Republican Candidate for Governor is a Registered Sex Offender, Born-Again Tea Partier


The Los Angeles Times story on this Republican candidate for governor doesn’t do Glenn Champ from Tollhouse, California justice.  You have to go to his website to read his platform for governor.  As a Democrat, I can only pray that Republicans embrace more candidates like Champ.

Champ is a barely functional literate, born-again Christian, Tea Party hardcore conservative who wants to teach and govern by “Biblical Values.”  Queue the banjos from “Deliverance….”

From Champ’s website:  “Born in Clovis, California. Glenn Champ is a longtime resident of the state of California who lives in the mountains, in Tollhouse CA. He was also raised in the mountains where work starts at a young age. He graduated from Sierra High school,  college poly science, and would not stand for the unbiblical, communist, socialist, curriculum brain washing in college.  

CHAMP   48, is of all American Christian heritage.

After watching politics for 40 years and seeing lawyers make a mess of it and not lift a finger to resolve the problems they created. He came to a conclusion that we need a deliverer, well JESUS is on the throne; that leaves us with truck drivers and welders because mechanics are too busy trying to keep this mess running.

GLENN CHAMP’S political philosophy is a T.E.A. (tax enough already) partier. He believes in Biblical rights, constitution of our founding fathers state rights, liberty and Justice to use your gun rights!
Feeling that it’s time to bring a fighter to the Republican Party and  move away from lawyer candidates.  Einstein said, “That if you keep using the same ingredients  and expect different results – that is the definition of insanity”  , like we have in the land of fruits and nuts. 

CHAMP represents a new breed of Christian soldier moving forward in the army of the lord, on the highway of righteousness, stomping on the devil’s head, with a new song of righteousness’s in our hearts. Amen. As a man of God, he is going  back to fix the crooked places that have led to our current catastrophe. There is a parallel to our spirituality and our nations prosperity.  God has sent a deliverer, CHAMP to lead the way back to righteousness and prosperity.

On the religious beliefs, “God honors the individuals  soldier free will to sacrifice and stand fast for what is right and so do I.”

Champ neglected to let voters know he’s had some trouble with the law and spent time in the horizontal bar hotel courtesy of taxpayers.

From the LA Times story:

One of four gubernatorial candidates introduced to California Republicans recently is a registered sex offender who spent more than a decade in state prison, convicted of crimes including voluntary manslaughter and assault with intent to commit rape.

Glenn Champ, 48, addressed hundreds of GOP delegates and supporters Sunday at the site of the state party’s semi-annual convention. Introduced by party chairman Jim Brulte and allotted 10 minutes, Champ spoke in between the main GOP candidates, former U.S. Treasury official Neel Kashkari and state Assemblyman Tim Donnelly of San Bernardino County.

Champ, a little-known political neophyte from the Fresno County community of Tollhouse, did not directly mention his criminal past during his speech but said, “In my life, I’ve been held accountable because of my stupidity. I do not want anyone else to be enslaved because of their lack of knowledge.”

Champ’s rap sheet is lengthy. Court records show that in 1992, he pleaded guilty to carrying a concealed firearm. In 1993, he was convicted of two counts of assault with intent to commit rape and as a result was placed on the state’s sex-offender registry.

In March 1998, he accepted a plea deal on a charge of loitering to solicit a prostitute; later that year, he pleaded no contest to a voluntary manslaughter charge after hitting a man with his vehicle, for which he was sentenced to 12 years in state prison, according to court records.

Champ said the assault case “was just for picking up some underage prostitutes” and resulted in a 90-day jail sentence. He said he turned his life around after the incident.

“I found the Lord when I got arrested for picking up the prostitutes,” Champ said. “I was like most people, ignorant in the darkness, in the very dark. I had no peace, had no love, had no joy. And now I do. Praise God for that…. I’ve grown considerably since I met Christ.”

Criminal convictions, extremist political views, and generally crazy rambling text.  If Champ doesn’t get the Republican nomination to square off against Jerry Brown, there’s always room on the blog team at the Orange Juice Blog.


  1. Candidate Neel Kashkari is the abomination.
    Glenn Champ supporters should Twitter and Facebook the Hell out of the Wall Street Candidate for Governor Neel Kashkari, click “Neel Kashkari videos”. Re-register “No Party Preference”.

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