Lalloway asks Irvine City Council to Release Privileged Documents on Shea’s FPPC Investigation

Jeff Lalloway and Christina Shea with Irvine Mayor Steven Choi-2014


Jeff Lalloway and Christina Shea with Irvine Mayor Steven Choi-2014
Jeff Lalloway and Christina Shea with Irvine Mayor Steven Choi-2014

According to a memo sent to TheLiberalOC, Irvine City Council Member Jeff Lalloway has asked that privileged documents from the city’s lawyers be made public.  Lalloway requested that the city attorney release documents featuring their opinions on whether or not Council Member Christina Shea violated any state laws in regards to her consulting activities on behalf of KIA Motors which are the subject on an ongoing Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Investigation.  Lalloway has asked that the matter for waiving privilege be agendized for the May 24 City Council meeting.

From the memo, dated May 17, 2016:

Responses to a reporter’s Public Records Act request late last year revealed that in mid-2015 Councilwoman Shea, while acting as a paid lobbyist of Kia Motors, contacted City staff concerning Kia’s pursuit of building permits associated with building improvements at Kia Motors America Headquarters. The documents produced suggest that Councilwoman Shea may have used her position as an elected member of the Irvine City Council to expedite the processing of applicable building permits. Specifically, in a May 13, 2016 text to the Acting Community Development Director, Councilwoman Shea asks, “Can you check to insure these get thru as soon as possible?”

Councilwoman Shea has since made numerous comments that the City Attorney’s Office has assured her that she violated no State laws when she lobbied on behalf of her employer that, according to her own most recent disclosure statement, pays her up to $100,000 annually.

Indeed, in the comment section of a January 14, 2016 post on the blog, Councilmember Shea wrote, “It’s amazing I am attacked for working hard and following all the rules, laws and policies of the City. City Attorney review substantiated this statement, I have not violated Andy laws or ethics policies or rules [sic].”

Further, on the online news service,, on May 11, 2016 Councilmember Shea commented, “I am not a lobbyist and our City Attorney has opined, on that fact, in writing, and has opined verbally that I have not violated any State laws.”

Please place on the May 24, 2016 City Council agenda my request that the City Council consider releasing the legal opinion(s) to which Councilwoman Shea refers when she claims that the City Attorney’s office opined that she did not violate any State laws when she repeatedly contacted City staff to advocate for the interests of her employer, Kia Motors.

The battle between Shea and Lalloway has been escalating in social media over the past several weeks, on Facebook and in the comments sections of Orange County blogs including this one, the Orange Juice Blog and the Voice of OC.  Shea has taunted Lalloway in comments about waiving privilege in regards to the audit of the audit of the Great Park, as she did in this comment left on the OJ Blog last week:

Christina Shea

Well Jeff Lalloway spins tails like fairies in storybooks
The reason I am being investigated is Jeff Lalloway instigated the whole process by going to the press for them to pull public records while working with Dan Chemenski who filed the complaint with the FPPC as a political ploy because he wants to defeat me in November I had only asked sone questions of staff which my city attorney says was legal This of course is on the heels of Jeff going to my Company in 2010 meeting with my boss trying to take my consulting job away from me.. This is the kind of guy we are dealing with …and telling my boss he was the new sheriff in town My boss was so troubled by his suggestions and thank goodness I retained my position. He didn’t go alone by the way so we have the proof and it was also confirmed by others and just like this FPPC investigation inside folks told me how this adventure unfolded. But of course, no one needed to tell me . Now let’s turn to Jeff and ask about the Great Park audit and what is going on with the multi multi millions of claims? We need to waive privilege to share the facts about this travesty but I bet Jeff will never do that and spin more tails I am ready to share what has gone on Of course he bully’s othets I don’t let him treat me like that any more but I have records to the City Manager and City Attorney about him bullying me bringing me to tears He humiliated our wonderful legal Represebtatuve for the Grest Park audit in a public meeting he attackied and insulted our State Party chair and OC chair in the press as we all know when he tried to defend his support of Miguel Pulido for AQMD. He spins a tale now but we all know and the press stories confirm his support for Miquel and against the Republican Dwigjht Thompson is very clear 

And our Veterans wow this is another spin around of Jeff’s I support the veterans cemetery I support the land exchange as well which is a much better deal and I hosted a year long Veterans housing task force which Jeff attended as a committee member but he only cane to one meeting and never came again but called our staff and got mad that they didn’t promote his name more when we brought forward the findings in a public meeting But he really isn’t worth wasting my day to describe these few of many issues which I and others have had to deal with on a daily basis with Mr Lalloway (editor’s note –lots of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors)

In January, TheLiberalOC filed a complaint with the FPPC against Shea based on a story that ran in the Voice of OC in December that suggested Shea had several ethical issues concerning her contacting city staff to accelerate requests for her client, Kia Motors, with the city of Irvine.  While requests were made from Shea’s business email address, staff basically said “how high?” to Shea’s request to “jump.”  The complaint filed by this blog included emails from Shea secured via public records requests from the City and these messages were attached as “evidence” in the FPPC complaint.  My only regret in filing this complaint was using Voice of OC reporter Adam Elmarek as a “witness.”  Adam’s reporting means he saw the same documents I did but the VOC is more about covering news than making it.  The investigation is still ongoing.

Ms. Shea continues to insist the complaint was somehow orchestrated by Lalloway; it wasn’t.  Here are her comments on the Voice of OC; I’ve bolded some lines for emphasis:

Christina Shea

Well Mr Chemeleski (sic) you are incorrect. Jeff may not have filed the complaint because that was you with reference to Adam E in the complaint writing the articles. I read the complaint, which by the way was written very sloppily. Jeff has been behind the scenes working to get my emails out and communicating with you to collaborate….everyone knows what’s up with you guys. I personally was told this by a close supporter of yours, besides so many others. Hiding under bushes doesn’t mean we can’t see your backs. It’s a trinity effort as I explained prior.

My granddaughter is no business of yours, Dan. Period. She has every right to come to City Hall. Many scout organizations come to City Hall and stay for hours. You will stoop as low as it takes to try to create some ridiculous point. She is in fourth grade going into fifth in August. She doesn’t need to be baby sat. She comes to Council on nights the agenda is short, she does her homework and watches the proceedings, which is a very good civics lesson for her. We enjoy discussing the topics and speakers after the meeting. So what’s your point? What ridiculous point are you spending your time making now ? I hope you aren’t in City Hall with your camera friends taking her picture while she watches the proceedings like you do with me….as you will have a big problem with if that is going on.
Tell Jeff to stop hiding behind your apron. Everyone knows how close you are, it isn’t a secret
So funny you think people don’t see what’s up! We do….
Have a nice day…


    Well Jeff Lalloway is all a part of this investigation of me and the filing of this FPPC complaint. I am not a lobbyist and our City Attorney has opined, on that fact, in writing, and has opined verbally that I have not violated any State laws. However, Jeff wont let this go. He is a man on a mission, out to destroy anyone that disagrees with him on any issue, especially a woman. But in spite of Jeff’s continual attacks and social media melt downs, and Jeff trying unsuccessfully to take my job in 2010, I would suggest he get a job of his own, so he can be a bit more productive with his time. This tweeter advertising, he promotes as a divorce attorney, is questionable and has raised many eyebrows. I work for the good of my community and in spite of his negativity, I will continue to serve my community as best as I can. it is an election year, so there it is!


The reference to Ms. Shea’s granddaughter, whom she is raising, has nothing to do with the girl herself but Shea staffers who appear to be babysitting the girl when she attends City Council meetings.  babysitting done on the taxpayer’s dollar.  As a parent myself, there is no way I’d allow a 4th grader to sit by themselves while I was busy participating in a public meeting. This goes to the issue of Shea using city staff for free babysitting services, which a number of city council regulars have noted to me over the past several months.  if the girl isn’t being “babysat,” I question Shea’s judgment as a (grand)parent to let the girl sit by herself.

I also so enjoy being accused of filing a “sloppily written complaint” by the Queen of Fractured Syntax and Bad Grammar.  Punctuation is clearly not Ms. Shea’s friend.  And yet, my “sloppily written” complaint was good enough for the OC Register to use for their story on the FPPC investigation of Shea:  “She has made requests of city staff for expedited services on behalf of her client through her business email address claiming to help a constituent when she is really providing client services for which KIA pays her,” wrote resident Dan Chmielewski in a January complaint to the FPPC.

Now that Lalloway has launched this effort to release privileged documents, expect Shea to counter by requesting a release of privileged documents related to the audit of the Great Park audit.  I’m personally enjoying watching these two go at it.


    • Clearly you don’t know Jack Schitt about Christina Shea. She is owned by no one and clearly not controlled or intimidated by anyone either. Shea would not knuckle under to Lalloway, 00who after his election proclaimed himself to be “The New Sheriff in Town.” Lalloway declared war on Shea making public rants about crushing her political career. Lalloway’s end goal is to pressure Shea into not running for reelection in November. What the Johnny Come Lately “Bully Boy” Lalloway doesn’t comprehend is, Shea has a twenty year record of being a hard working Council Member who listens to the community and works on their behalf. Lalloway has a bad reputation even with other Republicans around Orange County which is evidenced by the organized effort to prevent his election to the Republican Central Committee. Lalloway will be a one term Council Member, but unfortunately we have to put up with the jackass for two more years.

  1. Dan, here you are again, playing the lead role as a shill for Jeff “Bully Boy” Lalloway. You continue to promote his accusations about Christina Shea being a lobbyist for Kia Corporation.

    If in fact you are acting on your own, why not do an interview with Jeff Lalloway and ask him a few pointed questions? Question #1 – If he thinks Shea’s working as a Consultant for Kia is a crime, why did he go to them himself after being elected trying to get Shea’s job, saying “There’s a new Sheriff in town.” Question #2 – Wasn’t it a fact that Lalloway approached several developers prior to the Council election in 2014, hustling them for a $200,000 Consulting job with the condition he would not run for City Council. We can only assume the developers didn’t fall for the hustle and no one hired him. Jeff Lalloway is the essence of a political hypocrite who is in politics for himself and no one else.

    • Pat — I haven’t heard anything about Lalloway approaching deevlopers and without some sort of factual backup, I believe that term is “hearsay.” If you have evidence, please post it.

      Ms. Shea has repeated said lawyers for the city say she’s done nothing wrong. OK, release the documents and waive privilege and let’s see her prove it via transparency.

      If there’s a loophole in city law that violates state law, perhaps its time to shore this up.

      • How about simply telling your new BFF Jeff the “bully boy” the cat is out of the bag and now everyone knows about his efforts to grab off Christina Shea’s job at Kia and when that didn’t work he then hustled several unnamed developers for a job. Ask him to confirm or deny those allegations, although he will likely look you in the eye and lie to your face. Since Lalloway couldn’t steal Shea’s job and she wouldn’t knuckle under to him on Council matters he launched his personal attack on Christina because she wouldn’t knuckle under to him. Jeff Lalloway is in many ways worse than Larry Agran because of his temper and confrontational tirades. When Lalloway and his sidekick Lynn Schott (another disappointment) come up for reelection in 2018, depending on who is running, I would consider supporting Melissa Fox over either of them. Hope I am not turning into a liberal in my old age?

  2. Shea’s son-in-law defrauded elderly investors. Feline charges dismissed after he paid up. Did she refer business to him?

  3. I unfriended Lalloway b/c he uses FB as an ad medium to push his “divorce in a can” business WAY too much.

    • Junior, rumor has it that Lalloway hasn’t had much business in the last year period. If his lawyer work is the same quality as that demonstrated on City Council business, I can understand the lack of customers.

          • Dan, yep, I would need to have a medical clearance, which I could have gotten from my current Cardiologist. I also would have to give up my disability retirement, which I never wanted in the first place. My old doctor who ran the heart program for the Police Department refused to sign the paperwork allowing me to go back to work.

            Don, nothing “fake” about the heart attack I had which took out 20% of my hear function. But for the doctor, I would have stayed on the job and still be working in Irvine today, as I liked my job and the people I worked with.

            This is old news as Irvine has a very capable Police Chief in Mike Hamel and I continue to wish him well in leading the department.

  4. Shame on you, Dan C and Jeff L! You two are like the bad bully boys in high school, and even worse because Lalloway is wasting tax payers money to hold his own personal grudge against Mrs Shea, who by the way, is the only city council members who does real work for people. Lalloway, stop wasting tax payer’s money on you own political fight. You are selfish and shameless!

    • You are one of the Gang Che supporters who want to recall the entire city council for keeping the cemetery on schedule. You should be ashamed Wendy.

      • I support whoever sincerely want to serve the public. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Lalloway is doing nothing for Irvine people. All he does is wasting tax payer’s money on his own political fight. Keeping the cemetery on schedule? Go find out what the vets want, and what Bill Cook has said, Bobby. Lalloway is killing the cemetery by rejecting the land swap proposal!

      • There’s nothing wrong with recall if the city council doesn’t work for the people. When overwhelming majority of veterans and residents speaks strongly in support of the land swap at the council meeting yet they vote against it they are clearly only serving their self interest. They should reap the wrath of what they sow.

        The only ones who should be ashamed are the city council members who failed their constituents and their delusional supporters.

        • Actually the Vets are split on this; and I disagree that a majority of residents want the swap. That simply isn’t true. Recalls are expensive, especially with an election coming up. I support the cemetery right was its assigned to go when the governor signed it two years ago. Playing around with the location means there might be no cemetery at all.

          • Split? If you call nearly unanimous support from vets a split then sure. It’s obvious this is more about what you want than what the vets want.

            The city council put up a good front that they’re “supporting” the veterans. But, it doesn’t take a genius to see that it’s all political posturing right from the get go. By assigning a plot of land that they know is most expensive to cleanup and demolish of the entire former base they guaranteed that the cemetery will never happen.

            Now that an alternate site has surfaced their only option is to patently go against the will of the vets and residents alike. Their real motives are beyond transparent.

            The word is out. Only lemmings fail to see through their ploy and mindlessly support the original plan.

            • Glad you settled on a name. The original site for the cemetery was literally the last land left on the base in 2013/2014 as the cemetery was heating up. To get a state veterans cemetery, you need a bill that passes the assembly, the state senate and gets signed by the governor. There’s a July 1 deadline for CalVet grants. The land swap would require a new bill which would take several months if not a year to do. Read that all again. If you propose a new site, it’s to the back of the bus. The fastest way to get the cemetery is the original site. The land swap does not have the support you think it does.

              Joseph, I’m guessing you live near the proposed cemetery? Not all residents in Irvine want the swap but a high percentage of the live near where the cemetery will go.

              • You’re intensely focused on the deadline. That’s like hurrying to a wedding to marry someone you don’t want to be with. It totally misses the point.

                This is not about the city council or you. This is about the vets and the residents who will have to live with this location forever. They overwhelmingly support the land swap and spoke out strongly in favor during the city council meeting. It’s not even close.

                • This was voted on 2 years ago. There’s been no hurry. The swap is designed to enrich the developer and it comes too late in the process. Vets are split and residents of Irvine support the cemetery where it was desegnated. There’s a small group opposed to its original location. Tell me Joseph, do you live near where the cemetery is going? Because I’ll guess you do. You cannot claim overwhelming support…there’s no data

      • Seriously? Keep the cemetery on schedule for what? On schedule for a location the veterans don’t want? On schedule for a location that veterans can’t afford to clean up?

        It makes me wonder who this cemetery is for? Is it really for the veterans or just a wedge issue for Jeff to further his agenda.

        If it’s really for veterans how about paying attention to what they want? It’s not that hard.

      • Keep cemetery on schedule? On schedule for a what? On schedule for a location the veterans don’t want? On schedule for a location veterans can’t afford to clean up? Who is the cemetery for? Is it really for the veterans or just a wedge issue for Jeff to use for his political gain?

        If it’s really for the veterans he ought to start listening to what the veterans want and stop wasting our tax dollar.

        • There’s a July 1 deadline to submit applications for CalVet grants. To do the land swap, you’d need a new bill in the assembly, passed by the assembly, passed by the senate and signed by the governor. There wasn’t and isn’t enough time to make that happen. That’s why keeping the original plan makes the best sense.

          • That almost sound reasonable. If only that was true. It’s all just a ploy to make the cemetery impossible in the Great Park.
            Apply for grant all you want. Calvet will not foot the bill for the multi-million dollar and multi-year cleanup and demolition even before cemetery construction can begin.
            But, then again, that was the plan all along. They vote to support the vets while having plausible deniability when it doesn’t work out. They almost got away with it if the alternate site hadn’t come up. Kudos to Shea and 5 Point. Now everyone is waking up to their real motive.

              • There you go again. Making claims that appears reasonable but with no fact to back it up.

                In any case, I have no qualms with 5P making big profits as long as it benefit the residents, vets and itself. That’s what a win-win-win is.

                This is not us versus them. Something the city council and your little mind can’t comprehend.

                • Amen. It’s typical politics to turn people on each other to benefit themselves. We won’t fall for that.

                  No one begrudge a company making profits when it’s in service of its customer, and in this case, residents and veterans too. If only more companies would be like this we’d all be better off.

          • I know you want to undermine opposing view points. Don’t shoot the messenger. You can’t hide from the truth.

              • I am one of overwhelming number of Irvine residents who love and support our vets.
                The better question is why are you against our vets? They sacrificed for our freedom and way of life.
                Why do you and the city council want to stick them with a location they don’t want and can’t afford?

  5. From the Vet’s cemetery bill:

    CHAPTER 9.5. Southern California Veterans Cemetery
    1410. (a) (1) The department, in voluntary cooperation with local government entities in Orange County pursuant to Section 1412, shall design, develop, construct, and equip a state-owned and state-operated Southern California Veterans Cemetery, which shall be located at the site of the former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, on 125 acres known as the Amended and Restated Development Agreement Site in the Great Park in the City of Irvine.

    The bill, as passed, is site specific.

    • The bill does not say cleanup and demolish existing infrastructure. That will come out of some other pocket that does not exist. The current location is right in the middle of the old run way and storage facilities for toxic chemical.

      This is not to mention that the veterans prefer the new location that is far more visible, provides easy access next to the freeway and require no cleanup.

      Numerous state representatives already sent messages of support for the swap that they would work to expedite the amendment. With November election coming, our electorate won’t be caught dead denying a bill to support our vets, especially an amendment to one that already passed. Don’t let others fool you.

      Jeff and Beth wants to force our veterans to stick to a site they know will never happen. Now they’ve been exposed.

      • Why would Sharon Quirk Silva have sponsored/authored a bill for vets that she knew would never pass? Was she duped?

          • Was she duped? Possibly. Did she not know the “defect” of the site? Are you surprised that our politicians don’t know what they’re doing?

            If you read her original proposal, it only designate the cemetery “shall be
            located in Orange County, California.”

            The site was only offered up by Irvine city council as a political ploy to get votes. They never intended it to be built.

        • You are entitled to your opinion. But, you are not entitled to your own fact. Unfortunately, facts are not on your side.

          – Current site will be costly to clean up
          – Current site will be costly to demolish
          – Clean up and demolition will take years
          – Current site is inconvenient to visitors
          – New site is easily accessible through the 5 Fwy
          – New site is farm land that ready to build now
          – Overwhelming vets support the alternate site
          – Overwhelming residents support the alternate site
          – Numerous state representatives wrote in in support of the new site so passing amendment is easy

          It’s okay to change your mind when overwhelming facts compel you to do so. We won’t judge.

          • Numerous state reps write in support. Name them.

            Of your facts, in order: costs are not known, costs are not known, yes and so would proposed site, no, so is current site exit Sand Canyon or Jeffrey, swapped site is zoned industrial, no, no. You fail to understand a bill is required to swap sites. Something the state legislature needs to approve and the governor needs to sign. How many times do we have to say this before you understand? Are you that dumb?

            • You are truly the master of FUD. It takes a lot of creativity to come up with all of your baloney.

              Clean up for new site costs $0.
              Demolition for the new site costs $0.
              Total time to clean up and demolish new site is 0 minutes. It’s no contest.

              New site is right off of 5 FWY exit and is visible from the freeway. Veterans want to make it a visible landmark for Irvine. Current site is almost 5 miles from 5 FWY exit through Sand Canyon and Irvine Blvd. It is hidden inside Great Park miles from the freeway.

              Zoning? Rezoning happens all the time. City council can easily approve it. It’s a frivolous argument.

              Bill is needed to swap site? So what? There’s strong support in legislature for the swap. Pushing an amendment in support of our veterans during an election year is a no-brainer.

              You can keep arguing with logistics. That’s little comfort to the overwhelming vets and residents who support the new site.

              I know it’s painful to admit that you’re wrong. It’s not too late to turn away from the dark side.

              • Wow! Looks like I missed some fireworks.

                I totally agree. There’s no reason for the cemetery to even exist if the vets don’t want it there. Any other argument is pointless.

                Joseph, you need to stop embarrassing Dan with all those facts on his own site. He is clearly too far gone to turn back.

              • Please list of the state legislators who support a landswap. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

                As for this: Clean up for new site costs $0.
                Demolition for the new site costs $0.
                Total time to clean up and demolish new site is 0 minutes. It’s no contest.

                Yes, there will be costs. The cemetery needs to be designed and planned out. Ever hear of an architect or a landscape designer? You clearly lack any appreciation for how property is developed for any purpose. You’re not citing facts, you site claims.

                I really don’t want to see a cemetery from the freeway. The bill authorizing the cemetery is already signed by the Governor; you can’t amend that bill. You need a new one. Try taking a Civics class. It’s painful to admit you’re dumb…but you are.

                • Are you that dense?

                  The design and architecting of the cemetery will be the same either way so it’s not the reason to pick one site versus another. The current site has the ADDED cost of toxic cleanup and demolition that the new site, currently a farm land, does not.

                  If you’re going to grand stand at least make a relevant argument.

                • You don’t want to see a cemetery from the freeway? This is not about you.

                  You just keep regurgitating the same lines over and over again, none of which is about what the vets or residents want, overwhelmingly.

                  Seriously! It’s like talking to a wall.

  6. “Bill is needed to swap site? So what? There’s strong support in legislature for the swap.”

    So why is there no bill in the CA legislature to swap sites?

    • There’s no bill because there is no site being offered up as alternative. Irvine city council turned down the opportunity to further study the swap. Not to approve, but to study.

      Why do you think they’re so nervous to even let the study go forward? They are afraid. It doesn’t get much more obvious than this.

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