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Introducing Lenore Albert, a Democratic Candidate for AD-72


Huntington Beach consumer attorney Lenore Albert is the Democratic candidate for Assembly in AD-72 taking on Travis Allen.  There’s a lot of rumors about Albert out there in the wild and one’s need needs to address on her own.  So here’s a Q&A to help voters in AD-72 get to know her better.

Lenore Albert

Tell us who you are and why you’re running for State Assembly?

My name is Lenore Albert and I am running for the seat in Assembly District 72 because I want to protect the interests of the underserved and fight hard to bring back the middle class.

In Your Opinion, why are you qualified to be in the State Assembly?

I not only believe that I am qualified to be in the State Assembly but am the most qualified candidate running for this seat because I have spent the last 15 years advocating for consumer rights and in the interest of small business.  I earned a BA degree in economics from California State Long Beach and a JD degree from McGeorge School of Law. As a small business owner living in Westminster and working in Huntington Beach, I understand how the local economy works and is functioning here. Beyond the courtroom where I litigate as part of my profession, I have been advocating for consumer rights through organizations such as Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) where we go educate the legislature every year on important consumer rights issues.

I have been referred to as a ‘judicial activist’ as though it is a bad thing (although I am not a judge). I take it as a compliment. However, I have a reached a point of diminishing returns in my role as an attorney so I decided to run for Assembly so I could continue to help consumers, small businesses and the underserved.

How has Travis Allen fallen short?

Travis Allen publicly ran his campaign on the premise he was going to represent Huntington Beach in Sacramento.  There is nothing wrong with that promise that he made, however, AD72 only governs Huntington Beach from Ellis Street inward (towards Westminster).  In addition to Huntington Beach, there are eleven (11) other cities, or portions of cities, within this district and they have been ignored. If elected, I intend to represent all constituents and their interests as a whole.  No one area should be give special treatment over another. 

Fundamentally, Travis Allen and I are natural opposites, giving the voting population a real choice.  Travis Allen by profession focuses on assisting people with wealth accumulation, which tends to cater to the wealthier individuals and large corporate interests.  I, on the other hand, have been a consumer attorney for fifteen years focusing on holding large corporations, insurance companies or government agencies accountable for injuries that they have inflicted upon the people and small business owners in civil cases.  I have spent the past five years trying to hold Wall Street financial institutions accountable, and at times, have been successful.  Travis Allen sits on the Banking committee in Sacramento but has done nothing to hold Wall Street accountable or help the victims of wrongful foreclosure. Travis Allen voted against raising the minimum wage.  I don’t think raising the minimum wage, alone, will help our community, but raising the minimum wage while ensuring people do not lose their subsidized benefits until we can get people to a living wage is a necessary component.  To say some companies cannot afford it is short sighted.  Take the example of Wal-Mart.  It is common knowledge that Wal-Mart is making huge profits while asking the tax payers to subsidize their employees with welfare benefits because they receive such a low wage. From a taxpayer’s perspective, keeping wages low does not make economic sense.

If elected, what do you hope to accomplish in the Assembly?

I have a lot of hope to accomplish many things. One of my main concerns is to stop the permanent displacement of an entire socioeconomic class. When I say I am running for the State Assembly to protect the underserved and fight hard to bring back the middle class, I mean every word of it. Let’s hold corporations accountable for injuries they cause from environmental pollution to downright economic fraud. 

I went to the Westminster mall the other day. I had not been there in a very long time. I was shocked to see all of the closed stores.  People say the recession is over. Walking around the mall, I saw a completely different picture. This is not just a Westminster problem.

I was in Laguna recently and although there were many people walking up and down the sidewalk, they were not carrying any bags in their hands.  When homeowners raced into bankruptcy to save their homes, the laws were written in a way that the person could have all of their consumer debt forgiven, but many times they lost their home. They didn’t necessarily go into bankruptcy to erase their consumer debt, they went into bankruptcy to save their home from foreclosure (why they did that is a whole other longer discussion). Back to my example, what did this do to the retailers? It hit them hard. It is obvious.  Wall Street banks caused all of this havoc.  At the local level, this left cities, counties, and states with less tax revenue. The domino effect was not just on the homeowner, stock investor or even city dealing with urban blight. It was much larger than that and our State has yet to hold these banks fully accountable or to do anything to prevent it from happening again.  I call it a permanent displacement of an entire socioeconomic class because, without serious intervention, that is exactly what it is. There is no bouncing back for the families that were hit with this type of financial blow because the economy at every level was hit in such a way that everyone is fighting over a smaller portion of the pie now.  The elderly and disabled have no way of coming back because their income is fixed.

We have a severely underfunded court system which represents one-third of our government and the one branch that directly deals with the public on a day to day basis. Consumers have been left without a court reporter. Court reporters are now projecting that they need to work longer before they can retire. Without a court reporter, many times a plaintiff will have an inadequate record to take an appeal. Access to justice has been going in the wrong direction. 

We don’t have enough teachers in our public school system and the teachers who are there, are having to take money out of their own salary to make sure their students have needed supplies.  We are in desperate need of student loan reform. Some of that will have to come from the federal level, but there are things we can do at the state level, too. We need affordable housing and living wages. We need to bring back programs into our schools that are meaningful. We have single parent homes and still inequality in income. We need to empower people again and that is what I intend to do if elected as Assemblyperson for the 72nd district.

What are the biggest issues facing the district and how can you address them?

I have touched on some of the issues facing this district above. But just to expand on what I have already said, we have a college that sits in our district but according to the news, our housing is so unaffordable the Millenials are moving out of Orange County.  We have cities that are going broke, like Westminster, but because no one is holding the large financial institutions truly accountable for the havoc they wreaked on our local economy, the city is looking at ways to tax the residents. This is unacceptable.  Corporations and people alike, need to start taking responsibility for the risks that they take in life. I will not sell the people out or the local community to big corporate interests. I will author, sponsor and vote for common sense legislation to fully restore California.

Please tell us about your endorsements

I have received approximately 25 endorsements so far.  I have been endorsed by the California Democratic party. I have also been endorsed by the International Longshore & Warehouse Union of Southern California District Council. Other notable endorsements include the Blue Day Society and their local leader, Jim LaPointe; local activist, Nellie Kaniski; local union leader, Ray Cordova; and other candidates, professional colleagues, and activists near and far (from Orange County to the UK).

There’s been suggestions you’re under investigation by the state bar and that you’re firm is in some sort of trouble; please tell us your side of the story.

I have been advocating the de-unification of the State Bar because it does not function in a way to protect the public interest or even give any benefits to the members of the bar that represent the public, like I have done for the past fifteen years.  I went and spoke at their last hearing on this issue in April and from the comments I heard, I think de-unification will eventually happen. It is my hope that the State Bar turns over its disciplinary function to the Superior Court which already hears all legal malpractice claims by clients and has the State Bar focus solely on member services including their Sections which is where members of the bar can receive continuing legal education in various areas of the law. Other states have already done this like Nebraska.

I never paid much attention to the State Bar most of my career because it was just a place to pay my yearly fees to. However, when the financial crises hit, the State Bar made a move by introducing a bill that basically said no attorney could represent a homeowner in a loan modification with a bank unless they did it for free (because very few people were getting loan modifications at the time). This left the homeowner without representation, except for the most unscrupulous. I was always focused on litigation so I thought it was unfair and chucked it up to another example where the State Bar had no clue what was really going on in the real world.  However, unbeknownst to me, a group of Soveriegn Citizen Extremists descended on my office. I did not know that they were these extremists or their prior relationships. I thought they were a medley of homeowner activists from Occupy and homeowner victims. Well, one thing led to another and they filed Bar complaints one after another.

The Bar eventually denied all of their Complaints, but they had the Bar so vested in the situation that the Bar decided to bring charges against me for failing to pay monetary sanctions to opposing counsel in these banking lawsuits and their lenders. Although the California Supreme Court has stated in three separate Opinions that the State Bar does not have the right to file these type of charges because they are not violations, the State Bar proceeded.  Those charges are not by my clients and my clients have not waived the attorney-client privilege so I am bound by the privilege to not explain why those monetary sanctions were never paid. There is only one charge – purported failure to cooperate in a State Bar investigation by Tim and Jodi Sisson which has the informant being Cindy Brown.  Cindy Brown is a Sovereign Citizen Extremist who is not an attorney but practices as a “Private Attorney General” which is something that sovereign citizens do.  

First, the State Bar’s charge merely means the State Bar is accusing me of not cooperating with them – not that they found I did anything wrong.  Second, that charge came up and through State Bar Prosecutor Erin Joyce, after Erin Joyce knew that Cindy Brown was a Sovereign Citizen Extremist and after the State Bar spent over a year investigating the various claims brought by the Sovereign Citizens and their supporters (which opposing counsel in my homeowner’s cases became). That means after I already sent the State Bar literally thousands of pages of documents, they came up with this charge. Cindy Brown took down her profile off of the website Common Law Offices of America, but left their solicitation for people to file State Bar complaints against me on there. I later learned that Cindy Brown and Sheri Moody had prior relationship with Anthony Williams, the owner of the site. He was helping Sheri Moody with her foreclosure in Florida as early as 2013. Sovereign Citizens target judges, law enforcement and attorneys like myself. They believe that the country was long ago and it is a corporation. They tend to write odd things and use phrases like “We The People” a lot.  They believe that they can call up their own “grand jury” and for any crime, it is usually treason, and the punishment is death. As part of their harassment, one of their members, George Olivo, a relapsing drug addict, whom I had temporarily employed to box up files for me, came into my office in a rage on 7-11-14 and tried to hit me over the head with a statue on my desk.

This is what led me to get educated both about what Sovereign Citizen extremists were and what the State Bar was doing about it.  I found out that Sovereign Citizen extremists were found to be the number one domestic terrorist threat in the United States by the NHS in February 2015.  I also discovered that the State Bar had no desire to prosecute Cindy Brown or her colleagues who were engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. I am not convinced that Erin Joyce would have filed her charges against me if she was not trying to oust Jayne Kim at the time. I believe I was put in the middle of that entire debacle. I would be lying if I said my phone did not ring more than once, when it was announced that Jayne Kim was resigning.

I sued the State Bar for violating my constitutional rights and antitrust violations. First as to the former in federal court, and then I refiled in State court. The state court sustained a demurrer with prejudice to all claims except for two causes of action for invasion of privacy. I must wait until litigation is final before I can appeal the decision on the constitutional rights and antitrust violation. The way the State Bar is set up today, the prosecutorial unit generates revenue through winning prosecutions. It does not leave room for objectivity and gives incentive to testify in a certain way.

Most attorneys are afraid of the State Bar because they hold so much power. However, someone needed to stand up and do the right thing and that is what I am doing.  I have a good reputation that precedes me. For example, I have written legal articles for the legal community in multiple magazines. I have won jury trials for clients in various cases from defamation to fraud. I have also won reversals on appeal and a few have even been published.  I am not the type of attorney that is a danger to the public, I have a solid record of protecting the public through my advocacy.



  1. Steve Davis Steve Davis May 10, 2016

    It is good to know that you have the true grit and conviction to do the right thing and stand up to the bar. The voters and the public, can depend on you to not to back down. Too few people stand up for their own rights. Bless you for standing up for us and the constitution. You are a true patriot.

    • oddcatout oddcatout May 10, 2016

      Good interview. Ms Albert seems to have a firm grasp of the issues facing us & a logical path toward a fair shake for everybody.

      • W. Hackett W. Hackett May 11, 2016

        I’ve known Lenore for a number of years. She’s been a fierce advocate for consumers a long time. While she’s been the target of the “free house” crowd (people who can’t afford a mortgage but think they should still get a free house) the reality is that she’s a great advocate and gets exceptional results. She will represent her district well.

        • PeopleAgainstCorruption PeopleAgainstCorruption May 11, 2016

          Clearly, you are bias… you have no inside knowledge of her tactics, however, when you piss her off… your quotes will be taken down by you. This Attorney has more street Game than you are able too comprehend or piece together… time will tell and expose the “Truth” behind her operation(s). The stolen can from Ford Motor Credit -Las Vegas wasn’t created by the purported “Stalkers”… its sad that she can not face her own wrong-doings… but instead, blames everyone for unlawful acts which she is caught and is on the hook for doing.

          • Edward Garza Edward Garza June 21, 2016

            Anonymous comments usually aren’t worth the space they are written on.

        • TruthIsTruth TruthIsTruth May 11, 2016

          W, Hackett, I challenge you to show who Lenore has actually helped in the long run. Here is what I know.

          – She sued the BAR after many BAR complaints, in an attempt to bully them into not taking action against her. Guess what? Her case against the BAR was DISMISSED.

          – She sued Yelp, Ripoff report and many individuals, some of whom were attorneys who were simply winning against her or refused to do free work for her, and many others who were advocates helping homeowners fighting banks.

          None of these people she sued were her clients, and none were looking for a “free house”. They were simply people who Lenore Albert defamed, and Lenore sued them for defamation before they could sue her – a victim MO she has.

          – Lenore cost the Koshaks over a hundred thousand dollars. After paying Lenore Albert many thousands, upon following her advice they now have a permanent restraining order so they can’t even go back to their old neighborhood.

          The Sherrifs know Lenore by name not because they are ganging up against her (how could the entire world be against Lenore Albert? Is the entire world a conspiracy? Doubtful. In fact, the answer is NO.) — BUT BECAUSE LENORE IS SO UNSTABLE THEY HAD TO APPOINT CONSISTENT OFFICERS AT THE HOUSE SO THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO KEEP ORIENTING OFFICERS TO HER ANTICS.

          In the words of one of the Sherrifs “Lenore Albert thrives on drama.” Right on.

          – The very homeowners and activists Lenore is suing have a collective track record of winning that exceeds Lenore’s.

          She is a loser, a terrible attorney and in office she would be a nightmare. Not for the “establishment” for for the human population.

          • Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 May 14, 2016

            The issue is that there is a permanent displacement of an entire socioeconomic class and I have been fighting hard to stop that process from happening. A vote for me, is a vote in turning this state back in the right direction for the people.

            I have the qualifications. I am a consumer advocate, owning my own consumer law attorney practice for the past 15 years and an economist. I obtained by undergraduate degree in economics and prior to lawschool I was a financial analyst/economic forecaster. In lawschool, I was a legal research fellow and helped create a public policy and economic model for the country of Turkmenistan.

            I have a winning track record as a consumer advocate. My record wins (except for confidential settlements) include Womack v Lovell (in favor of small contractor)


            Lueras v BAC Home Loans (Bank of America) (in favor of homeowner on appeal and thereafter settled on first day of trial);


            Lester v. JP Morgan Chase (n favor of homeowner); Jason Norman v Deutsche Bank Natl Trust Co (in favor of homeowner); Woods v UC Regents (in favor of widow); Perlmutter v Cordova West (in favor of elderly tenant); Crutcher v Chandler Lodge (in favor of terminated board member of a nonprofit), and others. I even stopped approximately 1,000 foreclosure sales in California in 2011 in the case of Yau v Deutsche Bank Natl Trust Co.

            Verified clients and colleagues who know me, trust me:


            There is no evidence to support your position that I cost Mr. Koshak over $100,000.00. I would never use a family, especially knowing that one Koshak member family is suffering with cancer to support an agenda like you are. I fight against such bully tactics against the elderly and disabled.

            Using the word “truth” in your name, when in fact what you say is refutable, makes you not credible and shows why you are hiding your real identity.

    • Pedro Pedro June 5, 2016

      Good Lord. What a load of a fake reply. This is the same kind of vague, fact-free supportive language that scam companies use in fake endorsements in fake consumer forums.

      And sovereign citizens attacked your law practice? Really? That’s your excuse? Come on now.

      Aren’t sovereign citizens the ones who advocate not registering your cars or insuring them? And yet…

      Take a look also at the Facebook pages of her biggest supporter over the past few months, Ronald J. O’Donnell. O’Donnell also is running for office, State Senate no less, as a Democrat. Yet, he seems to love repeating conspiracy theories about Obama and Hillary Clinton that he gets from less than credible sources.

      Albert herself says multiple former acquaintances and clients of hers are sovereign citizens.

      Albert wants to be elected, because her legal career is in turmoil.
      Her platform might sound nice, for a presidential candidate. But she’s not. She’s a candidate for State Assembly where she will have to work well with others to accomplish anything. From all of her various conflicts and disputes do you think she can do it? I don’t.

      • Realist Realist June 5, 2016

        Oh yes, and about that sov citizen thing she goes on about:

        Albert herself – No registration. No insurance. Loses a case, says client is conspiring with sovereign citizens. Gets a disciplinary charge, says State Bar is conspiring with sovereign citizens. Her car gets repo’ed, says sovereign citizens again. Seeing a pattern here?

        Maybe, just maybe, and I know I’m going way out on a limb here…ok okay, just hear me out…as improbable as it sounds…maybe she just flat sucks and gets her ass sued because of said aforementioned suck.

        Just maybe.

        • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | June 5, 2016

          John Smith ought to stick to one name, shouldn’t he?

          • Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 June 6, 2016

            This year I won first day we went to jury trial against Bank of America for fraud and misrepresentation in a home loan modification case called Lueras v Bank of America (BAC Home Loans). Last year I won a jury trial of fraud against the UC Regents for fraudulently obtaining the permission of a widow on an autopsy. I have won multiple other cases. I NOW have a TRO/Workplace Violence order in place against George Olivo who is in jail on separate charges. He is one of the group that started this smear campaign against me. Sheryll Alexander then asked others like Maegan Nikolic, Karen Rozier, and Pam Ragland to join in. Others who are part of this group include Cindy Brown, David Seal, Devin Lucas, Norma White. Greg Diamond and Sherry Hernandez joined this group as well. I will get the IP addresses from you afterward Dan C. because this will go before the judge for inciting harassment in violation of the Workplace Violence/TRO order when George Olivo tried to hit me over the head with a statue and then used these other people to hide it. Karen Rozier is currently listed as a fugitive. Maegan Nikolic has charges pending/probation. CIndy Brown, Sheri Moody, and Rene Powers associates with the Bundy group which are now mostly in jail. These people are not just trolls. They can be dangerous. That is why I authored a resolution about cyber-harassment and am committed to eradicating Sovereign Citizen extremists as our number one Domestic Terrorist threat.

            • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | June 6, 2016

              I’m sorry Lenore. I don’t surrender IP addresses to anyone.

              • Investig8er Investig8er June 7, 2016

                Dan, I would suggest that the real cyber-bully is the licensed attorney, who is bound by a professional code of conduct, who is publicly defaming people with unsubstantiated claims and demanding IP addresses. I would suggest that all of those personally slandered in comment above by attorney/candidate Lenore have been the true victims of cyber-bullying. Unfortunately they are all at a disadvantage as Lenore is the one with the law degree which she uses as a cudgel to aggressively punish anyone who dares to challenge her. For her to taut her “anti-bullying resolution” is the absolute height of irony and hypocrisy!

  2. Commenting Gnome Commenting Gnome May 10, 2016

    Sounds like more incompetence at the California Bar courtesy of Joe Dunn. DO we really need more like him in Washington DC?

    • Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 May 12, 2016

      I spoke at the hearing on De-unification of the State Bar in April held in Los Angeles. The hearing in San Francisco appears to have only solidified my sense of things that it will be de-unified. The system is broken according to this article.

      Yes, I am ignoring the person(s) who have been annoying and harassing me. I think rational people can see through their attacks and disparaging remarks. I would prefer to keep this a kind and respectful race.

      Lenore Albert, Esq. (member still in good standing with the California State Bar since 12-5-00).

      • Investig8er Investig8er May 12, 2016

        Lenore Albert (aka Sheridan aka Luann aka Al Lenore)… are absolutely right. The California State Bar system is indeed broken. One need look no further than the fact all of the charges against you are still pending and it’s taken this long for the disciplinary charges to move through the system. The wheels of justice move at their own speed but they’re moving thankfully.

        • Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 May 14, 2016

          Yes, I am right. I was at the hearing on April 25, 2016. Were you?

          De-unification is necessary.

          A State Bar that goes after attorneys representing the underserved client who cannot afford to pay discovery sanctions to the banks (lenders) is indeed broken. How does that protect the public? The same State Bar refuses to prosecute Sovereign Citizen extremists who do not have a law degree and yet are taking people down a road of hope and selling them a bill of goods that does not exist – and who in the end – harm the public.

          If you believe that the 1% should be able to sanction the 99% and use the State Bar as their personal army against advocates for the people, for the 1% own interest, then you have a very different version of the “wheels of justice” than I do.

          I have worked hard to show the State Bar and expose what is wrong about this institution and I am thankful that the majority agree with me on this issue. I will not be silenced by strong-arm tactics. I will only speak louder and that is a quality people should look for if they want real change to occur. Fighting against the elite and powerful is always messy and you must be able to accept the risk. There is no legitimate reason for the charges and it was unlawful for the State Bar to post them publicly because I am still a member in good standing. Anyone can file charges.

          There is no legitimate reason for State Bar executives to make more money than our own Governor.

          There is no legitimate reason to have the prosecutor and investigators salary come from the same fund if they testify in such a way that an attorney is brought up on charges or prosecuted. It is wrong and finally, due to the efforts of many people who stood up to the establishment, it should be abolished by 2019.

      • John Smith John Smith June 5, 2016

        Well Shivering Shitballs, a member in good standing of the California State Bar (albeit with charges pending). How impressive!

        Except that there is no such thing. Here is what the California State Bar says on its website about Certificates of Standing:

        The State Bar issues a single-page Certificate of Standing to verify a member’s name, bar number, admission date, current status, any number or status changes and any public discipline as of the date of the certificate. The ultimate recipient decides how long they consider the certificate “valid.” The State Bar does not use the term “good standing” since what is “good” standing may vary by jurisdiction. This document is not the frameable admission (“wall”) certificate issued by the admissions office.”

        So, If one were to ask the California Bar to verify if Albert is in good standing, it would not. It wouldn’t do that with anyone. And with Albert, it would disclose the pending disciplinary charges. And then let the recipient of that and other information decide if it is “good” subjectively.

        There’s enough spin in this story I suspect there may be other inconsistencies. I certainly don’t expect other attorneys to fall for it.

        Even assuming the basic story to be true, how is it that one person is so unlucky and so victimized and has absolutely nothing to do with it? It sounds like the persons who Albert claims are “harassing” her are simply voicing opinions she doesn’t like, that they are in fact on the same side of the fight, and at one point were allied.

        After reading this stuff, the last thing my common sense is telling me is that I should want to vote for this person who so recently was barreling down the street in an unregistered vehicle on her way to losing anti-SLAPP Motions against her critics!

      • Curious George Curious George June 6, 2016

        So, uh, Lenore, or is it Luanne, Albert, or is it Sheridan, or is there a hyphen this week? Anyway, LA-(s)? How many times did you protest the structure of the California State Bar, and speak out passionately about it, before you were charged with misconduct? Just point to the record ma’am

        Oh, that many…

  3. Amie Schardt Amie Schardt May 10, 2016

    I didn’t have much hope for local government until Lenore Albert announced her candidacy. In the past, I heard many promises for change that are soon forgotten once in office. I urge you to join me in supporting Lenore if you want your needs and wants to be heard. She is a tireless advocate that makes decisions based on how it will affect others and focuses on the issues. This isn’t just the next milestone to reach in her career, this is Lenore’s mission to fight for you and me, and she won’t let us down!

  4. Joe H.B. Joe H.B. May 10, 2016

    You wrote about her as if she is a serious and viable candidate! She is as nutty as Donald Trump! She seriously is nuts!!! Of course she responds to all of her charges. She’s nuts! … she really believes it.

    She is currently under investigation by the State Bar for not one, but four separate counts:

    Look at what her own clients say about her

    She is on the Ripoff Report:

    Scam Alert:

    She has been routinely and roundly sanctioned by various Judges. It is not the actions of one Judge but numerous Judges in disparate jurisdictions. Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck….

    What is really strange is that she has completely changed her identity! She had changed her looks completely and now goes by the name “Lenore Albert-Sheridan.” Apparently she has done this with an effort to distance herself from her considerable problems.


    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | May 10, 2016

      Lenore has her fans and foes; the comments section is here to let you have your say about her

      • PeopleAgainstCorruption PeopleAgainstCorruption May 11, 2016

        Sir… you have a duty to report facts from trustworthy resources… not Fools! L. Albert is a Public Clown with drunken followers that believe in her delusion. IF anyone in their right mind knew of her Attorney Misconduct… they’d stay far…. far.. away! Look at her Case WINS 0- Unknown losses and growing. She can not save her own case, which was a million dollar loss… YIKES!!! For pete’s sake people… wake up. Geez! She is skilled at dividing and conquering her Clients… while she is laughing at her followers… she knows what she did… but the followers are blinded with artful manipulation and gymnastics. Oh Brother!!! Three of the Clients that she currently represent are so blinded by ignorance… they don’t know that L. Albert set them up for the Restraining Orders which they were found GUILTY for. They are caught in the delusion of skilled betrayal and con-game… Keep talking and watching dummy’s…. Keep watching. Lol She is laughing at you buffoons… straight to the bank. A Real OG Player…

  5. Ang Ting Ang Ting May 10, 2016

    Great interview. And very informative too.

  6. Jane LB Jane LB May 10, 2016

    Joe HB’s comments seem credible at first, his diatribe is even supported by things posted on the internet. Its easy to investigate someone who is under public scrutiny and smear someones good name while remaining anonymous. Everything you pointed out assures me that Lenore Albert has nothing to hide. Did you even realize that your last link is one that Lenore refers to in her story? I tend to believe things that are straight from the horse’s mouth regardless and transparency is what i like to see more from a politician. A bit of advice, things arent always what they are quacked up to be.

    Channel 7 News WSVN in Miami Florida aired a news story calling Americans “sovereign citizens” and reportedfacto law enforcement agencies and news stations is an attempt to keep the real truth hidden from the American peopdemonizing law abiding citizens may not have retaliated against police, judges and other public servants.

    • Investig8er Investig8er May 10, 2016

      curious about your take on Ms. Albert threatening to decapitate the heads of her opposing council and forcing their children to take their parents heads to school for show and tell.

    • TruthIsTruth TruthIsTruth May 11, 2016

      Attention – this is a known alias of Lenore Albert. There is no proof of her “Sovereign citizen” lies … SPIN SPIN SPIN LIES LIES LIES

      • Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 May 19, 2016

        I did not write or post a comment on here without using my real name, because I have nothing to hide. I don’t even have a criminal record.

  7. A friend xo A friend xo May 10, 2016

    I personally know Lenore.
    She has “crazies” who have been stalking her, trying to discredit her, stolen from her, Lied about her, broke in to her offices. Those are the ones now posting lies and nasty things about her. It’s been going on a long time and I’ve seen some of things they’ve tried to do. Those people are idiots and can’t even vote. – the best part.
    She is genuine.
    I honestly wouldn’t take the time if I didn’t know about her stalkers.
    I would just vote.
    Those that are trying to beat it into your head she’s bad or the wrong candidate they are part of the stalker group.

    • Investig8er Investig8er May 10, 2016

      Dear “A friend xo”, so are you saying the letter on the “Law Offices of Lenore Albert” letterhead where Lenore Albert threatens to decapitate another attorney and force the decapitated attorney’s children to carry their parent’s head on a platter to school is a result of Lenore Albert’s “stalkers”?

      • A friend xo A friend xo May 10, 2016

        Yes. That’s what I’m saying.
        The one stalker “N” is a habitual liar, thief, scam artist. I know that personally. N’s goal in life is to live off everyone else or ruin them if N can’t. Lenore has tried everything, blocking them, calling police, changing fb names, etc etc but a stalker doesn’t stop till they think they’ve ruined or gotten you.
        She has gone to the cops who have done nothing.
        Yes that’s what I know for a fact.

    • TruthIsTruth TruthIsTruth May 11, 2016

      Really? Where is the PROOF Lenore has stalkers? Because judge after judge and court after court has been presented with Lenore’s lies and she has yet to present any proof. You would think with all this supposed stalking going on and supposedly breaking into things, there would be some proof somewhere. She is after all an attorney. Aren’t they supposed to present actual evidence?

      Oh wait. The dog ate her evidence. The stalkers ate her evidence. They tied her up and drugged her and took her evidence.

      Yup that may sound ridiculous but so do her lies. She is the stalker, not the other way around. She admitted on the record in court she has multiple Facebook aliases. Now she spins that (since she knows its in writing) to say that she had to create aliases because of her stalkers? Is that why LENORE ALBERT still had a profile i had to block? How can you be so gullible.

      Why does client after client regret giving her a good review mid case? Because she is a LOSER who only cares about herself, files things late, lies to judges and gets sanctioned repeatedly not because they are all against her – but because sooner or later lying catches up to you.

      Oh what a tangled web we weave… she has lies after lies after lies… every new problem she creates she spins and creates new lies.

      When her car got repossessed for failing to register it – after she let at least 2 employees take the rap for getting tickets for no registration, and also joked to one of them he could drive it with an expired license because “it wasn’t insured anyway”… Ford finally repossessed it for failure to pay and register, and she spun that that people she wrongly sued for defamation now broke in and somehow made it so she didn’t pay? What about the JUDGMENT FROM FORD MOTOR COMPANY?

      Do law abiding citizens who pay their registration, insurance and car payments really want someone representing them who believes she is above the law — then blames that on other people when she gets caught? She is a law breaker and manipulator.

      Stop drinking the Kool-aide.

      • Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 May 19, 2016

        Stalkers? How did your group find this article within 2 hours of it being posted to comment on it?

        How do you presume to know about my life from 2007 to 2016 when there has been no news story on things such as Ford? You have not even provided any corrobating evidence to support your claims and you hide behind a fake name. How is anyone supposed to take any of you seriously? This is why I took the time to draft the resolution on Cyberbullying and am committed to make laws against cyberharassment and cyberdefamation stronger. This is just another reason why people should elect me to AD72. Here is the resolution again:

        RESOLUTION 15-08.24
        Whereas, the protection of the public is an ongoing concern for the Democratic Party, and
        Whereas, with the increased connectivity of social media and the internet, a new form of harassment called cyberbullying has surfaced
        which has affected all ages of life in California, and
        Whereas, in some cases it has resulted in the loss of employment or business to adults, loss of grades to suicide in children,
        Be it resolved, that the Democratic party fully supports efforts to curb and prevent online harassment of both children and adults,
        Be it further resolved that the California Democratic Party supports a private right of action wherein the victim may seek injunctive relief,
        the identity of the individuals who are cyberbullying and damages.

  8. Vern Vern May 10, 2016

    Best find you’ve made since Pastor Stieler!

    Don’t you have any Nutjob Radar?

  9. investig8er investig8er May 11, 2016

    Assembly candidate Lenore Albert has attempted to sue former clients who have expressed their frustration with the poor representation they received. She has attempted to sue Yelp for posting legitimate negative reviews of her work, she has sued legal research/services company LexisNexis, she has sued OC Sheriff Sandra Hutchins, she has sued the City of Huntington Beach and she attempted to sue the California State Bar Association when they began investigating the numerous complaints they received about Ms. Albert. Yet she blames all of her troubles on “stalkers”. Do we really want someone this paranoid, unstable and litigious representing the people of Orange County in Sacramento?

  10. fraudfighter fraudfighter May 11, 2016

    As a bank and injustice fighter myself, I personally know
    Lenore Albert and think she would do an amazing job !
    I too have been scandalized and vandalized by various crazies and crooks- so I know how the truth is easily distorted.
    She works harder than any other attorney I have worked with, and
    and I have worked with dozens. Definitely would VOTE YES for Lenore Albert in District 72!

  11. TruthIsTruth TruthIsTruth May 11, 2016

    Wow this write up is amazing. It is in fact all that is wrong with politics today. It is spin, spin, spin. It is all that is wrong with the legal profession, who as a whole are used to lying just to win. Think about that.

    Here are some true facts –

    1) Lenore Albert decided to fire clients who did not come to her rescue on Facebook, tagging them in a violation of their privacy. She literally attacked people just to try to associate herself with a high profile case (which she lost.)

    2) When she “fired them”, refusing to notify the court she left until the last second thereby preventing them from getting further representation by a new attorney, those clients had to represent themselves and lost their cases.

    3) They rightly so put Yelp and other reviews about Lenore Albert. This is their right and is now protected by CA law.

    4) Lenore Albert then began attacking in Facebook. She called these same people, who had spent hours of their time on their own cases and helping people who could not afford to pay attorneys (Lenore is not free, which is not a shock but also not how she portrays herself unless it’s to her advantage) “dangerous” and implied they were criminals.

    5) One homeowner who had been fighting a bank over 5 years at that point, and who had refused to take Lenore on as an attorney even though Lenore Albert said bad things about her attorney (trying to take a high profile case) – finally had enough of Lenore’s lies and posted Lenore’s own screen prints on Facebook. The next week, Lenore who had just defamed an entire group of people, sued them for defamation!

    6) She accused the group of “stalking” when in fact she was the one stalking. Lenore created many fake aliases on Facebook (these were not for her “protection” as she also kept her own”), and followed this group of activists and homeowners that refused to hire her or she wrongly fired,

    Lenore told others this group was stalking (which is a lie – this group was trying very hard to ignore her!) More than one of Lenore’s aliases and people she incited even tried to friend kids to continue to the stalking!!

    7) Lenore then threatened that CPS should be called on the single mom homeowners and activists fighting banks. Lenore sent emails that show her character. She said things like “You probably use co-intel moves on your kids and make them go in their rooms and kill themselves.” At this point the activists Lenore was attacking called the Sherrif. More than one moved for a restraining order against her.

    9) Lenore then failed to register a car she bought in another state for multiple years. She was sued by Ford Motor, and the car was repossessed. Armed with her manipulation and lies, she then blamed this on the homeowner activists!!

    No one but Lenore will ever know what has made her do all these clearly unstable things. But Lenore herself has created such a web of lies that these are all “Sovereign Citizens” (a flat out lie) and “stalking her” that we all believe she will just never back down from the lies.

    She is a master manipulator and if you elect her, you will be giving more power to someone who doesn’t care who she hurts to protect her ego.

    • Vern Vern May 11, 2016

      IAs she loves to use aliases online, I wonder how many of these positive comments are from her. I would check IP’s, but she probably knows how to switch them around.

      Yes, she did tell a friend of mine yesterday that both Greg Diamond and I are members of Sovereign Citizens. I had to go look it up.

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | May 11, 2016

        All different IPs. Sometimes minutes apart. She has fans and detractors.

        • Vern Vern May 11, 2016

          Heil Sovereign Citizen!

        • TruthIsTruth TruthIsTruth May 11, 2016

          If they are minutes apart, that clearly shows a concerted effort to post positive things about herself. I recognize at least one of the supposed neutral supporters as a Lenore Albert alias.

          This is try trouble with politics. Spin spin spin lies lies lies.

          Thankfully Lenore Albert has left a paper trail of her ridiculous, unbelievable and unprofessional antics. She is literally the worst attorney I have ever seen in my life – and I have used many, many, many attorneys.

          • Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 May 19, 2016

            Is that you Greg Diamond?

  12. amie schardt amie schardt May 11, 2016

    I don’t recall reading anywhere that Lenore Albert “blames all of her troubles on stalkers” which you contradict by listing the parties she has allegedly sued (or blamed).

    The art of manipulation is being mastered by these people. For instance, my house has never been broken into, no intruders, or burglars have entered my home, yet I lock my doors at night and have security cameras in my home. I conduct random safety drills with my children and monitor their internet usage. Someone could use this information and make me look like a “paranoid” “nut-job” if they so desired.

    Personal experience is more reliable than anything published.

    From my personal experience, I will VOTE for Lenore Albert

    • TruthIsTruth TruthIsTruth May 11, 2016

      Amie then you should read her supposed defamation lawsuit – which by the way all parties have won against her and she has lost. She refers to supposed “stalkers” many times.

      I have hired many attorneys. Her actions have shocked me. To tell single moms they make their kids want to go kill themselves? To threaten to decapitate people? These are all the hallmarks of a nut job.

      • fraudfighter fraudfighter May 13, 2016

        well this is obviously Pam Ragland- the psychic who claims to have found a dead child… etc.
        Amazing how much time and energy you are putting into this?
        Maybe you should that much time and energy into
        your family? Get a life !

        • TruthIsTruth TruthIsTruth May 13, 2016

          You should not defame people on here “fraud fighter”. Your comments about Pam are factually incorrect. Just ask Lenore she seems to think she knows all about defamation. Oh wait – SHE HAS LOST AGAINST EVERY PERSON AND COMPANY SHE HAS SUED!!

          Don’t you realize Lenore has sued many people and more than one single mom? She is a drama queen with an ego the size of Africa. Don’t you realize a lot of people have seen that craziness?

          Be careful because the people she has wrongly sued for defamation like Pam know that law very well now.

          If you want to fight fraud you are in the right place. Go read all the links about Lenore Albert-Sheridan AKA Len Sher AKA Jane Smith AKA Lenore Albert AKA Luann Sheridan AKA Lenore Luann Albert … And I’m sure some I’ve missed.

          Now I ask you – why does an honest person need so many aliases? How will Ms Spin Doctor Albert spin that?

  13. Brooke Brooke May 11, 2016

    Naturally Ms. Albert is a threat to the powers that be, her message of equality, and restoring the middle class is not music to the ears of those who have created the dispacement of our economy, those that are responsible for stealing our homes yet make it illegal to be homeless, “they” are all one in the same. They wish to silence, or discredit any voice of freedom that could lead the people to a place of prosperity. All negative commentary posted here, and the links leading to more negative material from an ongoing effort to ruin Lenore ‘ career is also coming from the same source. Without someone like Lenore (who cannot be bought) in the picture then the establishment is free to have all “their” puppets holding puplic office positions that cater to the rich and criminalize the poor. I believe Lenore is the ONLY capable candidate to bring about a positive change, anything else would be more of what we have all been experiencing since the collapse of 2008.

    • TruthIsTruth TruthIsTruth May 11, 2016

      Brooke – apparently you don’t understand that the people Lenore Albert decided to sue to try to discredit ARE nearly all activists who fight for people’s rights.

      They are homeowners with high profile and WINNING cases. (Something Lenore Albert cannot claim without lying.) They are attorneys fighting banks. They are members of Occupy who tirelessly help homeowners — all for FREE. Something Lenore Albert does not do… Unless and only unless she wants to manipulate someone or attach herself to their high profile win.

      She has pretended to represent high profile winning homeowners she was not even the attorney for.

      She has cost homeowners like the Koshaks hundreds of thousands in sanctions and attorneys fees, thousands they paid her, the loss of many of their possessions — and a permanent restraining order from even going in their old neighborhood.

      To their face Lenore told them they had a case – and behind their back she said they didn’t. Yet she took their money… From where I sit that is lack of integrity and probably fraud. It is definitely malpractice.

      Lenore only cares about herself and what she can get. Her game is manipulation. Do not be fooled. Do your real homework.

  14. investig8er investig8er May 11, 2016

    Amie, with all due respect, personal experience is just that, personal experience and published fact is published fact. What do you have to say about the published fact that Lenore Albert, a candidate for public office threatened to DECAPITATE her legal adversaries and force their children to carry the heads of her their parents to school? In case you missed it: Please answer! And what do you say about someone who wants to represent us in Sacramento where you must have a VERY thick skin, who has a LONG history of suing adversaries be they real or imagined? Please answer! Can you comment on Lenore’s published, documented history of filing SLAPP suit after SLAPP suit to silence those who speak out against her? Please answer! And what do you say about Lenore’s more paranoid public allegations that her phones are tapped, people are trying to kidnap her, her internet is disrupted by government agencies, etc???? If you know her as well as you think you do, you would know all of these things. I’ll be interested in hearing your responses.

    • Anonymous Foxx Anonymous Foxx May 11, 2016

      Let’s not forget that old interview she did in her Saint Lenore mode…. All lies.

      And her misuse of client funds

      And her only “win” for her clients was to win judicial sanctions against them.

      How about her purported ties to the hacker ephemera”Anonymous”? She actually threatened someone saying she would use Anonymous against them as if Anon is her personal army.

      She’s a liar.

    • PeopleAgainstCorruption PeopleAgainstCorruption May 11, 2016

      That is not half of the crap she has done… Check out the stolen car from Las Vegas… its a hoot!! She had other people driving her around in a stolen truck… blamed it on the sovereign citizens. Lol Now how in the heck did they do that? NOT POSSIBLE! She has mastered in setting people up, and these dumb, dumb followers are going to be blamed for her loss. She talks more crap about each and every person around her… she doesn’t know that i’m in her group monitoring her… Lol You fools are being played by a “Gamer” and don’t even know it…Lol She’s a Player!

  15. Vern Vern May 11, 2016

    Well, you all have fun now! I’m off to my Sovereign Citizens meeting…

  16. Vern Vern May 11, 2016

    And remember – though he won’t admit it, Dan Chmielewski only gave Lenore this platform because he knows me and Greg don’t like her … and the reason we don’t is because we already KNEW a lot of the stuff about her discussed above. Some of it first hand.

    Another Dan C classic.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | May 12, 2016

      She is a candidate for assembly and is endorsed by the state party. That’s why this post is here. That’s it.

    • Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 May 19, 2016

      What do you think you know Vern; how did you acquire this purported evidence; who gave it to you; when; where and what steps did you take to verify that this fantastic story was true before starting on your campaign against me? And WHERE is your EVIDENCE?

      Vote for me because I am fighting to stop the displacement of an entire socioeconomic class and I have been for more than a few years now.

  17. RHackett RHackett May 12, 2016

    Geez people. The woman put her name on the ballot. Don’t like her? Don’t vote for her.

    Here is the cold reality.

    She is running against an entrenced incumbent.

    The district has a roughly 10 point advantage for that GOP legislator.

    Bottom line; No name, no money, no chance.

    I applaud her for putting her name on the ballot and giving the people a choice.

    Something few if any on this board have ever done.

  18. TruthIsTruth TruthIsTruth May 12, 2016

    RHackett that’s not true – there are commenters here who have run for election and because they were asked to – not for some ego and power trip.

    When Lenore got herself appointed she sent an email to multiple people stating “Who is watching who now?” I was shown that email. That is crazy and imbalanced.

    Lenore is not your typical politician who is just out for glory and power. She is far worse because she wants to use that glory and power to get back at her imagined enemies, disrupt things but not create any real change.

    This is her actual track record and MO and people deserve to be warned. There is nothing worse than having to say “I told you so” when people finally realize what a nut job this woman actually is.

    Many of the people she claims are stalkers – people she is really mad at because they somehow opposed her and she didn’t like it – are staunch fighters for homeowner and even children’s rights. These people are getting things done and winning cases while all Lenore does is boast, lie and manipulate.

    Many of these people were also fooled by Lenore Albert – who has since changed her name but at one time attacked these same people for finding yet another alias. Many of these people who are writing here previously supported Lenore also – until she went off the deep end. She is like that woman who boils the rabbit… Very unstable.

    Who tells parents they probably make their kids want to kill themselves? Who even jokes about stalking a child at their school to an opposing attorney, or decapitating them and sending their head with their child? Who goes on Facebook and calls a 12 year old dangerous? The answer is Lenore Albert-Sheridan has done all these crazy things and more. Lenore clearly has issues.

    Even if you are being attacked by supposed stalkers (a fabrication she made up to be a drama queen) – you don’t talk like this. This is a pattern over at least the past 10 years.

    Does anyone in their right mind actually believe detractors can go back and make up all that court evidence and other things Lenoee has done. No offense but if you believe that you are simply not intelligent. It belies logic and common sense.

    Honestly it’s enough to make any sane person question what is up. If you are intelligent and sane I encourage you to do your homework. Yes it may be sickening but that’s the hard reality.

    • RHackett RHackett May 13, 2016

      Then don’t vote for her.

      She has still put her name on the ballot.

      So who on this board have run for election to public office? I specifically stated “few if any” in case there were some.

      What office did they run?

  19. Renoira Renoira May 12, 2016

    The McCarthy Era revisited – the Age of McCarthism

    Is Lenore Albert evoking a new McCarthy Era under the guise of “Sovereign Citizen?”

    The recent death of Lena Horne on May 9, 2016, brings to mind the errors our country has made in the past that should not be repeated. Lena Horne died at the age of 92 leaving behind a legacy of a 70+ year career. But she wasn’t always at the top of her game. During the 40’s and early 50’s because of the “Red Scare” and her political activism she was blacklisted from Hollywood.

    Here in this article about Lenore Albert she singly takes on the ‘red scare’ tactics and unjustly accuses the foreclosure fighters she once represented of being “Sovereign Citizen Extremists”, with no evidence to support her accusations. The fact is, there is no evidence to support her accusations, but it is a diversionary tactic to hide her lack of credibility. If you accuse your accusers perhaps you can undermine THEIR credibility. Is this really the politician we want representing us?

    I am a first hand witness to the events which created her troubles with homeowners….and it had nothing to do with “sovereign citizens” or wanting a “free house”.

    On May 21, 2014, 2 weeks before our appeal brief was due on a 600+ page docket, Lenore Albert quit as our attorney, with no previous altercation and no other communication other than to send an single e-mail naming several clients, firing us and reprimanding us for not defending her on a facebook page.

    The actual case calendar can be found here:
    As you will see, the appellant had to appear on her own behalf, in addition the calendar will reflect the desertion by appellant’s attorney, Lenore Albert. There was not enough time to procure additional counsel, and no counsel were willing to take on a case in appeal that had over 600 pages to study and less than two weeks to prepare. When I sent our consultant to her office to pick up our documents, she deliberately and vindictively kept him waiting several hours. Lenore Albert essentially left us to the wolves with no defenses. Is this really who we want representing us in the State Assembly. My husband and I are at retirement age with no affiliation with any “Sovereign Citizen” nonsense, yet as in the McCarthy era, she seeks to stir fear in the citizenry by using a negative ‘buzzword’ to deflect from her own negligence.

    Lenore Albert was Cindy Brown’s attorney of record at the time of Cindy Brown’s trial, but as in so many other cases, Lenore Albert had dismissed herself from the case after failing to proceed to go to trial. She did so in a multi-addressed e-mail and she had failed to serve the opposing litigants. I was an eye-witness to the processing of dismissal for failure to proceed on approximately, August 19, 2014, where the Judge, Justice Mary Fincle Shulte stated that “Lenore Albert is a legend in her own mind” and then asked those in the observation seats if Lenore Albert had neglected any of their cases, on a show of approximately eight or nine hands the judge Mary Fincle Shulte recommended that we all file complaints with the State Bar. Reference to that case is here: One of those litigants present has filed and is winning his malpractice lawsuit.

    These are the people filing complaints….not a gang….not some illegal Sovereign Citizen extremists, bur former clients whose cases she has neglected.

    Let’s learn from history….and stop falling for the childish name-calling with no evidence to back it up.

    Lena Horne was a beautiful entertainer who did not deserve the false accusation that cost her years of her career just because she was an activist for human rights.

    I am disappointed in W. Hackett’s contribution to this article with no research as to the validity of Ms. Albert’s accusations. I would expect more research from a professional. He is one of the few I credited with being a homeowner advocate, and I attended his seminar in Long Beach in 2012. He is certainly one who educated me on the truth in defending our homes.

    As a homeowner fighting a fraudulent foreclosure, I know my chances are slim. Like many other homeowners we have no intention of biting the hand that feeds us. In the United States today, there are several awesome attorneys who we know are fighting for us and win or lose, we are grateful for their support: Mark Stoppa, Matt Weiner, Scott Stafne, Deron Colby, Linda Stavish, and George Babock to name a few, and while these might not be perfect attorneys, they have no history of turning on their clients…and oddly….no “sovereign citizen” stalkers.

    We cannot afford to make the mistakes of our past in this country and in this state, no more false attacks on our citizenry, and no more “Red Scare” tactics. Do NOT elect Lenore Albert for assembly…verify the history with the facts.

    • Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 May 19, 2016

      If this is Sherry Hernandez (a person who after losing her Unlawful Detainer trial because she stipulated to the admission of her Trustee’s Deed Upon Sale while being represented by two other lawyers) a former client. I actually won a stay of her eviction pending her appeal. Interestingly she hired David Seal thereafter. Neither of them even live in this district as far as I know.

      In fact, I had stopped approximately 1,000 homes from going to foreclosure auction in California in 2011 and I did not charge those homeowners to do so – it was part of the putative class action Yau v Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and through that series of stays, we saw change in the court system.
      Here is the link to a blog about one group of home auctions that were stopped. This was before Occupy.

      What did my opponent Travis Allen do to help the homeowners or neighbors suffering from urban blight?

      Vote Lenore Albert-Sheridan, Endorsed Democrat of the California Democratic Party for AD 72!

  20. TruthIsTruth TruthIsTruth May 12, 2016

    Since there appears to be so much spin doctoring I thought it might help intelligent readers get a jump by listing some of the facts.

    1) Lenore Albert AKA Lenore Albert-Sheridan AKA Jane Smith AKA Jane LB (and many other aliases) had BAR disciplinary action filed against her on 12/31/15. Here is a link to her BAR profile listing the action:

    2) Here is the relevant part of the listing:
    Actions Affecting Eligibility to Practice Law

    Effective Date Description Case Number Resulting Status
    Disciplinary and Related Actions

    Overview of the attorney discipline system.

    ** 12/16/2015 Notice of Disc Charges Filed in SBCt 15-O-11311

    NOTE- The above means disciplinary actions are pending.

    3) Here is the complaint from the BAR which is long overdue.

    4) The complaint includes specific allegations of hampering a BAR investigation (she did after all SUE THE BAR when they sent her the first investigations about abandoning her clients in a fit of anger over them not defending her on Facebook)…

    It also includes two counts of separate failures to pay sanctions in the Koshak case (see prior replies of mine on that.)

    It also includes failure to pay sanctions in the Spinosi case – a case where Lenore Albert was caught lying to the appellate court.

    5) Rather than show Lenore Albert paid the sanctions, she chose to blame the BAR and call it retaliation. Her argument is circular. Upon the first investigation for Lenore dumping her clients (See above), Lenore sued the BAR. The case was dismissed and Lenore lost.

    Now, the BAR has come back again with more specific and provable issues. Did Lenore pay her sanctions for her bad behavior or not? She never says she did in her reply. She simply talks about a few cases she supposedly won after being an attorney for 16 years (unverified.)

    Why? Because she didn’t pay the sanctions, plain and simple. It;s obvious she is guilty. This is not unclean hands or retaliation. When you sue and lose in response to a BAR investigation, then can you forever say they are retaliating? Lenore must stay awake at night figuring out how to spin her lies.

    What came first the chicken or the egg? Answer – the BAR investigation against ALBERT. It was in fact her who retaliated, not the other way around.

    6) In the Spinosi case Lenore Albert was caught making up supposed evidence and lying to the court. This is not the only case like that. She has just gotten away with it a lot… But a Zebra does not change its stripes.

    Here is a quote from this case:
    “It was within the trial court’s province to judge the credibility and relevance of Albert’s declaration and the supporting exhibits and to weigh them accordingly.4” The court found Albert not credible, and in fact she was SANCTIONED.

    And another –
    “`Discretion is abused when a court exceeds the bounds of reason or contravenes uncontradicted evidence.'” (Husain v. McDonald’s Corp., supra, 205 Cal.App.4th at p. 867.) “`Where the evidence is conflicting, we do not reweigh it . . . .'” The court found Albert had provided contradictory evidence. In other words, she lied and tried to cover it up.

    And another –
    “Judge Monroe observed that plaintiffs’ allegation they tendered $16,786 “to wipe out the entire arrears appears to have been a total fabrication, included for the sole purpose of securing” a temporary restraining order.” In other words ALBERT LIED TO THE COURT ON BEHALF OF HER CLIENTS.

    She was also found to be judge shopping and sanctioned. Now the BAR is calling her to task for not paying those sanctions.

    It goes on and on… here is the link so see for yourself.

    7) Then there is the infamous decapitation letter she wrote, has her signature and is on her letterhead. But it’s not just the letter she wrote. There is an entire transcript of other stalking and child threatening she has done. The judge said he reported her to the BAR, who clearly did not do their job.

    8) So someone claimed Lenore Albert’s supposed “stalkers” manufactured the “evidence”. Well, the letter above lists a different website for Lenore Albert –

    This website has since been abandoned but belonged to guess who LENORE ALBERT. She probably abandoned it after she got kicked off the CA Trial Attorneys list serve for threatening members and their children. No friends, her supposed “stalkers” were not even around back in 2007.

    Here is link to how that webpage looked on June 26, 2007 – just a couple weeks after Lenore Albert wrote the letter threatening to decapitate someone and give their head to their child. This is an established website that keeps old archives of old web pages. Who knew you could not just get rid of a website domain and wipe away the proof? Well, you can’t!!

    That’s enough for now as this gives you plenty of facts to investigate, if you have any intelligence and actually want the truth.

  21. DiDi444 DiDi444 May 14, 2016

    I like Ms. Albert’s mission statement and goals. They address the same issues I am concerned about and she presents as both well-informed, caring, and as a candidate who could bring the necessary experience, level of experience, and type of change we so sorely need. I can certainly do my own research (and I will) regarding her claims and those of others, but the number of tenacious repetitive attack comments by the same people here has already planted a seed of doubt in my mind about the credibility of their claims. I have no problem with people posting opposing viewpoints on the issues, but this dogged attempt to go after her here, and so personally, seems to support that she does indeed have stalkers and people with crossed agendas attacking her. As I said, I will do my own research, but just by what I am reading here, I now tend to believe her more than these detractors. It just smacks of yet another smear campaign that I think most of us are getting sick and tired of across all levels of the political spectrum.

    • TruthIsTruth TruthIsTruth May 15, 2016

      The reason you see people telling the truth – not “going after” Lenore Albert – is because she presently owes about $100,000 in attorney’s fees and sanctions to many people – including many individual foreclosure fighters and homeowners, and Yelp and Ripoff Report — for wrongly suing many people and causing them of “stalking”. She LOST.

      The BAR is going after her for failure to pay sanctions and everyone else will go after her for the money she owes them. Thankfully now that they are being scrutinized they are finally starting to do her job because judges were reporting her for unethical and threatening conduct agains the kids of her opponents as early as 2007.

      She even got her own car repossessed due to failure to pay and register it. She found a loophole and drove it nor than two years without insurance or registration that you and I have to pay. Is she above the law?

      It is a huge irony that you believe because of people telling the truth about Lenore Albert’s own actions that means she is now somehow fit for office?

      She even claims the government and judges and Foeclosure fighters and the police and pretty much everyone except a few crazy supporters (many with criminal records) are out to get her.

      She is a paranoid egotiatical drama queen or in the words of the OC Sherrif whom had to be called when she made multiple threats involving people she made her enemies children “Lenore Albert thrives on drama.”

      She has cost these people countless hours to defend against her lies and crazy diluisons. She ownes this money because her claims were found to be baseless and she lied to the court, among other fraudulent behavior.

      Then there are the homeowners whom she has cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and their homes…

      She is not supported by anyone with a brain. Most of the supposed endorsements are her crazy friends and their own organizations.

      She deserves every bit of truth that gets put out against her and more. She is evil and she has no conscience. I know many politicians are like that but do we really need another one?

  22. You aint noone You aint noone May 15, 2016

    Brook* Noble, look at you’re docket better yet look at your mothers docket, Rest in Peace, keep on defending her because she is you’re lawyer but in the end you’ll end up just like the dozens she has harmed. Fraud Fighter…more like Foreclosure Fighter Sell Out aka Mary McCulley. . you’re just a fool who sold out homeowners who were harmed by a lawyer because you think she helped you… she didn’t do nothing but use you. . you’re still being used to bad everyone but you sees it. And Walter, any respect many people had for you is lost…just like you’re lost mind of saying “people wanted free homes” that comment has been shared far and wide.
    As you can see Lenore Albert all of a sudden Sheridan has nothing to say because it would be a lie. She knows better then to get caught up in lies she’s been doing it since 2007 according to court rulings. Keys words to Google is Her name and admonished her name and lack of candor…her name and sanctions…there are so many… But as someone says above does OC really need this type of delusional paranoid and quack in any position for the people… The same people she’s scammed. Her name change to hide her distorted and poor reputation as a scam is all people really need to think about …If she’s for the people the underserved she would not have to be hiding who she is.I’m sure the positives comments are her and her perjury puff crew. Wow you all are about as pathetic as Lenore is.

  23. junior junior May 16, 2016

    Does this sound like someone you would vote for?
    From a formal legal letter:

    (I will) “.. have you each decapitated and force your children to take your decapitated heads to school as part of show and tell.”
    Lenore L. Albert, Esq.

  24. Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 May 16, 2016

    Dan, this is what I don’t like about this group of people – the lies and misinformation with their grain of truth spun around a big tale, I think most intelligent people see through – but they start attacking others, like they just did to Brooke on this thread. They know that Brooke lost her mother and they show that they never really did care about her by attacking and belittling her. From the reports I have received, she is not the first person that they have attacked when the person refused to support their agenda. To me, that is just unacceptable and intolerable behavior from adults. Can anyone imagine that children are also doing this to other children, too? That is why I sponsored and authored a Resolution committing the California Democratic party to get behind me when I say we need to stop cyber bullying. The California Democratic party passed that resolution last August. It is one of my priorities, if elected to office.

    • TruthIsTruth TruthIsTruth May 17, 2016

      Oh Lenore give your lying diatribe a rest.

      YOU chose to fire clients over a fit of ego and posturing. They had every right to file all the claims they did and probably should have sued you for malpractice like you are being sued now. Then when these clients places honest Yelp and Ripoff report reviews you sued Yelp and Ripoff report, too.

      YOU chose to publicly call honest people fighting banks for themselves and others dangerous and imply they were criminals – then in the ultimate pot calling the kettle black SUE THOSE YOU DEFAMED.

      YOU chose not to register your FORD EXPLORER LUXURY VEHICLE for nor than 2 years and stopped paying for it because they would not change your VIN. Really? Are you stupid or do you just think you are above the law.

      YOU then chose to blame the repossession of your vehicle you had not registered or paid for on people just trying to win their bank cases and either chose not to hire you (for reasons that ought to be obvious looking at these comments and your track record) or who you fired in a fit or ego.

      YOU abuse your law license. You break the law and blame others. You owe many many and don’t pay. You manipulate innocent people and their loved ones. You are selling snake oil and the people here are simply calling you out.

      YOU chose to run. Stop whining and blaming others for once. When you screw people sooner or later you will get yours. Let’s just hope the good people of your district aren’t the next casualties.

      Stop playing the “woe is me” victim. YOU have victimized many, and you can run and try to change your name but you can’t hide.

      Anyone can run for office. All you have to do is decide and pull your papers. You are just a crook trying to appear legitimate and find another way to make money when your law license is revoked. Clearly the Democratic Party didn’t do their due diligence, if they really have endorsed you.

      Now go ahead – explain why you did all these things and even repeatedly threatened children. Oh wait — ITS EVERYONE ELSES FAULT!!

      • Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 May 19, 2016

        The Democractic party was contacted by your group, but they probably DID do their due diligence and that is why I have been endorsed.

        You have no corroborating evidence to support your statements. You do have a strange fascination of following my life 24/7.

        I have not run. I did what I am best at. I drafted a resolution passed by the CDP on cyberharassment and cyberdefamation to strengthen our resolve to stop this type of damaging conduct.

        RESOLUTION 15-08.24
        Whereas, the protection of the public is an ongoing concern for the Democratic Party, and
        Whereas, with the increased connectivity of social media and the internet, a new form of harassment called cyberbullying has surfaced
        which has affected all ages of life in California, and
        Whereas, in some cases it has resulted in the loss of employment or business to adults, loss of grades to suicide in children,
        Be it resolved, that the Democratic party fully supports efforts to curb and prevent online harassment of both children and adults,
        Be it further resolved that the California Democratic Party supports a private right of action wherein the victim may seek injunctive relief,
        the identity of the individuals who are cyberbullying and damages.

        A vote for me, is a vote for the voice of the disenfranchised.

    • junior junior May 17, 2016

      You confuse cyber bullying with free speech.

      The Founding Fathers

      PS: ISIS is hiring

    • HadEnough HadEnough May 17, 2016

      Well it would be nice if there is a law to stop cyber bullying. Make sure it includes jail time because then YOU will be in jail.

      It is you who are the worst kind or bulky. It is you who spins lies (‘lmost don’t have any truth.) You chose to attack while groups of people then say they were stalking you.

      If you were pinochio your nose would be a mile long. You are everything wrong with law and politics and you belong in jail.

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | May 17, 2016

        stick to a single name please, TruthIsTruth…..

      • Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 May 19, 2016

        Who is posting over 30 comments on this page like a pigeon strutting on a chessboard? While you continue to find areas of the internet with something positive to say about me, I was actually out there doing something to help people to fight back against cyberharassment. I drafted and presented this resolution that the CDP passed as posted above.

        Oh, and the Court of Appeal REVERSED the judge’s dismissal of my TRO against George Olivo (in both cases – the workplace violence case and the civil harassment case).

        • Sheri Moody Sheri Moody June 22, 2016

          You are a piece of work Miss Lenore Albert. I have read all of the above statements. I usually keep a low profile but when my name is mentioned about my court case in Florida referring to sovereign citizens. You speak nothing but lies to the public. You are clueless to what even happened in Florida and also get the dates right. You were hired for legal council in October 2013. You did absolutely nothing on my foreclosure case until three days before a sale of my home was going to take place. I paid you $3500 00 which I expect back. The judge who was hearing my case in the Federal court was aware of your late filings. This is your common practice of law. You have burned all the clients I met in your office while you were having us do all your work. You were to busy of Facebook and going to events a lawyer had no place being at. You also forged my name on my declaration you put in my court papers and filed them. So tell me Miss Albert why were you suing the Huntington Beach police department? Tell the people out there the truth. I would not even think about you being in office for our state. That scares me. You have spent so much time on your court cases against all your clients and then George Olivo. What a waste of time and energy. Be honest about what George did for you. If I do recall you somehow had two broken arms. Not sure if the Armenian Mafia did this to you right after you back windshield of your car was smashed. Oh buy the way I am sorry your car got repossessed at the court. MISS ALBERT you no better when you buy a car you have to make car payments . We also have to register them with the DMV.. We even have to have them insured. I would never think of putting some one who is helping you behind the wheel of your car. God forbid if some one hits your the vehicle, or the tickets they could get for no vehicle registration. Ever since day one when you purchased it or should I say you when you stole it from the dealership you never did register the car. You no that is against the law.

          • junior junior June 23, 2016

            Wow – quite an indictment of Miss Lenore!

            • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | June 23, 2016

              There are two sides to every story. Sheri makes lots of claims. Some proof perhaps?

              • junior junior June 24, 2016

                The fact that she threatened people with decapitation (metaphorically or not) does not lend credence to Miss Lenore. She is a whack-job.

  25. investig8er investig8er May 19, 2016

    What’s a matter Lenore? 2 days with no new posts on Dan’s blog so you had to stir up the pot again to get more attention? In case anyone missed it before;
    –Lenore is facing several complaints by the California State Bar (an organization recently castigated for it’s enormous backlog of complaints against crappy attorneys so you know they only go after the worst of the worst)
    –Lenore threatened, on her own business letterhead, to decapitate a fellow attorney and their paralegal and send the decapitated heads to school with their children.
    Dan, you asked for “actual proof”. It’s been provided, what do you intend with it? Vern? Greg? Martin? Anyone???

  26. junior junior May 19, 2016

    “Dan, you asked for “actual proof”. It’s been provided, what do you intend with it? Vern? Greg? Martin? Anyone???”

    If Lenore had an “R” by her name they would have torn her to shreds – the whole lot of them. Or they may have actually decapitated her.

    • Vern Vern May 19, 2016

      Huh? Me and Greg finished with her months ago. Don’t include us here. We pointedly wrote “no recommendation” for District 72, because Travis is a four-flusher and Lenore a malevolent nutjob, and we don’t think of her as a Democrat. If I still lived there I would write in Gus Ayer.

      • investig8er investig8er May 19, 2016

        Careful there Vern, Lenore will slap a lawsuit on your a$$ so fast your head will spin. Just ask Yelp, LexisNexis, Huntington Beach PD, California State Bar, Sheriff Sandra Hutchins or any of the other poor sods commenting here who have tried crossing her.

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | May 20, 2016

        I don’t think of you and Greg as Democrats either, not the way you both fawn over Republicans in Anaheim

      • junior junior May 20, 2016

        I stand somewhat corrected – thank you Vern. Although, an “R” would have gotten much worse from you.


    • Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72 May 19, 2016

      You have not provided any proof. What was the court order?

      There is no court order on that.

      Zero sanctions – and you never explained why there were no sanctions, either. You are the distraction – take a bit of truth, change and alter things and then post them as the truth with a large web of lies. I think they figured that out. I am not the one with the criminal record or 5150. People in your group, on the other hand, cannot say that.

      This is why I support mental health solutions and a system where everyone can obtain proper medical care. Homelessness is another problem in our society. Studies have shown that providing shelter to the homeless along with support services for mental, emotional and other issues is actually cheaper than keeping the homeless on the streets.

      Vote for me on June 7, 2016!

      • junior junior May 20, 2016

        “You have not provided any proof.”

        That’s what OJ said !!!

        • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | May 20, 2016

          hey, the links came in. And some of them are squishy

  27. Joe H.B. Joe H.B. May 23, 2016
    Be afraid! Very afraid. What Ms. Albert fails understand that it is not just one organization (“the Bar”), that has taken Ms. Albert to task for her repeated abuses, but a myriad of different judicial officers, and attorneys, who have witnessed her horrific abuse (she has yet to explain her “decapition” letter, for e.g., which should be enough, ALONE, to disqualify her from holding public office.) These Judges are not part of some sort of grand conspiracy (as is typical of a “crazy” person, Ms. Albert sees a conspiracy behind any person questioning her bizarre conduct), but are judicial officers who have separately witnessed Ms. Albert’s horrendous behavior and took it upon themselves to report her to the State Bar. That is really significant. I witnessed it personally in a case where the Judge realized (rightly so), that Ms. Albert was lying and making misrepresentations to the Court. The whole judicial system is premised on attorneys (called “officers of the Court”), being honest and forthright with the Court. Ms. Albert is neither. You don’t need my opinion. You have the vast record of numerous independent judges who made this same determination over time and in separate venues.

    In short, Ms. Albert’s conduct is deplorable, despicable and she should not be practicing law. She did not aggressively represent clients … instead, she sought to personally aggrandize herself and her image in the community. She is a sycophant and it is not surprise then that she would deem herself worthy of being a public servant! She has no shame and is seriously delusional. Shame on the OC Democratic Party for endorsing her merely because she isn’t a Republican. That is akin to saying that you should vote for Trump if you don’t like Hillary. Sorry, that does not equate in the presidential election and it most certainly doesn’t equate here!

  28. Vern Vern June 23, 2016

    As I was checking out the latest madness on this thread, I happened to notice Dan’s first phrase “Huntington Beach consumer attorney Lenore Albert” …. Funny, she was at the Westminster council meeting last night, going on and on about what a longtime and loyal Westminster resident she is. D’oh! Well, when you’ve got that many identities, who knows…

  29. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | June 23, 2016

    Her office is in HB. It’s like you at an Anaheim City Council meeting stating you were a resident of Anna Drive when your legal address was still HB. But at least I don’t confuse CD46 with AD68 like your blog so often does.

    • Vern Vern June 23, 2016

      BS. You made a mistake, or she lied to you, or she lied to Westminster last night. We’d all like to know.

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski June 24, 2016

        I wrote, from her business card, she’s a Huntington Beach attorney. I never said she lived in Westminster. You’re clueless on attribution. But let’s get get to how you lied in public comments about your legal address to the Anaheim City Council….

        • Vern Vern June 24, 2016

          I just remembered … she is giving that HB office address as her voting address. Somebody sent me a screenshot. Oh, if this were only worth my time. But 1) she has no chance, and 2) I can’t stand Travis Allen anyway.

          Go jump in a lake about that one Anaheim meeting last year. What am I running for? And I was just messing with Kris Murray. You sure are a moron with your false equivalencies.

          • Vern Vern June 24, 2016

            In fact, you’re making me want to pursue this residency question just because YOU are so enamored with this lady. (Keep telling self: Better things to do, better things to do…)

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