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CES CEO Gary Shapiro Speaks Out Against Trump


One of the world’s largest trade shows is the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, usually held the first week of January (try finding a cheap hotel room that week).  With tonight’s debate slated for Las Vegas, I came across this post from Gary Shapiro, the president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Show.  Gary’s business books are must reading too.

Gary’s a Facebook friend of mine and chimes in on my various political posts regularly.  His posts are typically pro-business and that can fall on both sides of the aisle, but he’s always been respectful to me on posts even when he tells me I’m wrong. He’s a fun sparing partner.

Given Gary’s past postings, he crafted this one over the weekend and it warrants sharing.  And he calls it as he sees it about GOP Nominee Donald Trump.  And his post is a reminder that common ground can always be found.

Here’s Gary’s post:


Way before the first Republican primary I have been consistent, clear and firm that Donald Trump is unfit to be President. He is divisive, appeals to our worst tribal instincts and is highly immoral. He hurt thousands of contractors and investors. He is lazy, didn’t prepare for debates or learn the basic facts about foreign or domestic policy. I disagree with the substantive positions he has taken. (The only redeeming virtues for me of a Trump presidency are restrictions on regulatory overreach, lower corporate taxes, investing in infrastructure and pro-business Supreme Court appointees).

But I am never Trump for two other big reasons:

First, he will destabilize the world and should not be entrusted with our military and nuclear arsenal. This draft dodger for a foot bunion had the audacity to say multi-year POW Sen. McCain was no war hero.

Second, he is such a horrible immoral sexist, racist, nasty person he should not sit in the White House. The President sets the moral tone for the country and is a model for every child. For the last 40 years we have had R and D presidents who had different views but they were decent and ethical people.

I want my children and future grandchildren to know I did what I could to stop this horrible person from being President.

So I have written op eds, tweeted and opined.

Now I must vote. Despite having supported, contributed and advocated for the last few Republican presidential candidates, I am almost ready to vote for Sen. Clinton as she is experienced, stable and by every measure a better choice. She is good on tech policy, social issues and hopefully trade. Her husband was a great president who appreciated that businesses create jobs.

I think she means well and although she began as a Republican, had adversity (NASA telling her at five that girls could not be astronauts, failing the bar – and other better known challenges) she did ground breaking work establishing rights of children and fighting for women globally. She also is passionate about the value of a free Internet.

Of course she has issues. She does what unions want. She has several incidences of poor judgement which I hope she learned from.

I hope she can understand that American companies are in a global battle and need a supportive government willing to let them hire the best and brightest and not face unfair tax and regulatory burdens.

In high school she ran for class president against a guy who said something like you are stupid if you vote for a girl for president. Well, I hope tens of millions of Americans vote for HRC not because she may be our first woman president but because she is highly qualified. Trump not only is unqualified, he is bad for our nation, our ideals and our children and the legacy of moral leadership we owe them.

Having written a best seller about innovation and ninja behavior, I can only say this is not the situation I preferred, but looking at all the options, a landslide vote for Sec. Clinton would be the best message we can send the haters, the party firsters and others who think Trump’s brand of nastiness, failure to take responsibility, and simplistic but idiotic fixes will make us better.