Rackauckas draws a Democratic challenger

Greg Diamond (Photo: Chris Prevatt)
Greg Diamond (Photo: Chris Prevatt)
Greg Diamond (Photo: Chris Prevatt)

Greg Diamond, Northern Regional Vice President of the Democratic Party of Orange County, has thrown his hat into the ring to challenge Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas. Diamond announced to DPOC central committee members on Monday that he would be running and on Wednesday announced his campaign at the monthly meeting of Los Amigos-OC. In a post on the Orange Juice blog Diamond writes:

“I will be running against Tony Rackauckas — who hasn’t had a challenger since 2002 — for Orange County District Attorney. I’m prompted to do so in part because apparently not one other attorney in our county of over 3,000,000 Californians is willing to take him on — or, if they are, they’ve waited too long to stave off my campaign. And DA Rackauckas desperately needs an opponent. I deeply want to vote against him myself — but that requires that another name be on the ballot!

Someone needs to make the case for better government. I’m qualified, and I’m humble enough NOT to take on a high-profile murder/manslaughter trial myself when I’m supervising an office full of highly qualified Deputy DAs are available to do it, so it turns out that it will have to be me.”

Diamond ran challenged Senator Bob Huff in 20012 for the 29th Senate seat. As that contest was in a heavily republican leaning district, Diamond was unsuccessful. In that campaign however, Diamond demonstrated his strong democratic and progressive credentials and commitment to fight, regardless the seeming insurmountable odds against success.

In the District Attorney’s race, Diamond will face current District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, who was first elected in 1998. Arguably, Diamond faces similar, if not greater, odds against success. But as his announcement makes clear, he isn’t going to hold back any punches.

Despite some policy and political differences between Diamond and LiberalOC co-owner Dan Chmielewski, we wish Greg good luck in his campaign and look forward to the spirited debate we’re sure he’ll bring to the campaign.


  1. Since free speech has been strangled (for me) at the Orange Juice Blog – I will comment here.

    Greg- Most media types (like you) that I have observed have quit or suspended their participation in media when they are running for office. Will you be suspending your media participation at the OJB for the duration of your campaign?

  2. I seem to recall another pompous blogger running for election because there was no suitable challenger. He used the blog as a platform to attack opponents and promote endorsements. And that was 2008, 2010 and 2012. No matter how bad the loss, it was a victory of sorts. Diamond is just Art Pedroza with a law degree. Tony Rack hasn’t had a real opponent since 2002 and this election cycle is no different. Thanks for running Greg; your political filing forms will be fun (and quick) to read. I don’t expect you to raise much money.

    • Well, that didn’t take long.

      “we wish Greg good luck in his campaign and look forward to the spirited debate we’re sure he’ll bring to the campaign.”

      Guess you oughta strike that through, Chris. Noble effort though.

    • Geez Dan, it’s really unfair to equate Greg with Art Pedroza. There is zero basis for a comparison.

      You’re the one who says we should support democrats unless their ethics make them unworthy of support. I know of no ethical conflicts affecting Greg. You don’t have to support him but being a jerk about it is a bit over the top.

      There are plenty of people who would vote for a ham sandwich over T-Rack. Greg is a strong advocate for progressive values. Because of my affiliations I am unable to make a personal endorsement of Greg but I can say that he would apply progressive principles to the position of DA if elected.

  3. So far, the “Ham Sandwich” has my vote with the announced candidates. I suspect we will see another Republican challenger throw his hat into the ring before the election. Then, the sandwich may loose out.

    I always love the terms you liberals use these days, i.e., “progressive principles.” What you mean is the old fashioned liberal philosophy where suspects have more rights than do victims. That we do not need.

  4. The continued pro-Tait posts and comments from Diamond represent an unofficial endorsement of Tait for Mayor; he has to endorse Galloway for mayor but would really prefer she run for council. His lack of support for the sole Democrat on the Anaheim city council is appalling. I’m not supporting Tony Rack in this race; I’ll just blank it as I have since I started voting here.

    Diamond has zero experience in criminal law. I wouldn’t hire a mechanic who specializes in cooling systems to fix a transmission. I wouldn’t hire a reporter who covers sports to be a movie critic, I wouldn’t hire a PR pro who specializes in healthcare to do technology PR. Why hire a lawyer who specializes in employment law to prosecute crime?

  5. So why are you supportive of the only Democrat on the Anaheim City Council again?

    Based upon your analogy, hiring a Pringle protege, who leans towards Murray and Eastman’s positions more often than not, to be the voice of Democrats on the Anaheim City Council would be insane.

  6. Not unless the FPPC requires it, skally. Most candidates you’ve known also aren’t running against an entrenched incumbent who brags of raising $419,000 in one night. I think that perhaps allowances can be made.

    • “Greg Doamond”….. is this a new challenger to TRack to create confusion among the voters for Greg Diamond? I don’t ever want to hear about my typos again Greg.

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