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If you still have your “Vote by Mail” ballot…

vote-buttonPrimary election Day is this Tuesday, June 3rd. If you requested and received a “Vote by Mail” ballot, it is probably best that you not mail it at this point. But if you are going to, today would be the last day to make that attempt. To be on the safe side however, you should plan on dropping off your completed ballot at your nearest polling place on election day.

Dropping off your ballot is the only way to ensure that your vote arrives at the Registrar of Voters on time. If your ballot does not arrive at the Registrar’s office by the time polls close, it will not count.

Primary elections are not unimportant events. With the changes implemented by the new top-two primary election system, the top two candidates in a contested race, will be on the ballot. No longer can you say, “I don’t have to vote because there will be a democrat on the ballot for that race in November.” Party voters no longer select a nominee for the general election contest. So if you want to have a democratic choice, you have to vote for that choice in the primary.

We recognize that many voters are frustrated with politicians, and feel that their votes really do not matter. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Every vote counts, even in the case where there are only two candidates in a race for State Assembly or Senate. Where candidates fall in the primary can have a significant impact on their ability to raise money and in the momentum of their general election campaign. Your vote does count. In a hotly contested race, the final choices could be determined by just a few votes.

Don’t take a chance. As little as 15 minutes is all it takes to ensure your choices are on the ballot in November.Tuesday is election day, and it is your responsibility to get out and vote.

Just Do It!

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  1. Sherree Sherree May 30, 2014

    It’ll be interesting to see the results of the 2014 California primary, which, I suspect, will show Orange County to be bluer than anyone thought. Most of California’s outbound calls for Organizing for America and during the 2012 presidential election came from, wait for it, Orange County.

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