Brandman secures OC Labor Fed Endorsement for Anaheim City Council District 3

US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) with Anaheim council member Jordan Brandman in Costa Mesa
US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) with Anaheim council member Jordan Brandman in Costa Mesa
US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) with Anaheim council member Jordan Brandman in Costa Mesa

This came via email this morning and it basically locks up all the significant labor union endorsements for the Anaheim City Council district 3 election in Council member Jordan Brandman’s favor. This is the text of an email from the Brandman for Council campaign.

The Orange County Labor Federation has endorsed our campaign for Council District 3!

The Orange County Labor Federation consists of more than 90 local unions that collectively represent more than 200,000 working men and women throughout Orange County. I’m humbled by the Federation’s support of our campaign because I know the moral weight it carries. For the last four years, I’ve worked tirelessly to improve working conditions and create opportunities for Anaheim’s working families. They are our neighbors and friends, and when they call on their elected officials to respect the dignity of honest work and their human rights, that’s just the right thing to do.

That’s why I’m proud of my record fighting for working families. In the last four years, I’ve worked to:

  • Enact four project labor agreements that together will create more than 11,000 highly-skilled union jobs, as well as tens of thousands more in related roles.
  • Called for the consideration of restoring more than 20 park employee positions the city cut in the depths of the Great Recession.
  • Funded a new fire station, hired more firefighters and police officers, and cut emergency response times.
  • Built two new parks, increased library hours, and expanded youth programming.

Will you join the Orange County Labor Federation, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, Assemblyman Tom Daly, and me in building the Anaheim our working residents in District 3 need?

It’s going to be an interesting race between Brandman and Dr. Jose Moreno.  Both are Democrats (Brandman a lifelong Democrat and Moreno registered as one two years ago); both have Republican allies; both have spoilers in the race.  Both have a decent ground game.  Moreno coveted this endorsement and it’s likely that his job growth plan hurt him with unions compared with Brandman’s actual record on helping to create union jobs.

Its going to be a fun race to watch.

Here’s the press release:



Anaheim Councilman Jordan Brandman wins major endorsement from federation representing more than 200,000 working men and women in Orange County for reelection in Council District 3.


ANAHEIM, CA — Marking a pivotal milestone toward victory, Anaheim City Councilman Jordan Brandman today announced that the Orange County Labor Federation has endorsed him in his race to represent Council District 3 on the Anaheim City Council.

A federation of more than 90 local unions that collectively represent more than 200,000 working men and women throughout Orange County, the Orange County Labor Federation has been the voice of organized labor in Orange County since 1929. The federation “strives to better the lives of all workers” and to “elect candidates… who are willing to fight for the rights and economic issues of working families.”

“I’m humbled by the Orange County Labor Federation’s support of our campaign because I know the moral weight it carries,” said Brandman. “For the last four years, I’ve worked tirelessly to improve working conditions and create opportunities for Anaheim’s working families. They are our neighbors and friends, and when they call on their elected officials to respect the dignity of honest work and their human rights, that’s the right thing to do.”

Since his election in 2012, Brandman has put the needs and priorities of Anaheim’s working people at the top of his policy agenda. In an unprecedented series of concrete gains for workers, Brandman was instrumental in striking four project labor agreements attached to major municipal and private-sector projects, creating more than 11,000 highly-skilled union jobs and tens of thousands more in related roles. In addition, in early 2016 Brandman called for the consideration of bringing back more than 20 municipal positions the city cut in the throes of the Great Recession.

The Orange County Labor Federation’s endorsement comes on the heels of a slew of endorsements by area labor organizations who agree that Brandman is the only candidate with a proven record of delivering results and creating jobs for working people. These include: AFSCME District Council 36, Anaheim Firefighters Association Local 2899, the Anaheim Municipal Employees Association, Anaheim Police Officers PAC, IBEW Local 47, the Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council, the Orange County Employees Association, SEIU USWW, the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters, and Teamsters Local 952.



Jordan Brandman was elected at-large to the Anaheim City Council in 2012. A resident of the Anaheim Colony Historic District, he is running for reelection in the newly drawn Council District 3. Prior to his term on the City Council, he served on the Anaheim Union High School District Board of Trustees from 2008 to 2012 and on the Anaheim Public Utilities Board from 2007 to 2012. A graduate of UC Irvine, he is District Director to the Majority Leader of the California State Assembly.




  1. Buying the OCLF endorsement by negotiating a Project Labor Agreement which does NOTHING for the long term permanent employees (whose Union endorsement went to Dr.. Moreno.) while looting future revenues by nearly a BILLION DOLLARS in the last four years is nothing to be proud of but speaks to Jordan’s ideology of what ever is good for Jordan is good for Anaheim. I can’t tell you how many Unions leaders have made it clear to Dr. Morenonthat they would love to support him and feel he is a true representative of District 3, but they know Jordan will tank their upcoming labor negotiations. Don’t believe me? Just ask Jesus Silva who at the request of Ernesto Medrano Was called into the Pipe-fitters Union yesterday and told that they were removing their previous endorsement and cancelling their donation as a payback for Jesus supporting Dr. Moreno at Mindsys DPOC endorsement meeting. Or… as Karen Hinks who was told that the Trades were GOING TONHURT HER for working on Dr. Moreno’s campaign! These are just a few of the recent examples. Look for more which will be widely disseminated beginning as soon as Tomorrow’s Truman Dinner! From his flagrant act of Plagerism to his recent thuggery, Jordan is out of control and has to be stopped!!!!!

    • you sound unhinged Jeff.

      The numbers keep climbing. It was $560 million a month ago, $700 million at DPOC (Brandman never voted on the Garden Walk but did speak in favor of it, so by that logic Moreno is in favor of higher taxes because he’s spoken in favor of it), and now it’s a billion. Will it be $2 billion tomorrow?

      What recent thuggery? Did Brandman beat someone up?

      Curious Jeff, don’t you think good jobs are what’s needed most in Anaheim? What’s Jose’s plan to create jobs in Anaheim? What’s yours. No job today is permanent; what is more lasting are skills that come from job training after getting out of high school and college; education never stops. Do people really want to be a janitor or a dishwasher their entire lives? I hope not. The notion of a “permanent” is a fallacy and you know this.

      Likewise, I can’t tell you how many union leaders and members tell me Moreno is an academic with no real plan for creating jobs. That’s why they are behind Brandman.

      • Just FYI Dan, there is dignity in all legal work whether your are a janitor, housekeeper, gardner , teacher, attorney etc. Your continued denigration of those who are without means is very ugly. If you haven’t learned this basic principle of the Democratic Party perhaps you should have run for the Republican Party Central Committee instead. Very ugly…….

        • How about DIGNITY in ALL work jeff?

          Since many if not most of the rank and file workers you claim to “protect “undocumented”. Do they not do an honest days work?

          You sound increasingly like a poverty pimp. After all it’s harder to oppress and impose YOUR values on a waller making $36.00 hour than it is Yessina!

        • I never said there wasn’t dignity in work. And don’t lecture me about being without means because I sure didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. There is no denigration of any working person in my comment but hopeful aspiration that those with jobs that require no real skills other than an honest work ethic reach for something more…for themselves and their families. Ugly huh? Any mirrors in your house? Take a hard look sometime.

        • and with your constant cheerleading of conservative Republicans like Tait and frequent criticisms of Democrats who consistently get elected, I often wonder if you know what Party you belong to here. Why don’t you invite Tom to the Truman dinner tonight? I’m sure all the labor leaders in OC will be happy to see him.

    • There is SO SO much wrong with Jeff’s comments. The (false) premise that these “temporary jobs are somehow worthless than long term, lowpaying unskilled labor is WRONG and has been proven time and time again. There is a reason Janitors, with six kids live in the same rundown 600sqft. Anna Drive apartment and not move to the suburbs. Because these are low skilled, uneducated laborers. Meanwhile, skilled tradesmen building bridges feed much more back into the economy, local or not.

      Next, he claims “I can’t tell you how many union leaders have made it clear to Dr. Moreno……..” Of course he can’t because it is a LIE, complete heresay. Name names Jeff. Don’t pass this off onto Jose, Man up and NAME NAMES, Mr. Bravery. They don’t exist.

      Onto you and your CRAZY belief that somehow Disney is responsible for funding social programs in the corrupt, shattered, dysfunctional community that is much of Anaheim. Here’s an idea Jeff, let those kids LEARN to read and write, with their own families support, if Mom is too busy supporting UNITE Here Rallies and Dad is too busy with his Bud Chalada’s, that’s not societies fault. It’s certainly not Disneys. I am ignoring your INSANE math too, A BILLION DOLLARS? Go smoke one of Henry “Paul” Liptons joints dude.
      I would love Hinks to come forward and tell her side of the story, you are like a seventh grade girl, Spreading gossip and innuendo. NO ONE threatened her, YOU MADE THAT UP.

      For a once respected guy, you have become a joke, be careful, you’ll end up like Brian Chuchua, a mark for opportunistic wanna be’s with no money of their own.

      If I see you tomorrow night I’ll buy you a Manhattan, or a spritzer, whatever you prefer.

          • Too many clues to ignore. This clown has been around Anna Drive, and so has Claudio. And who else around here knows about this silly blog?

            My apologies if I’m wrong, Claudio.

            • Isn’t it amazing, Vern, how Dan has no idea who Fake Vasquez is, but is absolutely positive as to who it ISN’T? How is that even possible?

              I hope that it’s not Claudio; he’s a decent guy when he’s not being some ass’s lackey.

              • IP addresses and writing style are not the same. Let’s not pretend anonymous attack commenters don’t live on your site jackass. Projection is a terrible thing. A drink was sent to me to my table. If from Mr. Vasquez, thank you.

            • Yes Vern, you owe me an apology. I am more than annoyed that I have to respond to this on a Sunday morning when there is more important stuff to do. I did not write that comment. As you know we have some very close mutual friends who live on Anna Drive, the last thing I would ever do is denigrate them, you should know better Vern.

              • I guess it is pretty insulting for someone to suspect you are the loathsome “Vasquez,” so sorry. I think I’ll steer clear of this sewer for a while, it’s not good for anyone’s mental health.

                • If you are going to republish a text string, do me the service of proper recreation. At no time did I type in all caps. And you said you were making dinner. Donna said otherwise.

              • Claudio,

                I know you not but from your reputation. I am sorry the OJB dellusions pinched you.

                My name is David Vasquez. I have said a dozen times, Greg “Cocoa Puff” Diamond can not believe someone might refute his opinion. He is sore.

                The merry band of fools that make up their blog are concerned with one thing: THEMSELVES.

                Now Greg, go take a Xanax and prepare a takedown notice, BREATHE, TAKE DEEP BREATHES…..

                COOKOO FOR COCOA PUFFS

          • Oh, is Truman tonight? Wasn’t really paying attention to that. Maybe I’ll check it out next year. Donna’s working late and I’m making her dinner.

            Please pass on my thanks to the Party for their endorsement of Donna, and Jose too. Good calls both.

            • Happy to see the Party honor Henry Vandermeir for his good work in growing Democratic registration, recruiting good candidates and improving the Party’s bottom line while having to deal with naysayers and sore losers from the suicide wing on the Party almost non-stop. The room was packed last night. Great crowd.

  2. Jeff is unhinged. He’s been unhinged since he lost the DPOC chair to Henry. Get him a dictionary so he can spell plagiarism correctly.

  3. I was considering donating to Gregs “Go Fund Me” page so he could go enjoy a vegetable dinner, but I figured the money could be better spent (like on cigerettes and lottery tickets)!

    Maybe Jordan’s thuggery involved with a baseball bat, threatening to call an ambulance for some one he viciously beat with a baseball bat over………..a word.

    • I have a “Go Fund Me” page? Shouldn’t someone have told me?

      Truly, this is my favorite place to come see an Imaginary Mexican and a Fake Democrat join the host in denigrating the poor. Because that’s a “Democratic Party value” in their cosseted Bizarro World.

      Jeff, have fun at the Truman Dinner. If anyone DOES introduce themselves to you as “David Vasquez,” get a photo — and a butterfly net.

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