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It’s going to be a very interesting election in the city of Irvine and it’s time to remind voters of those who are associating themselves with Donald Trump.  The most obvious choice is AD-68 GOP candidate and current Irvine Mayor Steven Choi, who embraced Trump in a mailer prior to the June 7 primary and ripped out Trump’s slogan, amending it to say “Make California Great Again.”

Nice to know Choi is associating himself with a bully who has no policy plans, no details, won’t release his taxes, lies frequently, and has pretty much admitted to being a sexual predator.  And with the exception of the sexual predator part, Choi’s platform for running for assembly has no details, no policy plans, and Choi makes claims on his accomplishments as mayor that certainly could be constituted as lies (lowering Irvine’s unemployment rate for example which a mayor can’t do unless they are hiring people directly).

The FivePoint ticket of Christina Shea and Anthony Kuo did not return emails asking if they would be voting for Trump in November, but the pair ran TV ads during the Republican National Convention in August which was pretty much a love letter to Trump.  It’s hard to imagine either of them backing Hillary Clinton.

But let’s lump Choi, Kuo, Shea in with Mayoral and State AG candidate Don Wagner.  Prominent Republicans across the nation are speaking against Donald Trump’s offensive remarks about women, and many have withdrawn support.  From this quartet, nothing.  Squat.  Nada.  Silence.

The election season is heating up and there are [plenty of opportunities to engage these candidates; ask them where they stand on Trump.  Ask Wagner why he opening a campaign to run for AG (we’re told its actually been open for a year which makes his commitment to being Irvine’s mayor even worse because he’ll never be around to actually govern as he’ll be too busy traveling the state).  Ask Shea about her FPPC complaint and have her explain why she doesn’t think she violated state law using her elected position to benefit her business.  And don’t forget to ask Kuo about his hit and run in Newport Beach and his denial of the 1999 incident because we had heard it happened in Irvine (parents would never let their kids get away with being that dishonest about evading the truth).


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  1. Nice try Dan, but as a liberal what else can you say? I am happy to see Steven Choi take a position backing the Republican Candidate for President without hesitation or reservation. All too many cowardly Republicans in Name Only are jumping ship and showing their true colors by deserting Donald Trump. What you liberals can’t seem to comprehend is that Donald Trump has awakened the mass of the “silent majority” in this country. This awakening has resulted in multi-millions of hard working, dedicated people, who pay their taxes, obey the law and for the most part avoid the dirty business of politics. It is the silence of these Americans that has led to the elected representatives from both political parties selling out their country to the Special Interests. The “silent majority” is very now very angry at government and the traitors in Washington D.C. who have brought our country to the edge of the cliff. Hillary Clinton, is nothing but a puppet of the elite, globalist cabal who controls the country from behind the scenes. She is the anointed one to replace their poster boy, Barack Obama. Their protection is the only reason Hillary and Bill have stayed out of jail all these years. Moral of the story is that while Donald Trump is at times rude, crude and lewd, he is the one candidate who has the backbone, will and expertise to take on the NWO Cabal and shake up the “snake pit” in Washington D.C. Don’t be surprised on the day after the election for all the false political polls to be proven wrong and Donald Trump to be elected by a landslide.

  2. By “silent majority” you must mean the silent racists. Hardworking? I’ve never seen a Mexican homeless person. Donald Trump is a sociopathic liar and a crazy person who has the intelligence of a spoiled 5 year old. He is not a hero or the only one who can change WA. He is a con-artist and a joke who has managed to fool the “silent majority” a.k.a. The basket of Deplorables.

  3. Fat Pat’s (Ltpar’s) references to an “elite, globalist cabal [that] controls the country from behind the scenes” and NWO [new world order] makes it clear that he has gone off the deep end into mentally ill paranoid conspiracy theories. But like his hero Trump, Fat Pat hasn’t made clear which historically scapegoated boogeymen he imagines are pulling the invisible strings: is it the Catholics? the Jews? the Masons? the Reptile People? Little Green Men from Outer Space? Please let us know, Fat Pat. White civilization hangs in the balance!

  4. I knew we should not have let those nazi’s into our country after WWII. Trump is insane and the majority of his followers are ignorant racists.

  5. But Alan (and the democrats) will let in tons of Muslims who are pretty much indistinguishable from Nazi’s. I always wonder why democrats are so hard-set to let in so many immigrants who hate gays and demean women. And then they set up schools and society against assimilation.

    But, hey, asking people to come here to integrate is “racist”. Saying, hey, our population is already too big with traffic, school crowding, drought, and what not, maybe we ought to slow things down, but racist.

    I always find it amusing that the people who are so against more apartments, more building, more streets, more construction, more building, more development are the same ones who are for mass immigration.

    (Oh, and the reason you don’t see Mexican homeless is because they live 10 to a two bedroom house, coming soon to an Irvine house near you).

    • Maybe you need to stop watching so much faux news and actually meet some Muslims. This way you can form your own unbiased opinion on them.

      Who said anything about “mass immigration”?

      The vetting process for Syrian refugees is two years.

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