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The “Elizabeth Warren Wing” of the Democratic Party Endorses Mike Levin in CD-49


Today, the million-member Progressive Change Campaign Committee endorsed Mike Levin for the U.S. House seat in California’s 49th district. Levin is taking on one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the House, Rep. Darrell Issa.

The PCCC is closely identified with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren – leading the effort to draft Warren and support her run for Senate in 2012. Since 2009, the PCCC has raised over $25 million in online grassroots donations for progressive candidates and committees — including over $1.17 million from over 70,000 small-dollar donations for Warren’s 2012 Senate campaign.

The PCCC has over a million members nationwide, including more than 130,000 in California.

“Darrell Issa may be the most vulnerable Republican in Congress, but he is also the richest person in Congress. He will spend a fortune, and say anything, to win re-election,” said Mike Levin. “The PCCC base of dedicated activists will go a long way towards evening up those odds. I know that with PCCC standing with us, we can Flip the 49th and move our nation one step closer to a bold progressive agenda that will put community interests ahead of corporate interests.”

The PCCC also endorsed Veronica Escobar (TX-16), Greg Edwards (PA-15), Liz Watson (IN-09), and Jocelyn Benson (Michigan Secretary of State) on Thursday as part of their plan to fuel a new wave of progressive champions to win back Congress and Democratic control at the state level.

“There are no unwinnable districts. Progressives are going to compete everywhere, and they’re going to win,” said Stephanie Taylor, PCCC co-founder. “As we saw in Alabama, the Republican Party’s attacks on working families have opened up opportunities for Democrats to win in places they haven’t won in decades. We’re endorsing Mike Levin, Veronica Escobar, Greg Edwards, Liz Watson, and Jocelyn Benson because they’re authentic, inspiring progressives who aren’t afraid to take on Republicans with a bold economic populist message.”

This critical endorsement is further evidence of Levin’s powerful campaign. Last week, Democracy For America (DFA), the organization founded by former DNC Chair Governor Howard Dean also endorsed Levin. Earlier, Levin announced support from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’s PAC and the National Organization for Women.

“Democrats understand that Mike Levin is, by far, the strongest candidate to take on Darrell Issa and flip this vital seat,” stated Levin’s consultant Parke Skelton. “Every important constituency in the Democratic Party is joining up. Mike Levin is building unstoppable momentum.”


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