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DPOC lists priorities for 2014


Hot off the press from the Democratic Party of Orange County’s chairman Henry Vandermeir on the party’s priorities for 2014.  He’s spot on.

Since being elected Chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County nearly a year ago we have made great strides in moving our Party forward. From building our volunteer base to recruiting candidates at all levels, we are setting the stage to ensure we are successful in next year’s elections.  

2012 was a great year for Democrats in Orange County, but we cannot take our victories for granted. 2014 will bring some tough fights along with it. We must defend Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva, ensure Democrats keep the 34th Senate District, take back the majority on the Irvine City Council and defend and elect new Democrats across our great county.   

The only way we can continue to do this work – to keep fighting for you – is to get that message out and build the grassroots network we need to make sure we win in 2014! 

We will never have the money that the GOP establishment and special interests bring to the table, but we do have the ability to have our collective voices heard through your support.  

Will you help us end this year strong by donating $10, $25, $50 or more to our party before the December 31st deadline?

There is no question that we have made great headway in Orange County. We have elected Democrats in places we thought we never could,  the countywide registration difference between the two parties are less than 10% and our networks are ever expanding, but there is still much work to be done.  

We are ready to get to work and I need your help to do it. 

Please chip in $10, $25, $50 or more before the end of year to help us continue our great work!


Together, we can take them on and win.

Thank you,

Henry Vandermeir 


Today’s OC Register carries Irvine mayor’s Steven Choi’s top accomplishments for the year.  It’s the giveaway of hundreds of millions in profits to a private developers to finish the Great Park, the refund over OCFA funds to Irvine, a paying down of the pension obligation that he actually uses the example of paying off a mortgage early while still failing to get that the unfunded obligation isn’t the end of the world, the addition of a prayer before council meetings and ensuring that City Hall is open every Friday.  Those last two made the top 5?

No mention of the overdue Forensic Audit.  No mention of the Great Library at the Great Park mentioned in his state of the city address.  No mention of his wanting to gut funding for the Barclay Theater.