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Statement by CDP Eric Bauman on DCCC Endorsement of Rouda in CD-48

Los Angeles – California Democratic Party Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement after the announcement that the DCCC has endorsed in Congressional District 48:

“For the past several months, the California Democratic Party and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee have had a productive and successful partnership in California’s many battleground districts. We’ve coordinated efforts against Republican incumbents, and on general Party-building activities like voter registration. Throughout our partnership, I have been consistently clear on one key point: when CDP Delegates endorse a candidate, that candidate is the official candidate of the Party, and the DCCC should tread carefully in openly supporting a different candidate.

California Democratic Activists value our independence and the grassroots nature of our endorsement process. Decisions that undercut the independence or our endorsed candidates have the potential to be extraordinarily counterproductive.

I have communicated clearly to the DCCC that attacks against our candidates coming from outside national groups will likely strengthen the resolve of our endorsed candidate’s supporters. The DCCC certainly has a different set of considerations in making their decisions, but it is my strong belief that whatever resources they commit to CD 48 should be spent attacking the corrupt and compromised-by-Putin incumbent, Dana Rohrabacher, or his bareknuckled extremist Republican challenger, Scott Baugh.”


  1. Lenore Lenore May 14, 2018

    CDP Should have terminated Greg Diamond when he went wayward and a petition for his removal for going against endorsed candidates was at their footsteps. They should have seen the writing on the wall. The lack of follow through was not received as compassion but as the dawning of an era in the O.C. where anything goes. Diluting the endorsement from the State Party and allowing the local DPOC run amok was the logical result and that is what we now have. We have convicts and their supporters running the local party and creating this chaos, because not everyone who serves community service as part of their probation comes out a true community leader. Yes, that means you Victor Valladares, Vern Nelson, Maegan Donovan Nikolic, George Olivo, Sheri Moody and anyone else who has been forced to put in community service as part of their criminal punishment.

    With that said, I am no longer a fan of either candidate. I am a fan of people following the rules that strengthen the party and not destroy it. This was not an instance of Harley being a “progressive” he is supported by alcoholics – just because you have been court ordered into an AA program and need to do community service hours it does not follow you are a progressive. You are a person with a drinking problem. Second, hitching your post to people known to have committed domestic abuse, child abuse and threatened to torture animals is disgusting. It is hypocritical to the #MeToo movement. Don’t sit there and gush all over female victims and pretend you want to see empowerment when you have wife beaters be your bully horn for your election in order to get a few more votes. Oh and threatening to hurt your children because I speak out about you makes you disgusting and your followers the most unethical people in the party. Anyone who joins you is a loser in my opinion because the truth is already out there. To the women out there supporting the wife beaters in the party – you are the worst of all and I hold you to higher standard because you are a woman and you should know better. Your greed for political endeavors knows no bounds.

  2. David Vasquez David Vasquez May 14, 2018

    Hearing Greg Diamond comment on Fatherhood, is like listening to Julio Perez talk about chivalry!

    Greg, here’s the deal: YOU ARE NOT A FATHER.

    You have NO idea what it means to lay with your sick daughter/son, the struggle to make sure you provide for your offspring, you pretend to but then comment on how “Goodwill” and donated clothing is the price a child should pay, so you can pay for a ballot statement (yeah I read that old post LOSER).

    You can NOT begin to comprehend what it means to be a Father. You are wired differently. Vern who is a TERRIBLE Father, might understand, but you can not.

    So leave that argument elsewhere, because, there is NO REAL MAN in the world, who would share your view.

    On Fathers Day, there are likely a lot of blank faces on Steele Drive.

  3. Mr. Creosote Mr. Creosote May 14, 2018

    It seems Lenore just wants to divide and disrupt and disparage. What do you call a da with no law license? A sham.

  4. Lenore Lenore May 14, 2018

    You should hope I win the office of D.A. because I am the only candidate qualified to clean up the D.A.’s office and reorganize it so that the D.A.’s office can represent the entire community and keep the community safe.

    I don’t understand what you mean about disparagement much less who I am purportedly dividing or disrupting. You don’t even give your real name as such very hard to take you seriously.

    I will clarify to the readers here that I base my comments on a review of criminal court records in the Los Angeles and Orange County superior courts including, the following:

    Sheri Moody Criminal felony charge Orange County Superior Court Case No. 07WF2553 (vicious animal). I was informed she served community service.

    Maegan Donovan aka Maegan Donovan Nikolic felony charge Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. XNWLA068942-01 (drugs). Sentencing date January 10, 2012. “COMMUNITY SERVICE 80 HOUR(S)”

    Victor Valladares DUI Orange County Superior Court Case No. 14NM02654 06/29/2015 18 months Multiple Offender Alcohol Program; Burglary Orange County Superior Court Case No. 05HM00513 03/04/2005 40 hours Community Service

    Vern Nelson DUI Orange County Superior Court Case No. 17NF0573 01/16/2018 18 months Multiple Offender Alcohol Program


    • better better May 15, 2018

      So, uh, you use your “status” as a “candidate” for district “attorney” to rag on a few people who have drinking and substance problems? Some of which are one time offenders with community service sentences a few years old?

      It sounds rather like you’re focusing on irrelevant, petty, spiteful things which have nothing to do with anything you should be concerned with, even if you weren’t running for an office. Even if your ambition would be promotion to senior fry chef at burger barn you’d hopefully have something more significant to obsess over. But no….

      And then there’s your own record to consider.

      Better? No, worse.

      • Lenore Lenore May 15, 2018

        I do not have a criminal record. Unfortunately organized activity using domestic terroristic tactics is not petty or nonviolent as some in those mentioned above have provably done. So yeah, focusing on defending myself from people who use domestic terrorism to target me is one of the things I do. I also focus when they target others like women who are victims of domestic violence like Breannia Lalama. Don’t get it twisted. If this is George, I still have an active Workplace Violence Order against you. You are not supposed to contacting me in any fashion.

  5. Lenore Lenore May 15, 2018

    I will also add one more thing. Here is Victor Valladares’ ex-wife warning the OVSD School Board members about the threats, acts of violence and abuse she and her children experienced from VIctor Valladares and her request that they stop using their position of political power in her child custody proceedings.

    As an adult, Victor groomed her from the age of 15. That should sicken any reasonable person and make them want to double check their sources before attacking her or supporting him or using him as their bully horn of support for a political campaign.

    This video was made last year. The DPOC ‘leaders’ have seen it and back Victor Valladares, regardless. The campaign managers have seen it, and use Victor Valladares as their bully horn, regardless.

    I have asked for Victor Valladares resignation from the DPOC and he refused. There is no bylaw that would allow me to force one. I have not retracted my demand. Until then, the truth is undeniable. The video exists.

  6. Henry Paul Lipton Henry Paul Lipton May 15, 2018

    I find Valladares actions and behavior egregious. Clearly some people have lower standards (I am at once reminded of Greg Diamond’s reference to Doug Pettibones “High Standard” on spousal abuse) It’s no matter.

    A blind man can see what Victor is: A LOSER.

    31 Years old, No Job, Deadbeat Dad ($36,000 in arrears), lives with Mom and Dad, convicted MULTIPLE drunk driver (who STILL drinks), drug and theft convictions and uneducated.

    But, hey he can deliver the BROWN vote! Just goes to show the character of Applegate, Rhouda, Garvin, Moreno and LeTourneu and friends.

    Way to go guys

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