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Anaheim Council Majority Ignores Reality – Enterprise Zones are Dead

AnaheimSeal_8956Periodically we find ourselves here at LiberalOC puzzled by our agreement with Libertarians on policy issues, particularly when it comes to spending taxpayer funds. We see such expenses as investments, while Libertarians see needles boondoggles of uncontrollable government overreach. But for the past couple years we find that Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait is more often the only person of reason on the Anaheim City Council. While we can understand the political policy disagreements with his colleagues over the $158 million in corporate welfare for hotel development as a matter of philosophy, the Anaheim Council majority’s refusal to recognize the end of enterprise zones in California has us mortified.

Mayor Tom Tait, Anaheim (Photo: Chris Prevatt)
Mayor Tom Tait, Anaheim (Photo: Chris Prevatt)

While the legislation to end enterprise zones was being written, the council increase their funding to the Anaheim Chamber contract supporting them by more than $600,000 with no modifications of scope of work. On Tuesday, the council refused to decide to notify the Chamber that that contract would end in December, once the now signed legislation ending enterprise zones takes effect.

The convoluted rationale of the majority was that the details of “the end” are not determined. To accept that conclusion one would need to suspend reality, and time. The law is pretty clear that enterprise zones will end on December 31, 2013. The rationale that this irrational majority wants you to accept is more likely fueled by the same people who have funded their campaign coffers and independent expenditures to get them elected.

We can only surmise that the majority want’s more time to figure out how to continue to fund the Chamber, at the same level, when the enterprise zones go away.


  1. Cynthia Ward Cynthia Ward August 15, 2013

    Thank you for pointing out the obvious! Good gravy, how transparent can the cronyism get? It is clear that the point is not about funding Enterprise Zones, it is about funding the Chamber, and not because the Chamber is creating all of these fabulous jobs-by their own reports the average wage for the jobs taking advantage of EZ credits is hovering just above minimum wage. Todd Ament bragged to the Register that 4,000 jobs were included in the EZ, (as though he created them?) but elsewhere we see that 3,000 jobs were generated by Disney with the expansion of the DCA/Cars Land. Does anyone believe Disney was NOT going to expand and hire for their highly profitable business if they did not get government handouts for doing so?

    No, the true usefulness of the Chamber is that they are the hammer in the toolbox used by the electeds in Anaheim. In short, Todd will do for them what they cannot do for themselves, like paying Matt Cunningham to run the blog where their political enemies are vilified without proof or even a reasonable argument. Great use of tax revenues.

    Did you catch where Kris Murray confirms that all of the non-profits applying for CDBG funding are audited? All while handing over the checkbook to the Chamber when apparently their audit is NOT IN YET! Back in May when they demanded more money for the job they were already doing, we were promised an audit in June! We were also promised that the contract could be rescinded if the audit was not good, or if the EZ’s went away. Of course that exit door depends on a Council that puts the best interests of taxpayers before their own selfish political gains. Gee Cynthia, tell us how you really feel about it!

    The guy you REALLY need to be ripping into over here is one of your own! I have seen Jordan Brandman exhibit some incredibly nasty, petulant behavior since being elected, I do not recognize him anymore, but Tuesday night capped everything he has ever done. He was so rude and ugly, I sat there crying as I watched it, the friend I once loved is nowhere to be found on that screen as I watched. If this guy is the great hope for the future of the Democratic party, the Republicans will be retaking Anaheim in no time flat. Right after the GOP cleans house of our own loser RINOs.

    AAARGH! What is wrong with these people?!

  2. cynthia curran cynthia curran August 15, 2013

    Well, yes the Republicans have an advantage because the Hills is mainly white and are more likely to be registered to vote. However, by the 2020’s Anaheim will probably be Democratic as the Hispanic kids now will be able to vote and the white population will probably dropped down to 25 percent or less. The Asians are more likely the middle group in Anaheim and might be about 18 percent in the 2020’s.
    The Enterprise Zones are dated and as Cynthia Ward mention too many kick backs with Disney. Anaheim could be less of a immigrant town and gain more 2nd and 3rd generation Hispanics, Whites or Asians if it had more a plan like Irvine or Mission Viejo instead it c

  3. cynthia curran cynthia curran August 15, 2013

    A flurry of new hotels will soon pop up around Disneyland – adding a staggering 19 percent more rooms in a district that had been dormant for a half-dozen years… It stated adding 14 Hotels.
    This is nuts, OC is already over building Hotels, and Anaheim needs some different types of jobs. It already has enough maid jobs, not saying that Hotels don’t have some management jobs but the tourist demands of Orange County are not high enough to add that many hotels and every city is almost doing the same thing. Tourism goes thru Cycles and people get tired of even Disneyland sometimes.

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