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update: No Sanders endorsement; Abazajian Touts New Endorsments for Irvine City Council

Bernie Backs Kev

Update readers: there’s a sucker born every minute.  While gleaning information on the Two new Congressional endorsements for Ken Abazajian, I spiced the Bernie Sanders endorsement  looked legit to me and many others.  The candidate informs me it was a joke, so we’re correcting the record here and laughing a bit.

original post below with edits #

Dr. Kev Abazajian, the only scientist running for Irvine City Council as a Democrat, reports new endorsements from Congresswoman Linda Sanchez and Congressman Alan Lowenthal.

From his social media feed, Abazajian writes:

I’m beyond proud to be one of the few candidates endorsed and trusted by our US Congressional Representatives to lead Irvine to a better future. Rep. Linda Sánchez and Representative Alan Lowenthal know that the best leaders are those that guide with both their hearts and with the power of facts, numbers, and figures. I want to increase transparency in our city, improve public transportation, fight climate change, and make affordable housing more accessible to many of our lower-income families and UC Irvine students. Join me in my fight to preserve the beauty of Irvine while accommodating our growing local economy! #KevForCouncil #IrvineCityCouncil #Irvine

Proud to announce my newest endorsement and team member for #KevForCouncil! Thanks Bernie! 😜 #Jokes #HappyFriday #IrvineCityCouncil #Irvine



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  1. Kev Abazajian Kev Abazajian October 13, 2018

    Note the “Bernie endorsement” is by a cardboard cutout that the UCI College Dems had. We labeled the post as a Friday “joke”! Sorry for the confusion. If you have any connections to Bernie, though, I’d love to talk to him.

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