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Loretta Sanchez wants troops out of Afghanistan now, not in two years

Rep. Loretta Sanchez - OCYD Clinton Awards
Rep. Loretta Sanchez – OCYD Clinton Awards

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama announced his plan for the draw down of U.S. troops serving in Afghanistan and end our nation’s longest war by 2016. The president’s plan calls for troop levels to be reduced from 32,000 to 9,800 by the end of 2014 and half that amount by the end of 2015. That plan doesn’t sit well with the ranking woman on the House Armed Services Committee, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D-Garden Grove). In a press statement yesterday in response to the President’s announcement, Sanchez called on the President to “End this war and bring our troops home now.”

“Our troops have been in Afghanistan for over ten years. They have fought, they have protected and they have trained. Despite thousands of lives and billions of dollars, the situation is not changing. Our soldiers are tired and it’s time for them to come home. Staying until 2016 will not tip the scales in Afghanistan. It’s time to end this war and bring our troops home.” — Rep. Loretta Sanchez

The  President’s plan mirrors what military leaders have recommended as the best troop levels to ensure an orderly and safe withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.


  1. Ltpar Ltpar May 29, 2014

    Now there isn’t a lot I have in common with Loretta Sanchez, but her position on Afghanistan is an exception to that rule. It is long since time for the United States to get the hell out of that corrupt backwater country and let them settle problems the way they have for thousands of years. Every American life that is lost there is a crime and those fools in Washington D.C. should be held accountable . Congratulations Ms. Sanchez for your perspective on this issue.

  2. junior junior May 29, 2014

    She is just grandstanding to distance herself from Obama.

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