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Time for Julio Perez to Resign

Orange County Labor Federation Executive Director Julio Perez

There are five women who have come forward with credible claims of sexual harassment against OC Labor Feb Chief Julio Perez.

The investigation against him has been ongoing for nearly two months — and for many observers, it’s stretched out to somehow absolve him.


Julio Perez needs to resign his post from the OC Labor Fed for the good of labor and the good of Democratic candidates running for critical elections in 2018.  Candidates relying on the OC Labor Fed’s endorsement in 2018 would best avoid any endorsement from Perez as he is simply tainted.  His word isn’t credible.

Perez has been accused by five women of sexual harassment,  Eliminate even one or two of these cases, there are three others.  We’re aware of campaigns to discredit certain women in the Perez case and logic suggests claims don’t equal facts.  He needs to be held accountable and the “independent investigation” into charges against him should have been completed weeks ago.

For Labor to have any impact on the 2018 elections or Democrats who count of labor support in 2018, time to make a hard split and divorce yourself rom Julio Perez now.  His endorsement is poison.  The OC Labor Fed should move swiftly to appoint a new leader — preferably a WOMAN — to lead the OC Labor Fed into the next election cycle with a measure of credibility.

For Democratic electeds in OC, it’s passed time to divorce yourselves from Julio Perez.

Resign Julio.  Find something else to do in the private sector.  Your presence hurts Progressives and Democrats in Orange County.  Resign.



  1. Commenting Gnome Commenting Gnome December 8, 2017


  2. Gnome Commenting Gnome Commenting December 9, 2017

    There’s a rumor out there that they women Julio harassed came on to him. Let that sink in for a minute.

    • You Need Help You Need Help December 12, 2017


    • Self Reflect More Self Reflect More December 12, 2017

      Cool! Thanks for that comment Julio

  3. Fred Fred December 10, 2017

    It’s also time for Victor Valladares to resign. And pay close attention to his partner in crime, Katheryn Clark. She recently dumped her husband and kids to be with this wifebeater/deadbeat dad. What is her role in trying to rehabilitate his image, outside of being his girlfriend? She know of his many crimes, she drives him to and from court because he has no car, and she makes excuses for his many criminal acts. Is the OC Dem party ready for her, too? She is apparently angling for her own position. Just how much of a snake is Katheryn Clark?

    • Fed Up Fred Fed Up Fred December 12, 2017

      You need some damn help people. Why are you so invested in that mans relationship. Grab yourself a glass of water and call a therapist. You need help. Toxic ass guy over here

  4. David Vasquez David Vasquez December 10, 2017

    Perez has MAJOR credibility problems. Even if the AFL-CIO is successful in sweeping this abuse under the rug, I can’t imagine he’ll be effective. He is damaged goods.

    Let’s not forget, this is a guy who lied about his residency, Could not manage his own finances to the point that he was sued and just two years ago was caught “in a compromising situation” at the Labor Day picnic.

    Bottom line is, he hurts the party and it’s supporters by being selfish. NOTE TO THOSE who support Julio and/or remain silent: You too are damaged by this, no one will take you or your causes or your candidates seriously if you support a serial molester.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | December 10, 2017

      It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Julio gets some other union position somewhere else. The union can’t sweep this under the rug. Al Franken stepped down for less.

  5. David Vasquez David Vasquez December 10, 2017

    I suspect you are right, if he doesn’t resign, he will be transplanted.

    There is a troubling trend developing: loyalty over righteousness and safety. When you have people like Julio Perez doing what he did and Erik Taylor whose stupidity knows no bounds and of course Victor Valledares, who’s actions are unarguably the worst (Domestic Violence), how can anyone credibly speak about womens issues, Donald Trump mis-behavior, Roy Moore……….

    Crazy Greg is fond of assigning responsibility: “You Own It”, well it seems to me Greg Diamond, Jose Moreno, Jeff Letourneu, The Pantones and so many others own an awful lot of SHAME.

  6. OCDEM OCDEM December 11, 2017

    So as I understand it, Victor might very well become a “fall guy” for Perez.

    In other words, people are going to SCREAM “look over there” at valladares, whom there is a video of him punching HIMSELF in the face crying, “I hate me, I hate me”.

    Clearly exhibiting mental issues that should NEVER be politicized, but because of ignorance on the part of some and open defense of his domestic abuse, criminal record and tactics in general have become fair game.

    Today the first step happened: Gina Tarvin stepping down as OVSD President. Tonight a “whisper campaign” against Victor will be set in play at the DPOC Holiday party (Greg – paper plates don’t count as a food iten, cheapskate!). Soon all will VILIFY Valladares and offer him mental illness and addiction support.

    All the while Julio skates and in two years Victor will show up as a “Community Activist” in Denver or someplace. Or maybe selling knock off sunglasses!

    • Fred Fred December 12, 2017

      Could you please direct me to that video of Victor? Also at the school district meeting last night Victor’s former father in law stood up and documented how Gina Clayton-Tarvin and wifebeater Victor stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge together? With all their kids! WTF? She didn’t even deny it! Makes all Democrats look stupid.

    • Fuck that guy Fuck that guy December 12, 2017

      Why are you people so fucking evil? No wonder Trump and the right wing are deporting and destroying our country. Your toxic and evil vindictive ways are tearing families apart. Why do you feel the need to devalue people who sell knockoff glasses? At least folks that are doing that are doing they’re best to provide for their family. You sound like a privelgded dick for that matter. Also, fuck you.

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | December 13, 2017

        do me a favor and stick to one name instead of the three you just used from the same IP address OK

  7. Naming Names Naming Names December 11, 2017

    Here is a list of all the OC Progressives who have been silent on Julio Perez: Ben Vazquez, Jeff LeTourneau, Greg Diamond, Leon Cisneros, Carolina Sarmiento, Ada Briseno, Marisol Rivera, Marisol Ramirez, Joese Hernandez, Yenni Diaz, Laura Kanter, Noel Perez, Carina Franck Pantone, Jose Moreno, Martin Lopez, Jairo Cortez, Gloria Alvarado. Your silence says it all.

  8. DiamondPorn DiamondPorn December 12, 2017

    In fairness Greg Diamond spoke in favor of Perez using “porn” as a good thing.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | December 13, 2017

      for a half second, I thought you were referring to precious stones. But yeah, Porn is a word I’d associate with almost every Greg Diamond post in the OJ blog especially if the post holds your interest long enough to be read. Thank goodness for the Winships or there would be nothing there to read.

      • OCDEM OCDEM December 13, 2017

        What is it that the guy says: “Skadoosh”…
        Given the current state of affairs at the clown car known as the OJB, Ryan should change his slogan to: TheDouche”.

        At least it rhymes…..I wonder what the young Father thinks about dem’s imploding over sex and domestic violent scandals?

        Oh I can’t wait to read Dave Zengers new book: ” I am an unemployed loser, but I am smarter than you” the sub-title is” At least I have RICH developer friend who buys into my BULLSHIT”.

        BTW, where has “Crazy Greg” or his brother Jeff on this……….HYPOCRITES

  9. OCDEM OCDEM December 13, 2017

    Look what happemed….. People stood up against sexual abuse.

    Look who won……..In Alabama.

    Dump JULIO PEREZ now. Victor Valladares NOW. Erik Taylor NOW. Bennie NOW.

    What part of equality does Jeff and Ada not get?……


  10. David Vasquez David Vasquez December 15, 2017

    Dan, I know you don’t generally permit “bolg whoring”, but I don’t believe this is that:

    This great piece by Lindsey, demonstrates CLEARLY the effect of inaction and responsible follow to accustaions.

    It’s pretty clear to most that much of the OCDEM leadership simply don’t care about sexual abuse, sexual harassment or anything that tweaks their “feel good” spirit. The reality is: the world is a cold hard place and we are supposed be the ones to make it better. Yet, leadership and the MOST VOCAL in the party, candidates and elected alike remain silient on Julio Perez, Victor Valladares, Benny Diaz and especially an EMPLOYEE Erik Taylor. I get it: Erik was a likable guy, but so was Ted Bundy, I am told.

    I hope that there are talks behind the scenes that I don’t know about, because, this WILL cost some viable seats in the mid term as well as the state assembly and senate majorities. People will put up with a lot. But, not beating up your Ex-Wife, calling her a liar, Not sending graphic images, and certainly not BDSM insinuations.

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