Rep. Correa Votes No on Budget

Congressman Lou Correa, Congresswoman Nanette Diaz Barragán pose with volunteer lawyers at LAX on Jan. 29, 2017 to assist detainees as a result of President Trump's immigration ban.
Congressman Lou Correa, Congresswoman Nanette Diaz Barragán pose with volunteer lawyers at LAX on Jan. 29, 2017 to assist detainees as a result of President Trump’s immigration ban.

Wednesday, Rep. Lou Correa (CD-46) voted against H.R. 244 (the budget) because of how it funded DHS and immigration enforcement.

The final tally was 309 to 118, with15 Democrats voting against the bill and 103 Republicans voting against it as well.  But the bill still passed the House.

“I applaud my colleagues for reaching a bi-partisan deal and this budget will help many by giving our students a year-round Pell Grant, increasing funding to combat opioid addiction, providing funding for the Orange County streetcar, and increasing funding to study Alzheimer’s Disease and cancer,” said Correa.  “Regretfully, I cannot vote for a budget that also dedicates nearly $1.5 billion to breaking up of families and further terrorizing our communities.  This funding expands the Obama Administration’s flawed border enforcement policies to the nation’s interior, raising fear among longtime residents and their families.  It also provides President Trump with a down payment on building his border wall.  $1.5 billion is a lot of money.  We need to stop wasting taxpayers’ dollars on failed policies.”

This $1.5b Correa refers to consists of:

$772 million for Border Security & Tactical Infrastructure Investments (Fencing, Security Technology, Border Fence Maintenance Roads, Hiring CBP Officers, Maintenance Costs), $617 million for Immigration Enforcement (Detention Beds, Deportation Transportation, Daily Operation Costs) and $131 million for Presidential Protection & Safety Improvements (Presidential Residence Security, White House Fence Improvements, Lawsuit Settlements)

Detention Centers and Bed:

The budget funds an additional $526 million for detention beds. It will increase current capacity by 5,324 beds to 39,324, which was requested by Obama Adm. Pre. Trump requested 45,942, which is 6,618 more than allocated.

Border Wall & Fencing:

While not explicitly funding a concrete border wall, this budget can be used to build logistical infrastructure needed for a future wall, including: $100m for roads and existing fence maintenance and $341m for building pedestrian fences and barriers.

ICE & DHS Hiring:

The budget allocates funds to hire new CBP officers and allows for the hiring of HR personal to increase hiring rates. DHS has discretion to increase ICE Operations & Supports budget by up to $620 million, which could fund around 10,000 new officers.


  1. This just in from the OCR:

    Former state Senator Joe Dunn AKA Joe DONE has come out in supporting a canibis research institute at UCI.

    Giving his supporters experience with narcotics, this makes perfect sense. Henry “Paul” Lipton was convicted of METH and weapons charges, his former campaign staff openly touted getting “high”, Jeff LeTourneu bragged about distributing Marijuana illegally through the mail.

    Meth, Dope, Smuggling who cares about thos laws. Not your favorite OUT OF TOUCH congressional candidate.

    Paul. Take another bong hit before the next meeting. You could barely speak last time. Maybe the Goo will put you over the edge and make you completely incoherrent.

  2. Apparently Lou does not believe that the United States, the country that he has sworn to preserve and protect it’s Constitution, does not require a secure border. Very sad.

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