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The Aliso Niguel-Santa Ana Football Game Sparks Debate; AV Mayor Harrington Violates Aliso Niguel Policy

Harrington for Mayor signs illegally inside a high school football stadium

One of the enduring experiences of any high school in any state in any city in any decade is some students are just plain jerks.  And it appears that some students from Aliso Niguel High School sullied the school’s 17-year tradition of a Red-White-Blue game, originally created to promote patriotism in the wake of 9/11, to politicize a football game against Santa Ana High School.  There were some “Trump” references in signs at the game, and some witnesses says “build a wall” was yelled from the stands.

There are some bad feelings on both sides of the social media spectrum from outraged Santa Ana families to Aliso Viejo parents who either defend their student body or apologize for the behavior.  Are some ANHS students jerks?  Yes, but not all of them.  And you can say this about any high school in America.

Today’s Los Angeles Times has a remarkably-balanced story on the game and it’s aftermath on Page 1.  You can read it here.

From the story:

The disputed incidents occurred at Friday night’s contest between Aliso Niguel and Santa Ana high schools, during which Santa Ana Principal Jeff Bishop became upset by what he saw as racially tinged intimidation by Aliso Niguel students.

In Facebook posts after the game, Bishop described signs expressing support for President Trump and proclaiming “We love White” and “Build the Wall,” a reference to Trump’s pledge to build a barrier along the border between the United States and Mexico.

“This is no different than our national discourse, but this is one principal who is not going to stand for it,” Bishop told The Times on Sunday.


“It would have been easy to blame the racist welcome the ‘Saints’ received as they walked into the stadium and read the posters referencing — Trump, ‘We love White,’ ‘Build the Wall’ and various other politically and racially-charged statements,” he posted after the game. “What I love about OUR coach is that at no time did he allow this unchristian hate from the Wolverine stands affect HIS team.”

Bishop said later that he saw some of the offensive signs and was told by others about insensitive or racially tinged chants and taunting.

He became more concerned, he posted, when he heard chants of “USA! USA!” following touchdowns by the Aliso Niguel team.

Aliso Niguel “was not playing against Germany or MEXICO. They were playing my kids, 22 minutes down the freeway,” he wrote.


The Aliso Niguel principal, Deni Christensen, declined to be interviewed Sunday but told the Orange County Register that the flag theme was intended to honor the anniversary of 9/11.

An Instagram post on @anhswolverines, which is affiliated with the school, urges fans to wear red, white and blue but does not mention the Sept. 11 commemoration.

Christensen also told the Register that her staff removed three signs. One read, “We’re going to Trump you,” while another said, “Trump 2020.” A third sign read, “Bring back Obama,” she said.

Her administrators did not see a “Build the Wall” sign, “but it’s not outside the realm of possibility that there were students in the parking lot with signs we did not see,” Christensen said.

What hasn’t been reported, and I apologize for burying the lede here, is that Aliso Viejo Mayor and candidate for re-election Dave Harrington violated the policies of Aliso Niguel High School and was openly campaigning for re-election on school grounds.  Harrington, the leader of Aliso Viejo’s efforts to thwart state law on sanctuary city status and a pro-Trump conservative, apparently purchased a booth through the high school’s football booster club and thought that entitled him to campaign for office at the game.

AV Mayor Dave Harrington with Putin’s favorite Congressman

He should know better.

Here’s a copy of the district policy:

Community Relations BP 1325(a)


Distribution of Materials

The Board of Trustees desires to avoid the cost and disruption inherent in the distribution of non-District-related promotional materials, and to limit student exposure to advertisements and promotional materials generally referred to as “flyers” to those that are related to school-sponsored activities or activities sponsored by groups affiliated with the District. Therefore, in order to maintain a closed forum regarding the distribution of advertisements, flyers, and other forms of solicitation by groups or individuals not affiliated with the District, the distribution of these materials will not be permitted.

The Superintendent or designee may approve the distribution of printed materials to students if the materials are prepared by District-related organizations, extend the community’s cultural, recreational, artistic, or educational opportunities, and do not promote any particular commercial, religious, or political interest.

District-affiliated organizations are parent-teacher groups, education foundations, booster clubs, and other organizations that have been authorized per Board Policy. Organizations may request promotional consideration pertaining only to the scope of their agreement with the District.

The schools shall not distribute partisan materials pertaining to a candidate, party, or statewide ballot measure. However, materials prepared by District-related organizations may be distributed to announce public forums in which all candidates or sides of an issue are invited to participate.

Products and informational materials donated by commercial enterprises may be used in the classroom as long as they serve an educational purpose and do not unduly promote any commercial activity or products. Such materials may bear the name or logo of the donor. The use of such materials does not imply District endorsement of any identified commercial products or services.

Advertising copy may be solicited and prepared only to the extent that this process furthers the educational well-being of the students involved. Excessive solicitation of the same sources shall be avoided. Students shall not be exploited to raise money, and time spent securing ads shall not infringe upon the school program.

School-sponsored publications shall serve as a learning experience and are not intended to serve as a public forum. The District may prohibit advertisements which are inconsistent with school objectives or do not reasonably relate to the educational purpose of school-sponsored publications.

Legal Reference:


35160 Authority of governing boards

35172 Promotional activities

40040-40047 Civic Center Act

48907 Student exercise of free expression


25664 Advertisements encouraging minors to drink

Bright v. Los Angeles Unified School District (1976) 134 Cal. Rptr. 639, 556 P. 2d 1090, 18 C. 3d 450

Citizens Legal Defense Alliance, Inc., Jarvis v. Miller et al, Los Angeles Unified School District, Super. Ct. Los Angeles County, 1978, No. C 230935


Adopted: October 2, 1995 San Juan Capistrano, California

Revised: March 8, 2011

Revised: September 24, 2014

A parent who supports Democratic council candidate Tiffany Ackley saw Harrington inside the stadium with signs and sought out the school’s principal to say Harrington can’t do this and if he’s allowed to do so, the parent would be back with a stack of Ackley for City Council literature.  After checking district policy, the principal informed Harrington that the signs had to go.  A witness tells TheLiberalOC that Harrington was agitated and was escorted out of the stadium by law enforcement providing security at the event.

Harrington is openly campaigning on keeping the county red and how he won’t work with Democrats if re-elected.

Everyone ought to keep politics out of high school sports and candidates should know better not to campaign on public school grounds.




  1. Mike Tardif Mike Tardif September 10, 2018

    Poor form in both instances – we must do better than this.
    However, I do object to “Putin’s favorite congressman” – totally unfair.

    • David De Leon David De Leon September 10, 2018

      Hey Mike, are you saying there are “good people on both sides?”

      • The Truth The Truth September 10, 2018

        Yes he is! He is also a Trump apologist who supports concentration camps for kids.

        • Mike Tardif Mike Tardif September 10, 2018

          To; “The Truth” – GTH

      • Mike Tardif Mike Tardif September 10, 2018

        That is not at all what I am saying DDL – I see that I have to spell it out for you. I said: “Poor form in both instances.”

        Poor form instance No.1 – Aliso Viejo students/fans obvious bigotry – I see no reason to doubt the SAHS Principal on this.

        Poor form instance No. 2 – Harrington putting up campaign signs at a high school football game.

        Got it??

        • Mian Adeel Mian Adeel October 8, 2018

          Harrington’s defense was that he paid for the ads, so he should be able to push his signs at the school or anywhere else he decides to.

  2. FOF FOF September 10, 2018

    Greg Diamond just insulted a female advocate for the homeless calling her “tits for brains”. Maybe we can say he has “balls for brains” if he actually has a set of nuts

    • O.J. Reader O.J. Reader September 10, 2018

      He did not. He was responding to Mike Robbins, and it was a reference to Mike’s reference to Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words.

      • Greg Diamond Greg Diamond September 10, 2018

        Mike had written sometime along the lines that one could justifiably use all of Cariln’s “Seven Dirty Words” to describe Judge David Carter from a podium during public comments except for the word “tits.” While refuting his argument, I showed him that one could use all seven — if one wanted to maximize one’s crassness, which he apparently does.

      • Outraged feminist Outraged feminist September 10, 2018

        Did Greg write “tits for brains” or not?

  3. Greg’s First Wife Greg’s First Wife September 10, 2018

    I wonder how Diamond’s wife and daughters feel about such a sexist remark? To insult a woman as he has is an embarrassment to DPOC. Look at this mysognist party leaders!!!!

  4. Greg’s First Wife Greg’s First Wife September 10, 2018

    Did Greg meet his wife on some Filipino dating site? It would explain a lot.

    • O.J. Reader O.J. Reader September 10, 2018

      …sez the mob of anonymous jackals feigning such concern for the sanctity of women.

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | September 11, 2018

        Written by an anonymous jackal feigning concern for the sanctity of women

  5. Les, Harvey and Bill Cosby were right Les, Harvey and Bill Cosby were right September 10, 2018

    Keep in mind that this the same Greg Diamond (who himself began his blogging career using fake names) who:
    Defended a child molesting teacher, who RAPED several kids (including SODOMY) at his own childs school.
    Stood by defiantly when his friend and fellow creep Julio Perez accosted as many as five young women, masturbated in public. When his defiance was called out he claimed Perez was talking about food. What a disgusting PIG.
    Of course, Jose Moreno’s wife beating brother in law Izzy and uber abuser Victor Valladares get a pass because “that’s how Hispanic women are used to being treated”.
    Not to be outdone, when his blogging partner sexually assaulted a well respected politician, he dismissed as acceptable because Vern can play chopsticks. DISGUSTING. He should be exiled.
    Finally, he can’t take a position on Gil. Because he doesn’t know what will benefit him personally. Greg Diamond has ALWAYS been willing to sell out women (or anyone) for personal gain.
    The fact that women in the county party can look at this slob and allow him to stand with them is amazing.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | September 11, 2018

      I know he defended Julio on the “this is porn” charge thinking it was anti-union videos when it was something else. But details please

  6. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski September 10, 2018

    Greg, you wrote “tits for brains.” There’s no getting around that. That’s deplorable.

  7. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | September 11, 2018

    It’s fascinating to read comments on social media from residents/parents at Aliso Viejo and those in Santa Ana

  8. 4th District Resident 4th District Resident September 11, 2018

    I see the toilet bowl is overflowing again.

    Quick, somebody call a plumber.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | September 11, 2018

      Call your mom. Get the plunger.

    • Yesina calls out LOSER Vern Yesina calls out LOSER Vern September 12, 2018

      That could be Henry “Paul” Lipton flushing his METH stash!

      What ever happened with “Henry”?

      It seems once Paul got outed he bailed to ladyboy land and is now tossing a different kind of salad (McDonalds).

      Funny how , cowards, criminals and crumbs act when exposed.

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November September 12, 2018

        “…Funny how, cowards, criminals and crumbs act when exposed…”

        That’s what I’ve been saying about Donald “The Birther” Trump for years!

        # TFA

  9. Libertarian Californian Libertarian Californian September 13, 2018

    You need to stop spouting this shit, it didn’t work 100 years ago and its not going to work now, and calling people bigoted and racist because they have a different opinion than you makes you a shallow scumbag, chanting USA and wanting a Wall doesn’t make someone a racist, Hitler, Stalin, etc etc, all used the same tactics you are using, and even if you’re intentions are good, the road to hell is paved in good intentions, so for the love of god, or whoever you put you’re spiritual faith, please stop spouting this socialist shit, Socialism alone was responsible for half a billion people dead in the 20th century lets not repeat in the 21st.

  10. Mian Adeel Mian Adeel October 8, 2018

    Why is the Aliso Viejo Mayor, Dave Harrington, permitted to violate the law and campaign on school grounds? His ads continue to appear in the football program even thought parents AND students have complained. Also, since his dramatic loss for the Orange County Sheriff office, is he permitted to campaign as the “Law and Order Mayor” while he breaks the law?

  11. Mian Adeel Mian Adeel October 8, 2018

    Harrington’s defense was that he paid for the ads, so he should be able to push his signs at the school or anywhere else he decides to.

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