Shea Reschedules Pro-Developer Agenda Item to Yom Kippur; No Respect for Irvine’s Jewish Council Members

Irvine Council Member Christina Shea has rescheduled an agenda item that was supposed to be heard in late September to the city’s October 11 council meeting, to exclude Beth Krom and Jeff Lalloway who are both Jewish and won’t attend the meeting because it conflicts with Yom Kippur.  By eliminating Krom and Lalloway from the meeting regarding a temporary amphitheater being promoted by Shea’s favorite developer — Five Point — Shea is putting the agenda of the developer who is likely to fund IEs in her favor weeks before the city’s election ahead of the concerns of her peers.
And it’s not just Krom and Lalloway who won’t be there.  Melissa Fox, a candidate for city council, will also observe Yom Kippur that day.  Shea’s disregard for the religious obligations of two City Council members and Irvine’s vocal Jewish community to curry more favor with FivePoint is borderline anti-Semitic.
If you need a primer, Yom Kippur is the holiest day on the Jewish calendar.  Jews fast, atone for sins and other transgressions, and honor family members who have passed on.  Holding a meeting on Yom Kippur would be like conducting a city council meeting on Christmas Eve.
Shea’s rescheduling of a significant development matter from September 27th meeting for October 11th was designed to thwart any opposition to the amphitheater.  And shame on Five Point and LiveNation for going along with this.  Irvine residents will have a chance at the September 27 meeting to tell Shea what they think of her lack of respect for silencing Jewish voices in regards to a huge development proposal.
We’re going to call on Mayor Steven Choi and Council member Lynn Schott to boycott the meeting or call for it to be cancelled.  Choi risks offending Jews in Tustin, Orange and Anaheim for his assembly bid in AD-68 by attending.



  1. Why is there a council meeting at all on Yom Kippur? They could hold a Special Meeting another day that week or reschedule for the meeting on 10/25. Two weeks’ more inaction at the Great Park won’t matter seems inconsequential after all these years of delays.

    • Two theories:

      1 to railroad through a project the developer wants
      2. She doesn’t like Jewish people

      She rose to power by hating gays, so hating Jews isn’t a stretch
      Pat will be here to defend it

  2. Remember, this is the same Christina Shea who came to power in Irvine in the early 1990s by heading up the so-called “Values Coalition,” whose purpose was to repeal Irvine’s Human Rights Ordinance protecting gay people (and others) from discrimination in Irvine. She’s been a bigot for a very long time.

  3. Remember, this is the same Christina Shea who came to power in Irvine in the early 1990s by heading up the so-called “Values Coalition” whose purpose was to repeal Irvine’s Human Rights Ordinance that prohibited discrimination against gay people (and others). Shea has been a bigot for a very long time.

  4. The likely reason for the urgency is less likely to be bigotry (seriously?) and more likely to get the amphitheater and its traffic impacts in the Great Park plan, before the county unveils its development plan and traffic impacts for the 100 acres south of the Great Park (see yesterday’s OC Register article).

  5. Seriously? Yes, seriously.

    Let’s not forget that Councilwoman Christina Shea launched her political career as the campaign manager for the anti-gay rights “Irvine Values Coalition.” “I’m a mom with three kids and I don’t want gay pride festivals or public sex in bathrooms in my city,” Shea said. “We have chaos in our society if you don’t judge people on their behavior. It bothers me when people don’t take stands.”

    Shea was a bigot then. She’s a bigot now.

  6. In social media posts, Shea referred to Yom Kippur as “yon Kippur” and she’s can’t spell “Israel” (Isreal). Shea wrote this:

    “Councilmember Krom, as all members of our Council, should, take the personal responsibilty, to inform their fellow Councilmembers, of their various special religious holidays ahead of time, so we can be sensitive to each others religious practices.”

    Yom Kippur is a major holiday for the Jewish faith is a “special” religious holiday?

  7. Today’s Orange County Register has an article in which Irvine City Council Member Jeff Lalloway “denounced [Christina] Shea’s reluctance to schedule the discussion for another day after the date conflict was raised. ‘I’ve lived through anti-Semitism, and to treat the Jewish people with a (lack of) dignity to (not) allow them to come to this council meeting and to participate is beyond disgusting to me,’ Lalloway said. ‘You should be ashamed.'”

    This is not a Democrat versus Republican issue. This is about the bigotry and anti-Semitism of Christina Shea.

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