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Lenore Albert-Sheridan remains on Ballot for DA; Court Clerk Rejects Mistake-Ridden Appeal Documents

Former Brea mayor Brett Murdock has the endorsement of the Democratic Party of Orange County (not the CDP endorsement), but Lenore Albert-Sheridan, the co-chair of the State Democratic Party’s Credentials Committee, will be on the ballot for DA sans a ballot designation.  An appeal filed on behalf of Anaheim’s Mark Daniels by Murdock ally Greg Diamond was rejected by a court clerk due to several errors.

First things first.  Albert-Sheridan is suspended from practicing law by the California State Bar.  She still has not been formally informed of this fact by the State Bar, and three calls by me to the State Bar for clarity on the process for informing lawyers their law license is suspended have yielded no call backs to this site.  Albert-Sheridan learned of her suspension last month when Diamond wrote a blog post abut it with a link to the State Bar website.  The last communication Albert-Sheridan received from the California State Bar was a mis-addressed letter to her about another attorney’s law license suspension.   As of today, the State Bar has failed to notify Albert-Sheridan of her suspension, so new cases she’s taken on after the date of the suspension have been dropped or moved to other attorneys until this is all sorted out.

I am reminded of a blog post written on OJ about my failure to pay a city business tax to Santa Ana about eight years ago when I had an office there.  I never got a phone call, a letter or an invoice from the city, and my understanding was my lease paid all licensing and taxes.  I was able to straighten this out with the city of Santa Ana (and discovered that the then OJ blog owner hadn’t paid his business taxes either) but most people aren’t paying a bill unless they get an invoice — the exception being income taxes.

In the case of Albert-Sheridan, she is appealing her suspension and when filing documents for District Attorney, answered the questions to the best of her knowledge about her status as a lawyer.  But the suspension and the desire to protect Brett Murdock as the only Democratic candidate for District Attorney led this challenge to remove her from the ballot altogether.  The courts decided she could stay on the ballot, but without a ballot designation. And she’s the first candidate listed in two key Assembly Districts.

Here’s the court’s decision from last Friday:

Respondent filed a declaration in connection with this petition expressing no position on the substantive matters here involved, but requesting that any decision made in this matter be final no later than April 13, 2018, to ensure the election is not delayed, Based on this declaration, the Court finds that the issuance of the requested writ will not substantially interfere with the conduct of the election.



Respondent is ORDERED to strike the ballot designation of “Civil Rights Attorney” of Real Party in Interest Lenore Albert.

Real Party’s name shall remain on the ballot for the office of District Attorney,

Pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure section 1110b any notice of appeal filed in this matter shall not operate as a stay of execution of this Order,

This Minute Order shall constitute as the formal order and Writ of Mandate.


Diamond reported this on OJ last weekend; he filed an appeal to the judge’s decision and his appeal documents were rejected by the court clerk for basic errors in the filing process on several pages (you have to wonder who the better lawyer is here cause it’s doesn’t seem like it’s Greg).


Greg Diamond

Documents are returned for generally sloppy work, inaccurate dates and designations.  Maybe Diamond needs more time off to recover from that stroke he had last year before lawyering again.  I’m not a lawyer and I’m not getting into the weeds on this, but people have a right to run for office.

Meanwhile, Albert-Sheridan is being sued by Democrats and Republican opponent Todd Spitzer, who filed a suit in response to a defamation lawsuit against a former employee of his at the county (note to Todd, I’ve seen the documents you claim don’t exist and you have defamed this employee — just apologize and correct the record and it all goes away.)

Murdock, in his branding, is playing off a Marvel superhero — Daredevil.  A blind lawyer with heightened senses who is the subject of two Netflix series and Daredevil is “the man without fear.”  But Murdock as a DA candidate seems to be the man no one fears.  Two lawsuits against a fellow Democratic opponent by members of both parties with warnings of how dangerous Albert-Sheridan is strikes me as she is the Democratic candidate the establishment fears because she’s going to get a lot of votes from women this cycle.

Diamond likes to mention how I was admonished at the last DPOC meeting when Murdock was speaking.  I wanted to hear him make the case for why the party should endorse him.  He spent about 20 seconds of his experience in office on the Brea City Council, about 20 seconds on his goals if elected DA and the remainder of his time criticizing the two Republicans and Albert-Sheridan.  My comment was “talk about yourself not her.”  There were others shouting “liar” and that wasn’t me; I cleared it up with Fran Sdao at the end of the meeting, but in my opinion Murdock didn’t make the case for the endorsement the party gave.  His application was also — terrible. And the handwriting was nearly illegible.

Had Albert-Sheridan used Murdock’s tactic, she would have brought up his FPPC fine.  The BreaMatters blog reported: “Brett Murdock tacitly appointed to lead opposition to The Brea Open Governance Act and The Brea Accountability Act. Murdock failed to disclose his leadership of the Breans Against Measures T & U PAC and was fined $2,000 by the FPPC.”

And there’s a matter of a civil lawsuit Murdock is part of with a neighbor over a fence and a property line.  You can read the complaint here.

But here’s a summary:

Murdock’s next door neighbor has lived in his house since 1989.  Murdock moves in 2015 (a 26 year gap).  Murdock hires a surveyor who provides him with a new property line in which a chain link fence belonging to his neighbor has long been in place that appears to be in compliance with the neighbor’s title documents.  Murdock has the fence torn down; takes neighbor’s property.  Neighbor sues.  Wouldn’t a knock on the door and a conversation to resolve a disputed property line have been a better, smarter approach?

Murdock has the endorsement of the DPOC, party chair Fran Sdao remains his biggest single contributor with a $5K loan and his fundraising is way behind the Republicans on the ballot.  Albert-Sheridan hasn’t started fundraising yet until her spot on the ballot was secure.

This will be a fun race to watch.



  1. W. Hackett W. Hackett April 11, 2018

    Glad to see some intelligent reporting and discourse on this matter. I am inclined to wonder exactly how often Diamond has actually appeared in Orange or Los Angeles counties as an attorney of record. The California Rules of Court are available online and you almost have to try to screw up an appellate notice.

    • OC Attorney OC Attorney April 11, 2018

      Yes, the California Rules of Court are available online. Those same Rules explain why the Supreme Court Order suspending Ms. Albert became operative on 2/14/18. There is no authority which requires her to redundantly receive separate notice via a letter or a web-site. Judge Griffin agreed with that fact, and characterized the issue as being “abundantly clear.”

      Even if people want to quibble about exact dates, there is no debate that she is currently suspended. Are we really attempting to pretend that doesn’t matter for a DA candidate? If T-Rack or Spitzer were suspended, Ms. Albert’s apologists would surely be outraged.

      • W. Hackett W. Hackett April 11, 2018

        “OC Attorney” ROTFLMAO – there’s nothing that says “gutless” like anonymous posting.

  2. W. Hackett W. Hackett April 11, 2018

    I thought I’d also add some clarity to the fog surrounding Ms. Albert’s suspension. I have, personally, seen the letter Ms. Albert first saw in late March. The letter was dated March 20, 2018 and literally stated that her date of suspension had been “estimated” at February 14, 2018. The letter also included backdated events that had to happen BEFORE the date of the letter. I am quite certain Ms. Albert would be happy to share the letter with you. The metadata contained in the letter also makes it clear the letter was created AFTER it was dated.

    • junior junior April 11, 2018

      Sure … all that … but she is still Looney Tunes Lenore.

      • Lenore Lenore April 21, 2018

        The only people who say that I am “Looney Tunes” are violent criminals and sovereign citizen extremists. Their world looks large, but is very small in comparison to the general population. My stock in their opinion of me, is very small too.

        Also, according to the public online docket, the court of appeal rejected Greg Diamond’s papers for “errors” not based solely on timing as to when he filed them.

        I find that part – the errors – very interesting. Is there a split in the extremist camp ?

        I sense there is a split on the grounds the extremists stole my laptop and files in 2014, as such they have the correct templates and examples on how to correctly file these appellate papers. I can see instances where they have used my papers and pleadings templates since that time, but I looked at Greg Diamond’s papers and it was clear he did not use those stolen templates.

        Since the Pam Ragland group is supporting Todd Spitzer camp solely to defeat me and Greg Diamond’s brother-in-law is supporting Brett Murdock, did Pam Ragland’s group refuse to turn over the templates to Greg Diamond to use on the appeal?

        Of course, that is assuming Greg Diamond’s ego is not that large that he would refuse to see how the appellate process actually works.

        Another thought, Greg Diamond’s sidekick George Olivo is still in Wasco prison and according to a report by another person, Sheryll Alexander died last January (proving marijuana does not cure cancer?) so has Greg Diamond been cut off from his main power that can manipulate the Pam Ragland camp of the sovereign citizen extremists with George and Sheryll out of the picture?

        Why didn’t Maegan Donovan Nikolic give the papers to Greg Diamond to use? She loves to talk about how she supported Occupy. She doesn’t talk too much about how Barbara Bratton is in jail now, though.

        In either case, it appears that the extremists are dividing and butting heads somewhat and that is a good thing. Although it looks like George Olivo will be out of prison soon (in May), he will be coming back to a weaker sovereign citizen extremist network than when he went in. The weaker that network gets, the weaker Greg Diamond and Vern Nelson get.

        It appears Pam Ragland is advising them to replenish their funds by applying to Wells Fargo’s newest fund to keep their war chest going, but these Wall Street handouts are getting farther and fewer in between. Yes, these “activists” have no jobs but you would not know that by their standard of living. Living rent free for 10 years is not magic.

        • 4th District Resident 4th District Resident April 21, 2018

          The Lost Lenore has found her audience.

          • Lenore Lenore April 22, 2018

            If you mean the blogger, Dan does not support domestic terrorism, threats, corruption and criminals or crimes going unpunished and as such, he publishes my comments, then, yes, I have found my audience. However, to be fair, I think it is only a small group of people who actually support domestic terrorism, threats, corruption and criminals or crimes going unpunished.

            • 4th District Resident 4th District Resident April 24, 2018

              Threatening to decapitate people is a terrorist threat. Sorry, toots.

    • OC Attorney OC Attorney April 11, 2018

      I thought I’d also add some clarity to the fog surrounding Mr. Hackett’s defense of a lawyer who has been suspended by the CA Bar: As can be seen on the above link, Mr. Hackett is also an attorney who was disciplined by the CA Bar. As such, his opinions on the topic are probably not objective or neutral.

      • W. Hackett W. Hackett April 11, 2018

        Gee “OC Attorney” apparently you really can’t read as, if you could, you’d read the stipulation SHE signed in lieu of risking over 25K in additional attorney’s fees and costs. If you did read the stip what you’d find is that the former clients tried to extort actual attorney’s fees paid by a Title Company directly to HER to defend a quiet title action. I realize the state bar’s “summary” implies that the clients were the party bringing the quiet title action but, in fact, they were being sued by the City of Monrovia. SHE agreed to accept Stewart Title’s panel rate and the client felt they were entitled to split HER fees just because. The “failure” to communicate was a 10 day delay in responding to an email because SHE actually practiced law in LA, Orange and Riverside counties unlike certain individuals who, apparently, rarely if ever set foot into a courtroom.

      • W. Hackett W. Hackett April 11, 2018

        BTW – SHE was NEVER suspended by the California Bar. Might want to read a bit more. SHE was very clear with the Bar that SHE would litigate to the ends of the Earth if they tried to stick HER with an actual suspension which is why you will find the word “stayed” in the record. Of course, you’d have to actually have an interest in the truth to notice a small thing like that.

        • W. Hackett W. Hackett April 11, 2018

          Not sure who is moderating however my posts timestamped 5:25 and 5:23 were NOT about Lenore. They were in response to some anonymous poster who wanted to claim that Attorney Walter Hackett of Walnut, CA had been suspended when, in fact, that was a false statement.

          • OC Attorney OC Attorney April 11, 2018

            The post did not say that Walter Hackett had been “suspended”; it said that Walter Hackett had been “disciplined,” and the appropriate link was provided. As you stated previously, “you might want to read a bit more.”

        • OC Attorney OC Attorney April 11, 2018

          The CA Bar issued its Opinion on 6/30/17, and the Supreme Court subsequently adopted it. The Opinion can be viewed here: As can be seen on page 17, the ruling says:

          “Albert be suspended from the practice of law for one year,that execution of that suspension be stayed, and that she be placed on probation for one year on the following conditions:
          1. She must be suspended from the practice of law for a minimum of the first 30 days of her probation and remain suspended until the following conditions are satisfied:
          a. She pays the following sanctions…”

          So, you’re correct: the Opinion does say that the one-year suspension is stayed. However, you’re wrong that there is no suspension. There is a minimum of a 30-day suspension, which continues until she pays her fines.

          In its Friday ruling, the Trial Court made the exact same finding, but don’t take my word for it…the entire Order can be read here:

          As somebody once told me, “You might want to read a bit more…of course, you’d have to actually have an interest in the truth to notice a small thing like that.”

          • W. Hackett W. Hackett April 11, 2018

            I see, so you’re taking the position that the amount involved is not dischargeable in Bankruptcy. Might want to learn a bit more about the bankruptcy code there fatty. The 9th Circuit has already made it clear that the state bar may NOT condition the utility of a CA attorney’s license on payment of a dischargeable debt.

            • OC Attorney OC Attorney April 11, 2018

              Yes, but “the costs of an attorney disciplinary proceeding…are non dischargeable.” State Bar of Cal. v. Findley, 593 f.3d 1048 (2010).

              • W. Hackett W. Hackett April 11, 2018

                That may be true however those amounts can be paid through the Chapter 13 plan. The inaccurately named “sanctions” are completely dischargeable.

            • Greg Diamond Greg Diamond April 11, 2018

              “Fatty.” Well, Dan’s not an attorney, so you must be insinuating that it’s me. It’s not.

              I was up almost all night preparing for the 8:30 an ex parte hearing that Lenore dragged me into — she lost — and had a filing for the Appellate court due by 5, so I’ve missed all of the frivolity here. Too much scabrous absurdity here otherwise to address. Nice meeting you, Counsel.

              • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | April 11, 2018

                Because it’s always about you

                • Greg Diamond Greg Diamond April 19, 2018

                  In this site’s comment sections? You should try reading them sometime. It’s generally largely about me.

                  Anyway, it’s nice that you now consider “fatty” acceptable fare from your anonymous commenters.

              • W. Hackett W. Hackett April 11, 2018

                I’m quite sure that drafting a non-existent Motion is very time consuming.

                • Anon Anon April 19, 2018

                  Ever try reading the comments section on your blog? You are the only one allowed to insult anyone but you are a fragile little flower when the shoe is on the other foot.

              • David Vasquez David Vasquez April 19, 2018

                I prefer “Crazy”.

                And despite you delusions, I am not anonymous, fake or any of the other “CRAZY” , morally corrupt pal’s you have.


                Check that one out cunado!

      • OC Attorney OC Attorney April 11, 2018

        For those who care to do their own research, feel free to inspect United States District Court, Central District of California, Case # 11-01538. There, you will see that Mr. Hackett is co-counsel or record with Ms. Albert. His defense of his friend/colleague here is an admirable display of loyalty. His judgment in this matter, however, is not impartial.

        • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | April 11, 2018

          For the person posting under my name, glad to see you know how to use a VPN. I’ll keep deleting your posts.

        • W. Hackett W. Hackett April 11, 2018

          Actually fatty it’s quite objective. I saw the letter from the Bar AND reviewed the metadata. It is indisputable that the letter was drafted and uploaded to Ms. Albert’s profile AFTER the dates it contains. It also stated, quite literally, that they “estimated” her date of suspension as beginning February 14, 2018. It is also quite certain the amounts they are demanding while holding her license hostage ARE dischargeable in bankruptcy.

          Hey Dan, how about you provide me with OC Attorney’s email address and IP address. I’ll take it from there!

          • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | April 11, 2018

            I don’t share information like that with anyone.

            • W. Hackett W. Hackett April 11, 2018

              A man can dream though!

  3. April 11, 2018

    Hello my name is Breannia. I personally know Lenore. She is a stand-up member of the community an amazing woman that stands for women’s rights Equal justice and all in all the law. It is very sad to see that some people will take time out of their life to tarnish a great person’s name and reputation. The things being said about her are downright wrong. Lenore has my full support and backing as she runs for office. Lenore already has accomplished many great things we will soon see many more great things to come by electing her as the Orange County district attorney of the Democratic Party. #Team Lenore Albert.

  4. GADfly GADfly April 11, 2018

    I’ve heard Murdock’s first internship a.m. was with OCDA. He was so awful he got no recommendation

  5. GADfly GADfly April 11, 2018

    Greg Diamond appears to be inept. I’m guessing his stroke has rendered him ineffective. These mistakes are incompetent. He should STFU

  6. Oni Oni April 11, 2018

    Can we just admit Greg Diamond is a bad lawyer. Stroke victim passing himself off as a good lawyer? What a joke.

    • W. Hackett W. Hackett April 11, 2018

      I don’t know Diamond and, if it’s true he’s had a stroke, he has my sympathies as I know how much harm that can cause. That said, his posts suggest that he is extremely bitter over something.

      • junior junior April 12, 2018

        “Bitter” is very mild – Diamond has deep seated emotional and social coping problems.

        • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | April 12, 2018

          Notice Greg didn’t address all his errors in filing an appeal. They didn’t pass muster with the court clerk

          • Greg Diamond Greg Diamond April 19, 2018

            The documents were rejected because they were “premature.” They were refiled and accepted. We were hurrying to meet the April 13 deadline; Lenore was doing what she could to fill the air with flak so that the court wouldn’t even bother to address the issues in the hope of running out the clock, which she did.

            Interestingly, some of her later filings were far more lucid than others, and make many of the points that Mr. Hackett made. (He’s wrong, but at least he’s lucid.) So whoever’s looking for “conflict of interest” — that’s where it likely is.

            • 2humpchump 2humpchump April 19, 2018

              Pre-mature? That’s a word I bet you hear every time

              • Bookworm Bookworm April 20, 2018

                So did you just admit she outfoxed you? She’s a better lawyer than you, isn’t she

  7. David Vasquez David Vasquez April 11, 2018

    Mark Daniels is a shill. He is a member of the Gang Mom Cabal in Anaheim. He tries to sell himself as some kind of “activist”, when in reality he is just another unemployed loser, looking to be heard.

    Nobody else in the county, outside “Crazy Greg” cares about Lenore (maybe he’s afraid she’d get more votes than he did?), so Greg found this loser to put up his name so he could sue.

    Brett doesn’t stand a chance, he didn’t in his congressional run, he doesn’t here, maybe he can run for water board and lose that race too, then go find a geriatric, Republican heart patient and give him a .trade website only to cost the old bugger a ton of money and wrest an assembly seat from a Democrat.


  8. 4th District Resident 4th District Resident April 11, 2018

    How fun to see a convention of crazies. Fits the site like a glove.

  9. W. Hackett W. Hackett April 11, 2018

    Looks like my work here is done. Any of you actually want to contact me you can find a working email address at the profile link the anonymous poster listed above.

  10. Lenore Lenore April 12, 2018

    After filing over 800 pages of paper, three appellate judges noted that Greg Diamond did not follow the rules when they denied his motion to deem his motion a petition for a writ of mandate. Here is the link:

    On a second note, the local Democrat Party is hiding two other particularly disarming facts: 1. Brett Murdock was not a Democrat until 3 years ago according to his own admission in his application for endorsement which is now public record. 2. Brett Murdock accepted a plea deal (stipulation) that he violated FPPC rules and was SANCTIONED (meaning a penalty) $2,000.00 for violating Government Code section 84101(e).

    The agenda item reads: “In the Matter of Breans Against Measures T & U, Rehan Chaudry, and Brett
    Murdock, FPPC No. 12/758. Staff: Commission Counsel Zachary Norton and Special Investigator Ann Flaherty. Respondent, Breans Against Measures T & U (“Respondent Committee”), qualified as a Primarily Formed ballot measure committee on or about October 1, 2012. At all times relevant to this matter,
    Respondent Rehan Chaudry was the Treasurer of Respondent Committee. At all times relevant, Respondent Brett Murdock was a member of the Brea City Council as well as the controlling candidate. The Respondent Committee opposed Measures T,
    the Brea Accountability Act, and U, the Brea Open Governance Act, on the ballot in the November 6, 2012 election. Respondents failed to disclose that the Respondent Committee was controlled, and to include the name of the controlling candidate on its
    statement of organization, in violation of Government Code Section 84101 subdivision (e) (1 count). Total Proposed Penalty: $2,000.”

    The link can be found here:

    Here is the ENTIRE STIPULATION Brett Murdock entered into. People seem to have short memories about how nontransparent Brett Murdock was in 2012 while an elected official. This was a REAL SANCTION for doing something deceitful with MONEY by not disclosing his PERSONAL ASSOCIATION. Have any of you asked how he paid the $2,600.00 filing fee plus the $15,000.00 ballot statement deposit when his fundraising to date shows a $5,000.00 loan from DPOC Chair Fran Sdao and a $3,000.00 loan from himself? That does not come close to $17,000.00 or so that he actually spent on or about March 9, 2018.

    In event, here is the link to the Stipulation on the FPPC violation.

    I tend to concentrate on my own race more than trying to attack others like Brett does, but when you start throwing stones at my house, don’t think I won’t get curious as to what you are really all about.

    It is time to clean house and I am here to do just that. There are people who live off of corruption, lies and deceit and they will fight very hard to keep me as far away from the D.A.’s office as possible. However, their circle is not as large as they make it appear. It is up to the voters to decide, it’s their fundamental right to have a real choice at the ballot box. This June they will have a woman on the ballot that is willing to prosecute the real criminals and is not a career politician. Thank you Breannia and Walter for your support.

  11. OC DEM OC DEM April 13, 2018

    That Greg fella is a really Perry Mason no?

    From 10,000 feet though, its pretty easy to see what Greg is all about: BLUSTER.

    Anyone who has seen him in action at DPOC events/meetings can tell. But do this next time you see ” Crazy Greg” speak, look at the puzzled, contorted expressions on peoples faces.

    It’s not AT ALL surprising his legal work is like his wardrobe: sloppy and out of date.

  12. Yet Another Attorney Yet Another Attorney April 15, 2018

    Well, let’s get real here.

    Any lawyer can make mistakes. Any lawyer who is not an appellate specialist (and from what I can tell, neither Albert-Sheridan or Diamond claim that qualification) can have a document rejected by the Courts of Appeal. A non-specialist seeking an emergency writ is almost certain to make some errors along the way.

    Now let’s contrast that to Albert-Sheridan, who represented herself knowing all the risks of doing so, in a disciplinary matter. Now SHE claims to have not understood that her suspension would go into effect the minute the Supreme Court denied a petitioner for rehearing. Do ya thunk that maybe if she’d have had representation familiar with the process, that BIG HONKING GIGANTIC MISTAKE would’ve not been made?

    And, I can understand her frustration with the State Bar. But what I don’t get is the efficacy of her methods, for her own purposes. After all, if she had focused on her own practice instead of suing everyone she knows (and for the most part losing) she would’ve made enough money to shirley pay the State Bar discipline costs and the sanctions she was assessed.

    So, from a big-picture standpoint, from protecting her own interests (which seems to be what she’s been focused on), she’s been a resounding failure. Why should she be any different when looking out for the interests of the District Attorney’s office, and the public at large, from the perspective of wisely prosecuting crime? At some point there has to be some decision she makes which she will take responsibility for; until then, I’ll not be voting for her, even if she motivates others to promote her.

    • Lenore Lenore April 16, 2018

      It is “surely,” not “shirley.” It is “think” not “thunk.” Sovereign citizens are not real attorneys and they can vote for Spitzer and Murdock. I don’t look for votes from criminals and extremists. I find it hilarious that extremists are being used to support both Murdock and Spitzer’s campaigns for D.A. and neither Spitzer nor Murdock has denounced them. It reminds me of Trump and the KKK.

      Greg Diamond did not merely make a few procedural mistakes. He made material mistakes and then instead of fixing them, he denigrated the appellate court for not allowing him the requested relief.

      I did not make any procedural errors that led to discipline. As a trial lawyer, my skills are competent in various venues.

      There is no credible evidence that I was lawfully suspended. Off to court now!

      • David Vasquez David Vasquez April 16, 2018

        Worry Not. Greg is a serial LOSER. Everything this guy touches turns to SH!T, the sole exception may be SQS, who herself had to do some shenanigans to keep from openly voting for his removal.

        Here’s “Crazy Greg’s” record:

        Jack Carter (Presidents Son) Bid For Senate:: LOSER

        Ron Shepston For Congress: FIRED; LOSER

        Julio Perez For AD 69: LOSER (Especially Disturbing)

        Greg Diamond For Senate: LOSER

        Greg Diamond For DPOC NC CHAIR: FIRED

        Greg Diamond For DA: LOSER

        Greg Diamond For Water Board: LOSER

        Bao Ngyuen For Congress: LOSER; Wait, he switched….

        Joe Dunn For Congress: LOSER

        Bernie Sanders For President: LOSER

        There are dozens of examples, but you get the idea, Greg Diamond is a LOSER, an unaccomplished LOSER. A couple of graduate degree’s later and he lives in a rented house, with rented rooms, scraping together an existence. The guy is a FLAKE.

        Who in their right mind publishes this:

        “I CHALLANGE ALL BLOGGERS TO SLEEP WITH THE HOMELES…..BUT, I WON’T LIKE IT BECAUSE I DON’T LIKE WEARING SHOES…..” Or whatever the F&ck he said. This guy is the prince of LOSERVILLE, praying to his king, Vern, I am 54 years old, lived with my Mommy until 49, and now look where I am.


        Now Dave Zenger, there’s a REAL WINNER……….

        • 4th District Resident 4th District Resident April 17, 2018

          Wow. Someone who constantly stalks/obsesses over a bunch of “losers” must be the biggest loser of all. C’mon OCDem/David Vasquez. Get help. Medicaid will take care of it. But maybe not your other problem.

        • OC DEM OC DEM April 17, 2018


          You forgot about “Crazy Greg’s” scam, where he tried to convince a senile invalid heart patient into running for assembly AGAINST a declared Democrat.

          Oh yeah. That clever, crazy guy came up with the brilliant .trade

          This guy is a A-Hole in the first degree.

  13. Yet Another Etc., Etc., Yet Another Etc., Etc., April 16, 2018

    And why stop there? I think you should really “sell it” and just say everyone who disagrees with you is just like Hitler or Saddam Hussein. Maybe Attila the Hun, or (gasp!), could it be…Satan? (/Emily LItella mode off)

  14. David Vasquez David Vasquez April 18, 2018

    Julio’s BACK,
    Rumor has it, Jose Moreno and Ada Engineered a nice plush contract for his new consulting firm, based in San Juan Capistrano.

    I can’t share the details yet, but it’s a sweetheart deal backed by the usual suspect, but EVEN one or two who spoke out against him.


  15. Lorena Lorena April 18, 2018

    What is he consulting about. How to grab intern ass? Porn for beginners? When will Dr. Moreno apologize to women in general and Anaheim voters for elevating this douchebag to a city commission on Sanctuary City-lite?

  16. lawyers everywhere but here lawyers everywhere but here April 23, 2018

    So you gotta wonder how freaking absurd Lenore Albert and her bootlicking toadies who post here are going to look in a couple of months, if her license is still suspended. Think about that. You’re supporting a district attorney candidate who has no right to practice law. How is that gonna make ewe look?

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | April 24, 2018

      Ewe? Ewe should stick to one name.

  17. junior junior April 24, 2018

    On June 4, 2007, Albert-Sheridan wrote a letter to James Grafton Randall, then an attorney at Farmers Insurance, in which she accused Randall of bad faith conduct and failure to respond to several discovery requests.

    At the end of the letter, Albert-Sheridan said if Randall doesn’t respond to the discovery requests, she will request “that the court compel such response with heavy sanctions and have you each decapitated and force your children to take your decapitated head to school as part of show and tell.”

  18. lenore lenore April 24, 2018

    Lol. What would make anyone stalk me and locate every letter I purportedly wrote over the past 11 years and you purportedly reach back 11 years to dig up purported dirt? Where is the response and court ruling? Where is the court reporter transcript? Whenever the sovereign citizen extremists start losing their disparagement campaign, they bring up this purported letter. Thanks for identifying the camp you belong to. I think its more newsworthy that currently one of the attorneys representing Mark Richard Daniels has been referred to the State Bar for discipline by a judge. I don’t think this purported letter is going to save you. It only makes a reasonable person ask more questions like why have you decided you need to go back 11 years to dig up dirt? How long have you been stalking me and why? Do court records still exist? Was this even a court record? Why hide your name? Lol

    • junior junior April 25, 2018

      I haven’t seen anywhere that you have put forth an unequivocal denial.

  19. Yabbut Yabbut April 24, 2018

    Yes, but in her defense, Lenore the invincible superwoman lawyer who has never ever been beaten even a little bit except when there is great corruption afoot, yet is completely humble and self-deprecating about her many talents, was the victim of a conspiracy! She was going to introduce a new section of the Code of Civil Procedure which called for decapitation of heads of opposing attorneys if they lost a motion (unless, of course, for good cause shown). But alas, the drafts of her revolutionary (and no doubt brilliant) proposed legislation were lost, when an evil and corrupt plot between Sasquatch, Santa Clause, the boogeyman, Mothra, Godzilla, and George Olivo was unleashed.

    In this evil plot, George Olivo got drunk and hit Mothra in the ass with one of Lenore Albert’s many well-deserved (yet totally understated) awards and caused Mothra to belch fire, squelching her hard drive. Then Sasquatch came barrelling down the hallway, broke into her office and ate all of her rough drafts, and threw the burnt computer in a perfect spiral, out the window to Godzilla, who then took it to the top of the Empire State Building, where he handed it off to Santa Clause, who then gave it to the boogeyman as a Christmas present, since no good kids said they wanted some really wacked-out proposed legilsation for Christmas.

    So, to find the defense, all Lenore has to do is track down the boogeyman. he has the goods.

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