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Harley Rouda’s Column; watch out Dana!

Harley Rouda

We’re pleased to direct our readers to Harley Rouda’s column in  You can find the link to the full story here. it’s all about the Repeal and Replace act for ACA, a healthcare proposal from Republicans that’s awful.

Some highlights:

While some representatives in Washington, like Dana Rohrabacher, have punted on taking a position on the legislation, Americans are luckily catching on to this ruse put forth by House Republicans. According to a recent poll from the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation, about half the country understands that the GOP plan will increase the number of uninsured and raise prices for consumers who have to buy coverage on their own. While Paul Ryan admitted on Wednesday that the current plan’s structure must change to pass the House, it is unclear how they will amend the legislation.

Despite some obvious problems with the ACA, like its impact on small businesses or rising premiums, it’s undeniable that President Obama’s landmark reform has done some groundbreaking and amazing things for people in need, both in terms of expanding critical health care coverage and lowering cost for most Americans. Just in the 48th Congressional District, 76,899 residents have received healthcare coverage through Covered California and the Medicaid expansion, according to Health Access.

Ultimately, our nation’s healthcare system reflects how we treat each other in times of need and millions of Americans lives are at stake. We need to join the rest of the advanced world and finally ensure that healthcare coverage is a right for every American.

Where’s Dana on this bill?  Likely in a bar somewhere, pondering it.