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Flory Thanks Fullerton Voters

Dear Angels,

WE DID IT!  Last Wednesday, the Registrar of Voters certified the election results and I squeaked past Travis Kiger by 29 votes.  Bill is now calling me “Landslide Jan”.  No matter, our task was to take out a well-funded incumbent, and we did it.  Many of us are breathing a sigh of relief for obvious reasons.

A recount can be demanded by any other candidate or voter in the district within 5 days of the certification of the vote.  I have spoken to several people who have been through this process, and they believe the 29-vote margin makes me fairly bullet proof.  That is because Neal Kelley, our Registrar of Voters, runs a tight ship and the first count is probably very accurate.  We’ll all find out together whether a recount is demanded early next week.

Ours was a campaign in which everything mattered, –every step walked, every door knocked, every dollar contributed, every phone call made, every sign posted on a lawn or waved at a corner.  This would not have happened without your constant support and commitment to getting out the vote.

While the vote counting was going on, Bill and I were in Costa Rica for 10 days.  I was able to monitor the count each night at 7:00 p.m. Costa Rica time.  The first 4-5 days of the vacation were disappointing as the margin widened each day with me losing votes.  Then it started to change, and incrementally, I began to gain ground until I finally edged out my competitor.

We have much to give thanks for as there was a lot at stake in this election.  Now the heavy lifting begins, and I will be calling on you in the future for your advice, suggestions and continued support.

Remember our campaign slogan, “TOGETHER, Let’s Do This!”  Well, TOGETHER, We Did It!


Thank you, thank you for being there for me,




  1. Not Pedroza's PR firm Not Pedroza's PR firm November 24, 2012

    The FFFFboyd are in shock. No new posts since Sunday. Kiger is crying to his mommy. Thompson is so angry. Tony is smashing booze bottles. Whitaker is hoping to be a mop boy at Spankys Hilarious.

  2. Nick Ceci Nick Ceci November 27, 2012

    Congrats. So glad you won. Fullerton is in a much better place with you on the council and Kiger off. Kiger had a bought and paid for agenda and would have run Fullerton into the dumps. The less impact Bushala and Kiger can have shoving their personal agendas down the citizens of Fullerton’s throats, the better. Kiger showed his brains in two meetings and ruined his political career instantly. You deserve the win and will do a much better job. FFFF and Bushala and Kiger are in complete shock. They don’t know what to do next. Congrats! Job well done. Nick Ceci

  3. hershelsteinberg hershelsteinberg November 27, 2012

    kiger is joke, he could not even show up to his last council meeting.

  4. vanessa vanessa November 29, 2012

    Flory for Fullerton? If she can help facilitate the unwinding all of the past initiatives that she supported that has directly contributed the financial debacle this city faces, I’m all for it. Maybe she can get the FPD to roll back all the pay increases, defined benefits packages she pushed through – oh and figure out a way to return to the residents the $27M that we we were overcharged from the illegal water taxes that were funneled into the general fund to offset those generous pay packages and fringes that our illustrious cops hold onto so dearly.

  5. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski December 2, 2012

    Your comment has nothing to do with the post. I’m sure there are lots of jobs for you in the private sector Bruce. Maybe Bushala’s hiring?

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