Mitch Caldwell launches bid for District 3 Anaheim City Council

Mitch Caldwell
Mitch Caldwell

Mitch Caldwell, a 56-year Anaheim resident, businessman, Democrat and neighborhood activist, today announced his candidacy for the Anaheim City Council in Council District 3. Commenting on the issues facing the neighborhoods of District 3, Caldwell described his motivation for running for City Council:

“I was 14 years old when my parents moved my family to Anaheim. I grew up in Anaheim, saved to buy a home here, and raised my family here. I’ve lived in this great city for 56 years, and I’ve always fought to make it a safe, nurturing home for my family and others. Unfortunately, the current City Council is content to grandstand and engage in divisive, petty politics while day-to-day government grinds to a halt. The residents of District 3 deserve a City Council Member who not only talks about making their lives better, but actually makes it happen.”

“We need a back-to-basics approach to government that focuses on results. Anaheim’s record levels of homelessness demand swift and compassionate action that improves public safety. We must fully staff our fire and police departments and provide our firefighters and police officers with the equipment, staffing, and specialized units they need to protect our residents. And most of all, the neighborhoods of District 3 deserve their fair share from City Hall. That can only happen if we have a council member focused on results. I commit to working in a cooperative and effective manner for all residents, and bringing a focus on neighborhood results back to the City Council.”

Caldwell is a former Chair of the City of Anaheim’s Planning Commission and served on the City Charter Review Committee. He was a founding board member of the Anaheim Historic Preservation Foundation and served on the Anaheim Historic Preservation Committee. Caldwell also chaired the Central City and Citron Neighborhood Councils, and was a founder of the Anaheim Neighborhood Association.

Website Bio:

Mitch Caldwell is running to represent Council District 3 on the Anaheim City Council because he believes in the power of our community to come together, solve problems, and make life better for everyone.

Mitch grew up in Anaheim and has lived in the city for 56 years. As a young roofer and father working to support his family, Mitch bought a house in Council District 3 and quickly became involved in an effort to save the Central City neighborhoods from a City Hall scheme to demolish whole tracts of housing to make room for high-rise commercial and office buildings. Organizing his neighbors to save their homes and protect housing accessibility, Mitch founded the Anaheim Neighborhood Association with a group of passionate neighbors. Together, they stopped the developer power grab and created a new norm for neighborhood engagement in Anaheim.