed the appeal to default. (He would have formally withdrawn it, but due to a complex series of events involving his electronic service provider, he literally did not have the funds to reactive a suspended account to allow him to do so. It may be that a non-disabled lawyer might have figured out a way to do so; despite hours of attempts, he could not.)

Wow.  Greg couldn’t hit up a couple of pals for a 50 buck float?

The party had another and more clear option for Diamond’s removal — his November sixth blog post urging Democrats to vote for a third rate Republican conservative candidate up close and personal over the DPOC’s Distrct #2 endorsements Central Committee candidate.  From his postThis is where I disobey the orders of the DPOC; this is my ticket to the a trial in the dock.  I won’t mince words: Jordan Brandman should not get your vote for this district.  Does that mean that Democrats won’t be able to get a Council majority, even if Ashleigh Aitken and Jose Moreno and Grant Henninger win?  Yes, it does.  But there are worse things than not having a majority — and one of them is being an only nominal majority — and having to accept responsibility for all that happens — while being a functional minority because one of your members is on the wrong side, so that the wrong things happen.

This marks the second time the DPOC Central Committee has removed Greg Diamond.  Let’s see where this goes.


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  1. 4th District Resident 4th District Resident December 8, 2018

    Apart from the complete irrelevancy of the DPOC central committee, get a life.

    Only bigger losers stalk losers.

  2. MVickerman MVickerman December 8, 2018

    Is that why you stalk this blog douchebag?

    • 4th District Resident 4th District Resident December 8, 2018

      Are you calling the proprietor of this diaper pail fire a douchebag?

      That’s mean. Accurate, but mean.

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | December 9, 2018

        Honest to God, why do you bother reading this site if you hate it so much. You contribute nothing.

  3. DV DV December 9, 2018

    THe rules do not apply to us! Thats why I voted for a Trump supporting Republican over Lou Correa and then say Lou is the one who is anti-immigrant. Guess I need to rework the steps again.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | December 9, 2018

      Still waiting for the DPOC to revoke the Anaheim Democratic Club’s charter because of Vern. It won’t happen. But if this happened in Irvine, the party would be all over them

  4. OC DEM OC DEM December 10, 2018

    First and foremost, here’s an idea Greg, STOP CALLING EVERYONE YOU DISAGREE WITH STUPID. It lowers you to the level of your grandson.

    Second, what an APPLE.

    When did “Disabled Diamond” go down the woe is me path, comparing his minor (admittedly) health issue to Jetson’ s blindness or being confined to a wheelchair?

    From all appearances Fran gave the DPOC a parting gift in booting Diamond. Good riddence Diamond.

    In related news, I heard one of Vern and Greg’s nemesis in the Democrat party taking shots at them, calling Diamond dellusional, distracting and and extremist, For Vern, this elected said just this: “Vern Nelson is the modern Rocco, a crazy gadfly, with SERIOUS EMOTIONAL ISSUES. I am staying away”. Loretta who was nearby, looked sick to her stomach.

    Keep up the good work guys, look for the next missive.

  5. Colony Insider Colony Insider December 10, 2018

    The Anaheim Democratic Club is a farce and the DPOC has some people in leadership that need to go. If you don’t believe me, talk to the Caldwell’s about how the DPOC treated them during the campaign.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | December 10, 2018

      I am aware of threats made by Jeff to Caldwell’s consultant; he won’t report them because it was a phone call; his word against Jeff’s and he cannot count on DPOC leadership to contact him. “You’ll never work in OC again.” Says who?

      • Colony Insider Colony Insider December 11, 2018

        Not just the consultant, the Caldwell’s themselves. Pretty shady stuff was said and went on.

        • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | December 11, 2018

          Then the Caldwell’sare in their right to lodge a formal complaint with Fran Sdao who is still party chair. They should do so immediately.

  6. Traitor Trump the Plump Chump Traitor Trump the Plump Chump December 11, 2018

    Bottom line = BLUE WAVE, BABY!


  7. Island Dan Island Dan December 12, 2018

    I am hearing rumors of Jeff LeTourneu bullying District 3 voters in a page torn out of his disgraced, drunken, molester buddies book (No I don’t mean Vern Nelson) book.

    • Unidicted Covfefe Unidicted Covfefe December 16, 2018

      “Disgraced, drunken molester?”

      Oh, you must mean Rapepublican Roy Moore!

  8. Lenore Lenore December 16, 2018

    “Flying Monkeys.” He is but one of the group. There were 100 reasons Greg Diamond was voted off the committee by the body, however, the body only needed one. Think narcissism cannot run in entire groups? Think again.

    “According to Vulture, executive producer Jim Bell reportedly launched what was known as “Operation Bambi,” a mission to eradicate Curry from the team, early on in her employment (he denies this, of course). She was subjected to not only Lauer’s mistreatment but also exclusion, taunting and bullying by her other colleagues as a result. In 2012, a clearly traumatized Curry was forced to leave the show in a highly televised exit despite the fact that she was, and remains today, a highly talented, empathic and one-of-a-kind journalist. In fact, NBC lost more than a fifth of its audience after her departure.

    This example illustrates something deeply important: groups with one or more sociopaths do not target people who are incompetent. On the contrary, they target those who threaten the status quo in some way.
    Curry represented the type of conscientious, empathic and sincere person that juxtaposed Lauer’s own predatory personality and threatened the group dynamic of keeping toxic behavior under the wraps.”

    • Rapepublicans Are Satanic Rapepublicans Are Satanic December 29, 2018

      No wonder Matt Lauer always took up the defense of the indefensible demented dumbass Donald Trump, Putin’s Puppet President. They’re like two peas in a pod, with repeated unprosecuted sexual assaults being perpetrated by both in the pod.

      The GOP (Greedy Old Perverts) need to go out of business for good, and for the good of the nation and the world at large .

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | January 3, 2019

        From a Greg Diamond comment on the OJ Blog: “My putative removal from the position of AD-55 rep to the DPOC Central Committee — for endorsing the District Attorney candidate NOT endorsed by the Republican Party of Orange County — is currently under challenge to the state party’s Compliance Review Commission.”

        If you somehow survive this, I will file a new complaint based on your Nov 5 blog post where you endorsed a Republican over the DPOC’s endorsed candidate for Anaheim City Council district 2 (screen grab secured). Surrender Dorothy. Your ruby red slippers won’t save you….and per party rules, you are ineligible to run for ADEM.

        • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | January 3, 2019

          another Greg Diamond comment gem: ” I’m also the one of us who wasn’t sitting in the back of a DPOC meeting with Dan C.’s arm around my and my head leaning against his chest.” Neither was I. I don’t sit in the back of the room — ever. I was talking with Lenore when I saw you stare at us and suggested a chaste hug while telling her “Greg is watching us.” She laughed as we shared a hug not unlike the ones I gave to the sixth grade girl’s basketball team I used to coach. Keep this claim up, and I’ll be happy to take you to court. This all happened before your stroke and you’re making it up. I have never sat in the back of the room — ever. I have to wonder what’s missing from your sex life that you have to fantasize over things that never happened, or maybe you’ve been mentally disabled well before your stroke

  9. the toxic avenger the toxic avenger December 18, 2018

    I mean, seriously, what a nutter Diamond is. At least he still has his law license, though. If he were really a piece o’ work he’d be suspended or disbarred or something.

  10. Dorian Yarnell Dorian Yarnell December 20, 2018

    Glub, glub, glub……BELCH…Ahhh.

    Vern drinking again… rehab? Donna’s kidney give out? Greg finally get the mesaage to STFU (Words have consequences).

    Awfully quiet nextdoor, considering everything going on…….

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | December 21, 2018

      We’ve been quiet too; the latest WordPress update — designed to tighten up a security hole — crashed the blog last week. While I can enter a comment and delete the Russian spam and pornsite pitches, my tech gurus have asked me not to post until they do some customized updates. Yes, there is a lot going on.

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | December 24, 2018

        Tried posting and I’m getting failure messages, so I will have to leave this in a comment here:

        I cannot let Christmas slip by without thanking dear friends for the greatest gift of all — their friendship. Neighbors, business partners, party members and readers of this site, please know how grateful I am to you for your friendship. Merry Christmas and let’s have a Great New Year.

  11. Greg Has the Sacramento Blues Greg Has the Sacramento Blues January 12, 2019

    Greg violated the Bylaws. It isn’t about who is best but about following the Bylaws. Several members were removed in Sacramento for endorsing a Non Dem for District Attorney in Sacramento during the 2018 election cycle. Greg’s appeal is frivolous. He is just waiting everyone else’s time and money with his wild stories. Everything he writes is pure fiction. Bet his appeal is, too.

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