Thanks Geoff West; May Your Cauldron Always Bubble

The West's
The West’s

The OC blogsphere is losing a good one with Costa Mes’a Geoff West deciding to “retire” his wonderful Bubbling Caldron blog.

From his “final” post:

“It is with very strong mixed emotions, and a lot of consultation and contemplation, that I’ve decided to stop blogging.  The site will remain open for your reference and, maybe, the occasional entry. It has not been an easy decision, but is one I felt was necessary at this point in my life for the reasons mentioned above. I wish you all well. I will miss our interaction. You probably have not heard the last of me, but – at least for awhile – this is adios. Thanks, one more time, for your loyalty, friendship and your enthusiastic willingness to joust on issues. You will always occupy a warm spot in my heart. It’s been one of the great joys of my life to serve you.”

I loved the Roy Orbison video at the end.

A few years ago, we got a nastygram from one of the then council members on the GOP majority demanding a correction and retraction.  I sought Geoff’s opinion on next steps and he basically told me to have my lawyer write a letter to tell them to stick it.  We did.  Nothing ever happened except for a few cowardly anonymous comments that we published.

Geoff is a class act.  A principled blogger who honestly cared about good government and was always consistent with this beliefs regardless of party or person.

If there’s someone out there who wants to pick up Geoff’s mantel and carry it over here, email me at


  1. Wow. Gpod luck to this guy and his future.

    More than anything I thought, boy what an umitigatted asshole, Diamond, Nelson, Lucas (AKA Henry Lipton) are.

    Geoff was just trying to make his community a better place. These other Fu#$^rs are agitators. Wannabees. That have no good in them. Self serving, self pitying (in the case of Vern, if there is not enough sadness and unjustness in his life, he’ll marry into it to get a platform). Maybe the same is true with Greg and his family.

    Affecting change is hard, expensive and SELFLESS. None of the fools at OJB posess those qualities.

    Thanks Geoff.

  2. The minute those bozos at OJ blessed Mishal’s massive raise, it was never about good government and all about fealty to Lord Tait.

  3. Uh, OCDEM, thanks… I think. Appreciate the kind words, but you’re pretty harsh on those fellas who post here. We all have our individual axes to grind – I certainly had mine. If you doubt that, read my next-to-last post over there on the right. Jim Righeimer is not my biggest fan. Anyhow, thanks, Dan, for the very kind words. For a dozen years – and longer, if you count the Daily Pilot commentaries – we tried to provide some perspective to Costa Mesa issues and to get more folks involved. Both those missions were accomplished. Now, with health issues and my sweet and very patient wife’s retirement, it’s time to douse the flame under the Cauldron and move on. Again, thanks.

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