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MLK Day in the Face of Ongoing Racism

Today’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and it’s easy to post a video or transcript of his “I Have a Dream” speech or a clip from the movie “Selma.”

But consider instead this amazing article from the New Yorker Magazine from the Spring of 1965.

I want to get into the subject of racism as it applies to things President Trump said last week and a development of a more local level from the first part of this month.  In due time.

Remember the hard work and struggle led by Dr. King to move us forward; we cannot surrender ground now because of who is in the Oval Office.


  1. laisteditors laisteditors January 15, 2018

    Wonder how racist Gustavo Arellano is celebrating today? Comparing blacks to Gorillas?

  2. Fred Fred January 16, 2018

    Meanwhile in Huntington Beach the progressive Queen of Mean Gena Clayton-Tarvin who is rumored to have had an affair with the notorious (more coming soon!!) Victor Valladares seems to be suffering from some kind of deep emotional crisis!!


    Disgusting Dumbass Donald David Duke Trump is a fat-ass fascist racist piece of Republinazi shit.

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